Request for clarification of rumours concerning the Krusual Tribe

Yesterday’s attack on the Mikramurka city of Sundsele by Blood Raider cultists raises several rather alarming questions:

  1. Did the Krusual Tribe have information pertaining to the attack beforehand?

and if so

  1. Did the Krusual Tribe share any such information with Tribal or Republic security forces?

These questions are raised by the deeply suspicious timing of this attack, just 48 hours after The Scope included this report in its Galactic Hour news roundup;

Krusual Tribal Leadership Refuses to Comment on Rumors of Tronhadar Valley Fortresses Being Reactivated

For those unaware of the history of these fortresses, the Krusual’s strongholds in the upper Tronhadar valley were a constant source of difficulty for the Amarrian occupation forces, and were never fully conquered. They are among the most defensible locations on the planet; however their original use has been unnecessary for decades. Why then, would the Krusual suddenly reactivate them just days before a devastating attack on Mikramurka?

It is worth noting, as well, that the Krusual have long resented the Sebiestor’s position amongst the Tribes. For much of their Tribe’s history the Krusual have held a reputation as sly, insular, cunning, and unstrustworthy.

I hate to consider the possibility that the Krusual might have known about this attack in advance, yet their actions leave me with little else to assume.
I hate even more to imagine that they might have kept that information to themselves to the detriment of their Sebiestor cousins.

To the Krusual I implore this -

  • Clarify the source and intention of the activity around the Tronhadar fortresses.
  • Confirm whether there was any pre-existing intelligence relating to Blood Raider activity in the Republic in Krusual possession in the days before the attack on Mikramurka.

I hope this tragic event can be dealt with, and those responsible brought swiftly to justice.

Kalaratiri Saskia



Elsebeth Shaninn, of Rhiannon
Mikramurka, Matar


I would consider it just the continuation of the rumours of every Empire reactivating or restocking their VIP / mass shelters in face of the Triglavian crisis, nothing more or less.

Tragic timing, obviously.


While I’m certainly inclined to dig for enemies everywhere these days, I also expect that the fortresses were activated due to the threat of the invasion, as the Scope also detailed happened elsewhere (mostly among the rich).

The Krusual gain nothing by not sharing information regarding potential attacks on Matar.


In general I would tend to agree with you, but the very specific and singular target of a majority Sebiestor population might have been too much of an opportunity for the Krusual to let pass by.


I think that is a valid concern to have.


Is it really? I mean, sure there is historic rivalry, but to implicate an entire Tribe willingly let any faction to bomb Matar itself, just to spite another Tribe? I personally refuse to believe it.


I don’t believe it either, particularly not as far as the entire Krusual population. But at the same time, I don’t think it’s an unreasonable stance to take, and I can accept that Kala, and perhaps others, do believe it.

That being said, as we look into the roles that certain Matari parties played, or did not play, in the Blood Raiders’ successful breach of Matar’s space, I think I know which administrative tribal representatives I would query first.


I doubt Kala meant “each and every member of the Krusual Tribe”, instead of “someone high up in the Tribe to have this kind of pull”.


I doubt I meant each and every person, either. However, “someone high up”, depending who it is, could be considered to represent the entire Tribe.

However, I specifically object to this part;

What actions is she talking about? That the Triglavian invasion preparations just happened to coincide with this attack? She’s reaching pretty far here, and probably should have more evidence to throw around than unfortunate timing.

I know Krusual have a reputation, but damn, I don’t see them stabbing their kin in the back like this.


Why the blazes is a race traitor wondering about the actions of the Krusual tribe? This seems like an obvious ploy to sow discord amongst the Minmatar to the benefit of our enemies.

Unsurprisingly, Rhiannon is on board with that.


So the sneaky Krusuals were doing sneaky stuff, reactivating their old fortress complexes. Sure. But that’s not something they can do immediately. Those old bunkers haven’t been operational in years. Their equipment would surely be long obsolete. Even if the Krusual knew the Red Amarr* were coming, reactivating those fortresses wouldn’t have done a damn thing to help anyone, not even the Krusual. So, I kind of doubt it’s connected with this attack, but more in response to the Triangle invasion, and everyone seems to be building defences for that.

But lets entertain the idea that those sneaky Krusuals knew about the Red Amarr* attack in advance. Think about what that means.
Means one of the Tribes was complicit with the Amarr*, in inflicting harm on one of the other Tribes.
That’s a mighty huge accusation to be throwing out there, cousin. Might want to check there’s no Krusual assassins hiding under your mattress waiting to take you out for that insult.

*Red Amarr, Dark Amarr, Gold Amarr, Blue Amarr. All the same really, just the colours change.


You are talking to one of mine, Vuld.

And as a free hint: if I got million isk each time some born-in-darkness Fleet-raised brat who thinks they are the paragon of tradition tries to take snipes at how I do my job instead of coming to see my face and actually tell me what their ■■■■■■■ problem is, I could buy Jita 4-4 by now. Come back to me about not doing enough when you have tenth of my track record.



This is pretty dumb. But for my own amusement, would you be more interested in the answers to the questions I raised if someone else had raised them?


Indeed, when the entire valley is 1) On another continent 2) as outlined previously, fortresses are probably in dire need of restocking and refurbishment which can’t be done in just 48 hours 3) Every other major faction has had rumours about reactivating VIP / Mass shelters in face of the Triglavian threat. 4) Again, Krusual have a reputation as you said, but they also have another reputation, no, history, that to even think they’d willingly let another enemy to desecrate Matar, no matter who’s Ancestral lands, is beyond absurd.

But SURELY this must be the Krusual plotting the demise of the Sebiestor.

I wouldn’t use the exact same words as Isha, but your own background is more than a little suspect, and you’re sowing discord on absolutely no evidence. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

If “one of mine” was intentionally trying to drive wedges between the Tribes, with the background she has, I would consider long and hard before jumping to their defence.


Perfect intel, isn’t. It’s entirely possible that the Krusual were only aware that an attack would take place, not where.

“Every other major faction” hasn’t been tight lipped about confirming or denying the activation of these shelters, nor has “every other major faction” been attacked by Blood Raiders within such a short time of the activation of such shelters.

Thanks for the hyperbole.

I am requesting further information in order to rule out a worst case scenario. I don’t want the Krusual to have been keeping important information from the rest of the Republic, what I want is for there to be cooperative intelligence sharing between the Tribes and the Fleet/Security services.

My background is Sebiestor.


Then they would have no reason not to inform others, there was absolutely no guarantee only people they don’t like would get hurt.

We know about as much as the Valley Fortress activations, which is just hearsay. So they’ve been pretty tight-lipped. Again, already said, more than likely unfortunate timing.

It’s not, if you basically accuse them of such in your first post.

And there is absolutely no basis for you to believe there isn’t. Except your own paranoias.

You know very well what I meant.

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They’re Krusual, they don’t like anybody.

It’s only paranoia if I’m wrong.


Probably because everyone treats them like ■■■■? IDK just a guess.


I’m not remotely old enough to be able to say for sure that they started it, but they definitely haven’t helped themselves.

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