Considering the Blood Raider attacks on Sundsele

For whom it may concern, regarding the Blood Raider attacks in Pator: Sundsele is where my clan lives. Atgur is where I grew up. This is not a coincidence. This is now personal. You have been warned.

To allied clans and general public in Sundsele: SoE Roughriders humanitarian aid base is prepping for an emergency move and will arrive on orbit ready to launch inside some hours. Local rescue forces are already in place. Sarinde clan security operations are almost entirely intact and are already mobilizing. Refer to your own chiefs for instructions for sheltering; if you are unable to contact them, refer to Sarinde. Major members of Rhiannon, Merikka, Haran, and Turgis are missing. Rhiannon will keep the public posted as we can; I am on my way home and Aeron will be as soon as possible.

To those under attack in Atgur: SoE Roughriders and Rhiannon will provide assistance with rescue and aid, which is already on the way.

To the Blood Raiders: You made a severe mistake by making this personal.

To the Amarr Empire: There have now been repeated attacks by the Blood Raiders on high security planets. We capsuleers know how easy it is for nation states and CONCORD to prevent such acts, so we must assume that these safeties were bypassed - from the inside, with someone’s leave. The connecting factor of these recent attacks seems to be capsuleer contact with your new Theology Council member @Alar_Chakaid - cross him, and there’s retaliation? So, I don’t have to exaggerate a lot to say this was Theology Council attack on Pator - this is nothing but a declaration of war, a breach of the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act, designed to stop such escalations. Get your freaking act together, investigate Zashev, get the Blooders in line.

To my Chief, to my government: How the ■■■■■■■ hell is it possible that Blood Raiders can drop missiles on a major city on the homeworld at the Sebiestor heartlands without interception, without detection, without even capture after the fact? Where was RJD? Where was RSS? Where was The Fleet? How the ■■■■ is a government that lets this happen less corrupt and more efficient than what we had before?

Never again another Long Night.

Elsebeth Shaninn
of Rhiannon, born Rhiannon
Acting member of Sundsele Circle of Chiefs for Commerce and Law
Mikramurka, Matar


Elsebeth, I and mine are at your disposal in any way you need. Just say the word. We should be in system within the hour.


I’ll send your credentials to Sarinde HQ, they are for all means and purposes the co-ordinating security force for us now before the local Circles get their acts together. Just get on ground and do your thing.

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I’d like to contribute in some way to the relief efforts, Blood Raiders are an enemy of us all.


Captain Rhiannon, it brings me deep pain, grief and anger to see the ancestral homeland be ravaged by the same criminals responsible for the the attacks and carnage in Kahah. Although I am a new immigrant to the Republic and still in limbo regarding admission to the Nefantar Tribe, please let me know if there is any assistance I can provide in financial, humanitarian, or military support.


Tribal Council Meeting to Consider Special Powers for Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor

Yea, that’s gonna help. Give more power to the idiots who have gotten us into this state.

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A wiser and better Empress than the one we have now would have reacted to this striking example of Minmatar weakness — a successful assault against their capital planet and homeworld — with an immediate total war of conquest and enslavement.

Which would also leave said Empress vulnerable to other attacks. Again you fail at reasoning.

I had a thought. Perhaps the presence of 14,000 Triglavian Trinary Datastreams in low orbit around Matar a few weeks back contributed in some way to the malfunctioning of Minmatar defenses. An incident if you will, perhaps a Class A, Class B, or Class AB Incident. Hmm…

My condolendences Elsebeth, my adoptive sister has family on Matar but they are all safe and sound. Please let me know what I can do to assist.


Captain Rhiannon, the Ramijozana clan has mobilized rescue and relief efforts for Sundsele and other affected areas. Corovid Industries will also be pulling aid supplies to distribute as needed. We are more than happy to help in any way we can.

For those who may be unaware, Ramijanawa is a few hours’ drive southwest of Sundsele.

Ramijanawa was not affected by the attack, but one of the lands we hold in trust is situated on the coast and may have been hit. That area has not been inhabited since the Day of Darkness, so no loss of life is expected there.

Chief Tiama Ramijozana is en route to the Tribal Council to open an inquiry into how an attack on Old Mother was possible.

A special hello to the Theology Council and Alar Chakaid and his Blood Raider friends.

We may be a small clan, but when you attack our world, our neighbors, our people, you’d better be mindful of our claws.

Melisma Ramijozana, cadet chief of the Ramijozana clan, Mikramurka, Matar; and chair of Corovid Industries


@Elsebeth_Rhiannon If you need any help from me personally, let me know.

Non-Hostile Target & our partners in HHI will be deploying assets to assess the situation and provide support where possible.

Deitra Vess,
CEO of Non-Hostile Target PMC
Cochair of The Havens for Heros Initiative


To those affected by these disgusting attacks,

Words cannot express the sorrow I feel knowing that even Mikramurka is no longer safe from the depredations of the Blood Raiders. While we come to terms with the fact that these attacks would not have been possible without Sani Sabik assistance from within our own fellowship, I had not thought their influence spread so far that they could even attempt such a thing. Such suffering cannot go unanswered by they of faith and fellowship.

I would like to offer my assistance, in whatever form it may be given, whether material, personal, or ecclesiastical, to the humanitarian situation on Matar, in whatever way may be deemed appropriate by its inhabitants, without reservation. I know I speak for many who feel the same. None should be left to stand alone in the face of such darkness, and our differences pale in comparison to those who find the body of mankind fit for cannibalization, who find our children fit for kidnap. These attacks are becoming all too familiar, changed from those we have seen before only in their brazen reach, but our outrage that they can be brought to bear on any lawful and peaceful people should not be diminished.

Though we are divided by culture and constellations, my heart belongs to my fellow man, and their agony cannot be ignored. Thousands of years, we have endured the indignity of this scourge, unable to fully ever eradicate it. What we offer to help must be as limitless as the Blood Raiders’ depravity. While we stand apart and our enemies stand united, our failure is assured. When we stand together as a wall against this darkness, we endure.

This I offer, in the name of my faith, my family, and my name.

The Most Reverend Constantin Baracca III
Archbishop of the Hinterlands, I.N.D.


My holdings were attacked by blood raiders in Amarr space as well and repeatedly. Even though I am a faithful and loyal supporter of the Amarr Empire. I find it very disturbing that you accuse an Amarr institution of collaborating with the Blood Raiders when the Amarr above all other factions have done the most to deal with these pirates and continue to suffer the most from their regular raids into Amarr territories.

I accused Alar Chakaid, and through him the Khanid nobility. Their associations of the Blood Raiders are well-known. That Chakaid has been recently planted on the Theology Council despite this is hardly something you can blame me for.


Ourumur will send any aid needed if requested by the local authorities.

I am also contacting my family and expressing a strong recommendation for Clan Ru to join in support of Clan Ramijozana’s inquiry to the Council.


Painful Severance,
Sorrow gaining anew Heaven,
Spitting flood of Demons,
Fear of Darkness recurrence.

Well known by rumor, innuendo, coincidence, and the accusations of filthy Minmatar subhumans and the so-called Amarr Loyalists who value them over their own allies, the Khanid Kingdom.

Update to Rhiannon and allied clans:
Members of Rhiannon, Sarinde, Merikka, Haran, and Turgis with their locations known have been evacuated and sheltered. We are still looking for tens of people, among them Chiefs Mira Rhiannon and Aslaug Haran. Jonis (of Rhiannon) and Vadik (of Haran) have stepped up, and will represent on also on relevant government circles. We are not, repeat not, in contact of any of our total of five members in the Voluval class for Midsummer YC121 and request that anyone with any information on the youth will contact us or our allied security forces immediately. We will notify the public immediately if we locate them. Please refrain from blocking communication lines with repeated inquiries.

Sarinde Security enforced with Cmdr @Jaqel_Aubaris and and company will keep on looking for our survivors, while also coordinating with other local police & security for containment of the affected areas.

We have also lost contact with capsuleers Masim, of Rhiannon, from Quildar, and Aeron “Morningstar”, of Rhiannon, born Rhiannon, last known location Ardishapur, Domain, Amarr Empire. Guys, you really need to at least ping me if you read this.

Update on the situation in the city of Sundsele and surrounding regions:
I have unfortunately little information on conditions outside of Sundsele commerce center, which was reasonably well-preserved due to prevalence of relatively high level of technology in the air conditioning and other construction of the buildings. This area is reported as either secured or evacuated.

From what I gather, many other parts of the city are also considered secure and safe. Hospitals in the city are functioning. Local experts strongly advice unnecessary moving around for the next at least three days, which is the time period in which effects of Deathglow is expected to dissipate. Shelter in place unless you have different instructions from your clan.

The worst affected areas are, apparently, away from the city centre, and those least developed: the pidouks south of the port and on the Western exit roads. According to local news, multiple affected areas have been contained by various tribal police and security forces, and several groups of individuals affected have been sedated.

Be advised many security forces operating in the city and surrounding areas will use deadly force if (but only if) that is necessary to protect (other) lives of the tribes. Try and remain in areas where you can easily recognize the legitimate clans offering security services, and if you are able, swiftly cooperate with any requests and orders.

Update to assistance offers:
There are several families and some entire clans that have needed evacuation, but they are mostly sheltered by allies. A refugee camp for those without such opportunity is forming by the Northern Highway (“the Snow-eater Road”) with the local SoE chapel and various clans with caretaker experience co-ordinating.

Sundsele is a rich city at the tribal heartlands and according to information I currently have there are no immediate shortages of supplies. The Roughrider base will be docking at the structure Retribution of Stjornauga Security Services on Matar orbit, and we will gladly take donations of food, medical supplies, clean water, and other basic needs of a refugee base there or on Kulheim RSS - if it turns out there is no need here, there certainly will be somewhere in the foreseeable future.

I cannot tell anyone what to do, but I do advice outsiders to the tribe to stay off the ground unless/until you have a local contact to offer assistance to. The city and the region is not the most welcoming to outsiders at the best of times and there are armed people on the streets. (Rhiannon and allies do not at this point require further assistance in this regard. We are, I am afraid, not in the position to co-ordinate multiple forces in the region.) EDIT: There is a response coordination station at the main local police station at the port district, apparently; if you can get someone they might consider helpful on the ground, that’s your place to go. As far as I am aware, normal capsuleer restrictions for landing forces apply.

Capsuleers can probably best make themselves useful by hunting the Blooders, and attempting to make their respective governments and the CONCORD accountable for the recent failures in national security.

Never again another Long Night.

Elsebeth Shaninn
Of Rhiannon, from Rhiannon
Sebiestor Tribe


Several founding members of the Bosena Accords have deep ties to the Republic and the Sebiestor Tribe going back to our founding in Molden Heath.

If there is any support our warclones can provide planetside we would be happy to assist pro bono during these times of crisis.

I hope we can help make the blooders bleed for every step on Matari soil. Rikaato.

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