[Dagda] Urgent :: Mercenary Work

Contractor : Mr Johnson
Location : Raravoss - Planet VI - Moon 16
Target : Experimental Laboratory
Goal : Destruction

Reward : 1 Billion (1 000 000 000) isk.

Proof needed : Killmail.

FAQ: No relation. That I know of, anyway.


Could you give a little more information?

Who it belongs to and why you want it destroyed, for starters.

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I believe they’re refering to the one that’s studying conditions in Raravose to try and ascertain the end outcome of what’s happening to the star and local space time @Arsia_Elkin . Which is quite the commendable project considering the local hostile conditions.

It would appear that someone doesn’t like them attempting to find answers.


Not even for 1 billion isk would I shot a good friends and old colleges structure, and I warn others to not touch it. As I’ll bring wrath on whoever is foolish enough to do so


I echo Maira’s sentiment.


Belongs to Veskin Sentinel’s group.

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It could be interesting, I note that a contingent of Blood Raiders are in system conducting anti-Triglavian operations too.

Thanks for the support, ladies. Will keep you informed.


I hope this will not affect the important research.

If you don’t want them to blow it up, you probably shouldn’t tell them where they might have more luck getting it blown up.


Sorry, I feel so dumb now :frowning: You are right.

Miss Valentine, I missed the information you posted. If it contained something useful to us, please mail it to me.

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