Atgur Mining Expedition Recovery

Greetings, Capsuleers;

While my prior experience with the Deathglow has been entirely under laboratory conditions, that experience is apparently sufficient for some to feel like I’m an expert with the stuff. As a result, the leaders of my own Clan Snjórvörður, as well as representatives from Clans Kithson, Diennes, Stjörnauga, and Archad, have asked me to assist in coordinating their parts of the humanitarian efforts in the Atgur system. Many of the mining installations in the system have been effected, and are currently under quarantine while combat medics, corpsmen, and security professionals ensure the afflicted no longer present a danger to themselves and others.

At this time, we urge caution and restraint in any capsuleer-launched investigations of these facilities. Central relief efforts and logistics will be running through the Trust Partners Warehouse in orbit around Argur VIII - Moon 1. Please centralize any deliveries here. When more information is available as to the contract disposition of any deliveries of medical supplies, food, relief workers, and operational materiel in general, that information will be passed along to the public here.

And on behalf of all our stricken brothers and sisters, thank you. Please keep them in your thoughts, and may the spirits watch over them.

Ecth Tirian,
Research Professor at Large, Republic University
Clan Snjórvörður
Sebiestor Tribe


Thank you for doing this.


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Dr. Tirian,

As soon as I heard about the attacks I started getting my ship read (with the mobile medbay) to head to Minmatar space. Since you’re coordinating efforts, I hope you can find a place for me to help.

It will be good to work with you again.

Dr. Ameriya l’Agusta, MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus UC School of Medicine

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I’m sure we’ll be able to use another emergency-care physician in Atgur, Dr. l’Agusta. The Trust Partners Warehouse is still the right place to operate out of.

Thanks. I’ll be there as soon as I can. I’m sorry this happened to your people. Blooders are assholes.

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