First journey out to the wilds

First off, an announcement - I’ve moved home! I’m now located at Hek VIII moon 12 Boundless Creation Factory.

I’ve been amassing a collection of blueprints, so that instead of having to buy a ship after being blown up and losing everything, I can just build myself a new one, and I can build bits and pieces on the side to sell for some extra cash. My collection is almost complete, but I needed something - a Venture blueprint. To get one, I had to buy it from Outer Ring Excavations - at their station in the 4C-B7X system.

That’s right, this is my first time venturing out from under the wing of CONCORD and into the true wilds of New Eden.

I used my complementary corvette for this mission. If nothing else, it’s completely worthless, so if somebody did blow me up, I could at least take comfort in the fact that they’d spent more money on ammo than I had acquiring the ship they’d destroyed. Fortunately, this never came to pass. I made it safely through Gallente space, up to the edge of Empire space, and then with a deep breath out into the wilds of nullsec.

On a tangentially-related topic, there are some truly beautiful nebulas visible from Gallente space, don’t you think?

Made it there in one piece. Lots of the gates in nullsec had pirates roaming around them, but no capsuleers, so I made it through in one piece. Didn’t even get targeted, let alone shot at. The whole area was suspiciously quiet.

Well, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Made it there, grabbed a Venture blueprint. Now, this was the dangerous part. If I got blown up now, I wouldn’t be losing a worthless ship, I’d be losing a 3 million ISK blueprint. Luckily, the trip back was as quiet as the trip out, and I made it safely back to Hek without incident.

Just out of curiosity, does anybody know why the blueprint for Core Scanner Probe I is so expensive? Is CONCORD trying to rip us off or something? Or is it the bloody Caldari megacorps driving the price up so they can make more of a profit?


The Cloud Ring nebula is certainly beautiful. If you go to Cloud Ring, you can get a nice view from inside it.

Corvettes are so slow, I’m surprised you made it there and back unharmed, but am happy for you. It’s nice to push past your comfort zone and stretch your legs. Be brave and push yourself forward and you’ll only succeed as a capsuleer.

Anyway, enjoy your stay at Hek. And remember, shopping there often supports your local Freedom Fighters!


Corvettes aren’t that slow, the Reaper gets 310m/s sublight and 3AU/s at warp, which is faster than most non-frigate ships

While you are most certainly correct about the warp speed of a Corvette and how it seems to be not that bad comparatively when you look at the raw numbers, I think it’s important to put things into perspective.

One thing that really kills the travel time for corvettes is the time they spend aligning. Their align speeds are more in line with that of the average cruiser than it is with frigates. This is also while warping slower (3AU/s like you said) than a cruiser or even a battlecruiser. 3AU/s is equal to the warp speed of a battleship. These things individually might not seem like much, but they add up to a good chunk of time over distance.

Either way, you safely completed your trip so the tool was certainly sufficient for the job in the end!


Fair enough, thanks for the clarification!

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Lovely story, I had the same experience when I was fresh out of the cloning vats, heading off to Outer Ring to do some exploration. Even left a piece of carbon from my first haul in the Chemal Tech Factory in 4C- as a memento.

Nullsec is suspiciously quiet, the years of experience have taught me there’s very little “chaotic” action happening there, and you’re unlikely to be troubled outside of very specific places and circumstances.

Nice to hear a story from someone not used to exploring ‘wild’ space. Fresh sight on all of that. I suggest you use fast sub 2s align time (low friction nozzle joints rigs and inertial stabilizers are helping with align time decrease) frigate next time, equipped with modules increasing tank too like shield extenders in mid slots plus cloaking device to hide in safe spots just in case. And dont forget small armor repairer in cargohold in order to rep yourself in closest npc station after meeting smartbombers’ gate camp. I survived dozens of smartbombing battleships venturing lowsec. Of course, never warp into bubbled gates straight, because you wont be able to get out of this trap until you cloak up and somehow miss ships trying to ram you to decloak your ship, however its risky and I dont recommend it because cloaked t1 frigate is very slow even with improved cloaking device and fast chasing frigate/destroyer has good chances of finding you by simply flying across your last seen location. I was once almost destroyed by wormhole sabre camper, he was twice 2700-2800m from me, 200m more and I would be screwed.
Fly safe.

Start off with 2, but keep warping to random celestials—moon mining points, not planets or POCOs—and add more safes each time you warp. Try not to use the same safe more than twice.

And Aria’s right: you can usually avoid smartbombers, but there are a number of systems where the gate is more than 14au away from anything else, so there’s no way to see the camp unless you’re already en route. My advice in those systems is that if you find yourself in one, alone, take the opportunity to burn perches 200+km to one side or another of the gate you came in on, and the gate you’re going to. Use subfolders to organize your bookmarks. Don’t make the perches directly up or down, but include at least a little vertical +/-.

Every trip is preparation for the next one. Use the time and opportunities they give you.

Not strictly true, there’s a workaround to this problem. Simply activate any modules, align directly away from the far-off gate, then initiate and cancel warp repeatedly to drain your capacitor. Once it’s low enough to prevent you from warping the full distance, warp to the gate to get within D-scan range.

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