Dark retreat

-All martyr volunteers report to your stations. Rest, evacuate. Repeat, evacuate.

Station speakers ringed alarms and instructions to the ten thousand residents. The Bastion was finally in the way of the invader, and Long ago placed protocols were enabled. Those whose faith were strong, and whose skills were right was volunteered to be part of martyr force. Its sole purpose was to keep infidels away few more minutes.

A golden painted Bestower class undocked. She were surrounded by the most majestic host non aligned corporation were ever mustered. Dreadnoughts with their mighty lasers burned shadows and spotted demons away with theid radiance. Swarms of Punisher-class frigates, like venerated heroes of the Empire like Just Cause, Sword IX and Monitor MDCIV All of those were listened officers of Amarr Navy, but they were here to defen their Jarl!

-All Red ships to the Imperial Pharmacy. This is Lord Vaari of the Imperial Pharmacy. High father annd golden mountain. Defender of Providence, Bringer of Heaven’s light and blight of the witches. I am Lord on coming morning and teacher of pure faith. Begone with your siege of Providence, for I am coming through! I am evacuating this reagion for now, for God has shown me to proper way, however strange to defend this region. Scatter and begone, or you will be met with the might of the Imperial navy!

-Is this true, raid captain?
-No ita cannot be! He is crazy! Shoot him.
-Look at his escorts. They are Imperial Navy transponders.
-How can he do this?
-Is he a wizard??!
A pilot with grey moustaches asked.

-Attention siegin heretics. This is your only warning. We are leaving as God omnipotent instructed, but if you dare to oppose our retreat, the might of the Imperial navy is upon you!

The much venerated Lord Vaari declared in all channels.

The sieging fleets quickly scattered and made room to Imperial Pharmacy fleet to leave. This was remarked to the annals of loyalists as a dark retreat, for no honor were achieved. It however showed how much Lord Vaari held say in Imperial Navy.

Only darkness without any spark of hope followed, and Providence were soon swallowed by heresy and nonbelief. Entiore region is today void of any asteroid field or bountiful moon to replenish its dark dwellers. It is widely known in academic circles that only presence of Lord Vaari him self can spark the existence of disappeared asteroid field.

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