Shame in Providence

In terms of hierarchy and prestige and all that in the Empire, larger holdings are more prestigious, but are outranked by a higher tier, and it’s pretty much like:

  1. Any amount of land, on Amarr Island on Athra (Amarr Prime)
  2. Any amount of land, on the continents of Udoria on Athra
  3. Any land on the continents of Assimia or Kathis on Athra
  4. Any land on the numerous tiny islands or other minor landmasses of Athra
  5. Any seabed or ocean floor holdings on Athra
  6. Owning any land on Tamiroth, the first planet settled by the Empire, in Amarr system
  7. Owning any land on Oris, the second planet settled by the Empire, in Amarr system
  8. Any holding on any of the other orbital bodies, or volumes of space, in Amarr system
  9. Any holdings in the Throne Worlds constellation.
  10. Any holdings in Domain region other than in the Throne Worlds.
  11. Holdings outside Domain region, but still formally part of the Empire.
  12. Holdings in the Ammatar Mandate or other regions not formally incorporated into the Empire proper.

It should be noted that some holdings in the lowest tiers consist of a simple volume of space, on occasion the only solid matter being interplanetary dust and micrometeorites.
So by being a holder of a square metre on Sosan VII, Vaari is one of the upper prestige holders of the 11th rank.

Depending on your point of view, he might outrank King Khanid III, or be of the same tier, unless the King has been given any formal title of a higher tier since being rehabilitated by the Empress. I can’t recall if that is the case.

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There is also matter of wealth. If house goes broke, no prestigious land save them and it must be at least partly sold. My house is wealthy indeed. We have interstellar trade lines, of course habitation domes bring taxes and some minor, grey zone trading that is just expected from noble houses.

Perhaps most common reason for house to lose their noble status is unability to support its requirements. Some time it is wisdom to sell holdings to secure well beign of the house as a bourgeoise status. Even minor noble houses can amass filthy amount of cash and start business in less demanding social surroundings.

Real prestige has money, but does not need to bring it up in conversation.


Enought of me!

Real issue is the state of Providence. Sir Daedalus, my good friend is margrave and paladin warden of the Providence for Amarr Empire. How does this sorry state of the region ward it against anything if even i am hunted there by sov-holders?

At least lets found secret conspiration group where we invite amarrian loyalists to scheme how to take Providence back.


Doesn’t announcing the forming of such a group kind of ruin the whole secrecy aspect? Asking for a friend.

No. It makes it harder to detect because no one believe we are actually in it.

Lord Vaari,

May god’s grace and guidance continue to shine upon you. Forgive me…I have been away these last 3 months to do additional training for our military and secluded myself in order to pray and fast to become closer to gods’ guidance. Much has happened since we have last spoke.

CVA and its allies are fighting in Providence. We currently are launching offensive attacks against the traitor hold outs last bastions of resistance. CVA and its allies have reclaimed much of what was lost. Currently the Jeiv Pocket has been under siege. Battles rage daily and I must say I am proud that after such shame of our exile from our home we have purged many of the former minions of RC. Crushing their alliances and purging them from our sacred home.

As for our Rules of Engagement: Due to the fact that not all of Providence is under the Rule of CVA and its allies we are currently at a war footing. NRDS during a time of war allows the enemy to have spies and enemy droppers in your systems. That is why we have declared Martial Law on the Providence region. Until such a time in which peace can reign in our beloved homeland we are operating on NBSI. This saddens me; however, this is the cost of war.

As of today I must admit that many of us have fond memories of you that we still tell to each other to this day. You unfortunately lacked the security codes to enter our bastions of safety in the marches. This of course can be changed if you wish to speak to our Lord EQ. I was but a young recruit when we first met. I hope that god continues to guide you and may we fly again together in providence skies.
Very Respectfully,
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz
Left Hand of the Margrave.


That was directly after great cataclysm when amarrian front collapsed and Sir Daedalus, my good and close friend suffered…mental problems. Those times are now forgotten and everyone must forget them. Amarrian cause demands it. I myself hold no gurdge on any misdeed i have suffered in the hands of Daedalus the mad margrave he was during that time.

List me the names of the offenders, heretics, heathens and pirates so i can help. I will launch holy crusade against them at once!

Glory to Amarr! Glory to the Empire!

“To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve; to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then, O most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us.”

Why is Vaari an AWOXer?

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