Well, that didn't last very long

In my previous post, I jumped into Anoikis and said I was staying there until I got blown up.

Well, guess what?

Yep. I lost my cruiser already.

To be fair, it was through my own stupidity (insert wah wah wah noise here). I warped to a data site and it was guarded by Sleepers, and I took my time turning around and warping back out, and they managed to lock onto my ship and destroy it. :frowning: I’m back at Hek now.

I’d just like to say thanks to everybody for your encouragement and ideas! I’m definitely trying this again, see how much longer I last, and I might incorporate a few of your ideas into my next journey, such as using a Gnosis (if I can afford it), carrying some Gas Cloud Harvesters, and carrying a Mobile Depot so I can refit on the fly.


What a shame, right? I wonder why you didn’t cancel your clone contract when you left New Eden for good. Next time when you go into Anoikis for good, you might want to put your money where your mouth is.

I think you’re being needlessly abrasive to her.

From my perspective, she was a new capsuleer who was excited by the freedoms she has and the sights she can see. I see nothing in any of her posts that should incite cries of “cancel your clone contract.”


He’s trolling, Ms. Elkin. Let’s not give him any more processor cycles than he merits.

Good luck on your further ventures, Ms. N’reylla. Do be a little careful with what you take into Anoikis; as you’ve noticed the Sleepers aren’t the only threat, and almost all locals are hostile. There’s a reason the Prospect is set up to be quick, evasive, and to work with a cloaking device-- not the usual traits of a mining ship.


The best way to evade the Sleepers is to not approach them in the first place.

If it’s marked “Unsecured” or “Forgotten”, it’s anything but. The data and relic sites you want will have name of a pirate faction (Angel Cartel, Sansha’s Nation, etc.) attached to them, Sleeper sites will not. They’ll have something like “Perimeter Array”.


Unfortunately, she’s still an Alpha, I believe.

Yep, still an Alpha. I couldn’t fly a Prospect even if I wanted to.

Ah, well. I said this was something of a romantic notion, if I recall, and it seems after all that foreplay you did indeed get thoroughly ■■■■■■!

On a related note, and echoing earlier remarks, Daddy Kuvakei’s minions lovingly donated a Centii armor repairer to me today, after an invigoratingly robust exchange of views and antimatter charges. I’m sure you could be just as convincing if you only applied your own unique logic. You strike me as one schooled in the EMP type of rhetoric? Maybe give something like that a slap and rat-at-at.

Thanks for sharing your travels with us. Most eggers would balk at sharing a story of loss out of some stupid sense of pride. Pah! You got more guts than most it seems, as well as a sense for sharing a good yarn. I salute that!

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Thanks for the offer, I really appreciate it, but after some thinking I decided to go with a Venture for my return to Anoikis, since I’m not planning on engaging in combat, and I’ve fitted an Inertial Stabilizers I in my low slot so that I can align faster.

Not afraid to share when I’ve done something stoopid. Hell, those can be some of the best stories! Besides, there’s a reason the whole “don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose” rule exists, sooner or later, no matter what you do, you are going to get blown up by somebody.

Oh good! And the Venture’s extra-slippery with its stabilized warp core, as well. This is the actual reason I brought up the Prospect: an example of type.

Good luck out there!

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Thank you!

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