♪ Here ♪ I ♪ go ♪ again ♪ on ♪ my ♪ own ♪

♪ going ♪ down ♪ the ♪ only ♪ road ♪ I’ve ♪ ever ♪ known ♪

The story so far: I got myself a cruiser, went to Anoikis intending to stay long-term, visited a couple of systems, and got blown up from stupidly hanging around a Sleeper site a little too long.

After waking up back at Hek, I decided to put some more thought into what ship I’d take back into Anoikis. I’m not intended on engaging in combat, either with Sleepers or fellow capsuleers, so why do I need a cruiser with guns and a tank? I want something that can do scanning, hacking, and a bit of gas mining on the side to make some extra money. So, I got myself a Venture-class mining frigate.

Going back to Anoikis, the first system I ended up in was a Class-3 red giant system. There were a lot of anomalies to scan down, I managed to find four wormholes, three relic sites, two data sites, a gas site, plus a bunch of other sites that I either couldn’t scan down or were guarded by Sleepers.

On advice from other capsuleers, I did a bit of research as to what relic and data sites are guarded. Ruined relic sites and Central data sites are the only ones in Anoikis that aren’t guarded, so I focused my attention on them.

I managed to get a massive amount of loot from the sites I could access. I didn’t do perfectly - there were a few times I flubbed the hack, resulting in this:

Fortunately, I wasn’t close enough to get hit by any of the debris from the explosion.

At one of the sites, I found something very strange:

It looks like a monolith of some description. I couldn’t interact with it, and my sensors were telling me it wasn’t even there, so as an experiment, I decided to fly into it - and I just went straight through it like it wasn’t there!

After clearing out the hacking sites, I flew to the gas site I found. I knew I’d only have a short amount of time before the Sleepers showed up, so I got huffing and kept spamming my scanner, all the time holding my finger over the “warp” button. Turns out, the Sleepers take a while to show up, I got a good 760 units of gas before I had to do a runner.

After exhausting the system’s resources, I decided to check out the wormholes and go to another system before going into hibernation for a bit. One of the wormholes was the one I came in through, the other two led to nullsec and lowsec. The only one that went somewhere else in Anoikis was to a dangerous system - Class-4 or Class-5, although I can’t really tell the difference in the absence of any effects to measure it by. Either way, not really ideal, but it’s all I was going to get.

I managed to get this beautiful shot of a storm planet while I was getting myself set up with a safe spot. Clearly I wasn’t the only person who’d come here at some point - there was a Fortizar set up around the planet, so I did my best to steer clear of it.


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