Shame in Providence

Yesterday, I, the radian Lord Vaari Valius of the Sosan VII visited my old realm. I was little surprised to be hunted by heretics and witches, but imagine my surprise when outside of CVA’s own citadel with the picture of Margrave Sir Daedalus upon its main docking bay refused to let me in. Glory to the residents who did not shoot me while reading defenses and probing the most likely significant potential threat I posed should i had chosen to kick the airlock doors in.

—[Negative beep]----[Angry]—I was left outside to vacuum like some beggar! Finaly peasants manning the station told me to go away or they are forced to perform aggressive maneuvers infront of my ship. Generous and merciful lord I am, so I spared their life and left.

I hope doors are open in future for I have strong claim to live in Providence and plan to reconquer it entirely for Amarrian cause.

Who were you again?

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Im Lord Vaari, jarl of Sosan VII, high father of the Imperial Pharmacy, symbol of unchallenged victory, the world’s most beloved hero, self proclaimed prophet, morninglord, golden mountain, carrier of the Heaven’s light, teacher of pure faith, speaker of unquestioned truth, lion of the universe, vanquisher of all heretics, bane of the witches, the great miner and skilled industrialist, Living Saint of mines and the Shield of Miners.

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In fairness I think he’s one of those who’s been around longer than I have. Not a lot of those left.

This one’s I think always been “a character,” though. The Empress granted him, if I recall, the northernmost square meter of Sosan VII as his personal entitled fiefdom a few years back.

No, “meter” is not a typo. Yes, apparently the throne of Amarr has a sense of humor.

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Right now im teaching the pups in Ammatar Mandate territory how to mine and milk ostriches. Some of them are barely out of womb.

Ah yes of course. The Ostrich Milk.

I could have done without being reminded of it.

But well, there it is.

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I … had forgotten.

I, also, could have done without being reminded.


Thanks, for that, Dr. Valate.


That’s a lot of land :rofl:

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In an interstellar feudal aristocracy that runs in large part on perception and reputation, that’s probably the best amount to own. There are very few obligations associated with it, and the House can’t afford to let him be destitute and make them look bad, so…

So Vaari is persona non grata in Providence. What a shocker! :laughing:

Is he, though? Are CVA still using NRDS, or have they shifted Provi over the NBSI after the fiasco that was Provibloc’s death? Because if they’re NBSI now, then it’s less ‘Vaari is persona non grata’ than it is just that he’s not on the guest list.

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That’s a fair point Arrendis. I have no clue about CVA’s current status but, I’ll inquire. It just struck me as funny that Vaari’s “triumphant return” to Providence fell flat like a lead balloon.

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Of course they are nrds! They might have some…security maneuvers to hold remaining fiefdoms, but in their hearts i, Lord Vaari the radiating know that my good and close and dearest of friend, the honorable Sir Daedalus is nrds to the marrow of his bones. While he is not noble by blood, he is twice by his hearth. His magnificent jaw and manly ears. His hips and erect posing cannot allow nbsi.

My house owns lot of land. Entire habitation domes are under our name. That piece of land is mine, and it was gift from Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all. Its value is thus beyond imagination. Imperial monarch rarely, insanely rarely grants personally anything.

NRDS is an irresponsible, feckless policy that tells your loyal pilots that they should not be loyal to you, because you are not loyal to them. It allows hostile forces to use the flimsiest of disguises to mass their supplies, pilots, and materiel behind your defenses, and ensures that your local industrialists cannot trust any of the people in space with them. And it does all this on the self-serving premise of appearing welcoming, when in reality, it only foments paranoia and mutual suspicion.

If you want to establish a truly welcoming, accessible, and reasonably trustworthy environment, you adopt NBSI, and employ a small army of diplomats for outsiders to contact with applications for Blue standings, and a much larger army of intelligence and security operatives to fully vet those who apply.

Perhaps you are right. I must consider this…revelation. However, i did not see diplomats, only head hunters. Even continuous requests did not open the doors. Why are they even closed from me at first place?

Right now situation in Providence is unacceptable. Clear pirates are dominating and honest peasants are not allowed to fulfill teir dreams to mine veldspar.

Goal remains clear. To liberate Providence to resemble something similiar it was during glory days. CVA must hold dominion and preferably Sir Daedalus puts his arse on Providence’s throne like him of it or not. After all he has te title of margrave of the Providence.

Little missus, you gave me something to think. I thank thee. NBSI might be the answer, but there must be plenty of warnings at the entry points and how to aoid getting shot at.


Good luck with mining Veldspar anywhere in nullsec.

Thank you. However from the tone of your message i conclude you are just uninformed. I have personally mined alone and in fleet veldspar in nullsec more than you have mined all the ores combined anywhere.