Public apologies to Anna Stjornauga and the rest of the readers for the incorrect claim

As it was pointed by @Anna_Stjornauga, I have made the claim that “It was said against those who were attacking civilian holdings with Deathglow.” while I referred to my previos statement “I wish you to catch sooner all these tribals and blooders. And I hope you will make them pay for the damage they have inflicted before executing them.”

While my initial statement was correct, the following clarification was unfounded, and for this I am bringing my apologies.

I have studied the recent events, including those happened in Kahah and Thebeka as being probably largest ones, and so far evidences indicate that the Deathglow attacks were performed by Blood Raiders, not Tribals, while the latter being just opportunists, terrorists and bandits, with Tribal Raiders interests could be simply converging with Blood Raiders, and while one could speculate about possibility of them hiring each other or working together, there are no direct evidences towards that and claiming it would be foolish… what I did, unfortunately.

And while certain petty terrorists made direct statement of intent of criminal actions against the Empire, they didn’t involve Deathglow.

So, where did I catch that? There was a news article:
With two news:

  • Multiple Deathglow Attacks Against Amarr Towns and Industrial Concerns with “Heavy Casualties” Reported on Huola VII

  • House Sarum Alleges Minmatar Terrorists Responsible After Ushra’Khan Operatives Captured on Huola VII

Apparently, there was only an allegation and there were no words said that the executed man had to do anything with Deathglow itself, while I do not doubt his guilt and his sentence.

In a heat of a discussion I made a serious mistake that I shouldn’t have made.
Please excuse me.

With apologies,
D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.


“I honor your you owning up to your mistake though we all make them within the cycle of life and death, Jusri Kim. It is within our nature to fall and stumble upon our own feet. You seen the truth within your mistake… and that is what matters,” Dante said with a warm smile then ends it with a respectful bow.

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Thank you, Commander. Apology accepted.


I am impressed, Diana. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge when you are wrong and more so to publicly announce it - especially when some (myself included, I’m afraid) doubted if you would admit your mistake. I’m also pleased to see that you are not indulging in any self-flagellation - literal or metaphorical - over this matter.

To my end, I apologise for claiming what has turned out to be a misunderstanding as evidence of any dislike of Matari due to their ethnicity or race on your part. Much as yourself, I was going by the evidence presented and made an assumption from it. I am sorry.

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This so-called apology is half-hearted at best. Kim asks for forgiveness while at the same time calling Minmatar “terrorists, opportunists and bandits” and insinuating that we were somehow paying the Blooders to attack civilian populations.

The rest of you can praise her new found “courage” all you like but this “apology” reeks of Kim’s standard racism and xenophobia with just enough of a thin veneer of remorse to appear genuine.

Take your apology and stick it, Kim.

Typical rella jumps into discussions to slander those who are better than her, spreading lies about Caldari officers.
Nothing changes in her empty head for… how many years already?

I guess it’s a result of gallentean dumbifying propaganda, if I am not mistaken, that abomination was studying in the Federation, and that would explain her lack of social norms and ability to comprehend and understand others.

People like her should be kept locked in slave pens, stuffed with Vitoc for the sake of everyone around.

Diana, I thought the State hated slavery? Or am I misunderstood…

As usual.

So I misunderstood when I praised you for apologising?

I’m trying to extend an olive branch and you keep trying to whip me with it. Why is that?

Because she seems either unwilling or incapable of understanding and exhibiting nuance. Taking her past posts on these and other forums, she seems to view the universe as binary.

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Because you’re a freaking troll, through and through. Even with your percieved “apology” you attempted another half-witted jab against me. You are known for spreading lies about my person for HOURS in Summit channel like you were a rabid dog, and considering amount of lies pouring from your mouth, no. I am not going to believe anythin coming from you.

Get lost.

Could you provide evidence for any of that or is it pure libel?

For everything.
In the court of jury.
Provided you wouldn’t be a coward to face me there and pay for your slanders.
Otherwise, not gonna entertain you and giving you more bones to troll me and spread more slanders about me.

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