So, I was in The Great Wildlands

I thought it would be worthwhile to look around for any Hidden Militarized City Ships that the Thukker might be building out there.

We didn’t find any. And the local station agents were rather brusque regarding our queries. But we did find a pretty neat wormhole and see a shattered planet up close, so it wasn’t a total loss.

It might be worth checking the drone regions themselves, but that would take 1) a much bigger team and 2) someone far more acquainted with those regions than I.

Special thanks to @Lyra_North-Onren for humoring her idiot boyfriend’s random requests. Honestly, I couldn’t scan my way out of a Quafe can.

(Image also by Lyra.)


If you want to go look around there, I can take you. I can get you basically anywhere you wanna go. You should have asked!

I’m going to teach you, okay?


Suddenly the “like” button seems woefully insufficient.


OP success for the Thukker tribe


Yeah, somewhat. The intel did suggest that the project would be in the Drone Regions somewhere, and I didn’t check there–that’s a lot of space to cover. So don’t count out the possibility just yet.

We may search the Drone Regions. If we do and we find something, of course we’ll report back. In the meantime, if anyone else wants to search, go for it.


While undoubtedly your heart was in the right place, please leave this matter to the Matari people and especially the Tribal council. Thank you.

Will do.

Y’know, I’m all for telling foreigners to stop sticking their noses into stuff in the Republic, or in Tribal space… but last I checked, the Tribal Council claims no authority over the Drone Regions. If independent capsuleers want to go nosing around out there, I say go for it. After all, the RSS seems to be too busy threatening Sebiestor Tribal groups to do their jobs.


While we’re on the topic of finding hidden ships and stations in the Minmatar’s quarter of the cluster, does anyone feel like helping me look for the ancient Jove stations that supposedly exists in the Heaven constellation? If it actually exists I’d love to be a part of the group that finally locates the damn thing, especially if there are some genuine Jove/Minmatar hybrid ships inside we can steal. I’ve heard rumors that the Machariel-class battleship is basically a watered-down variant of a “Tyrant-class” that incorporates Jove technology.


I know CCP made a station for the Angel Cartel, but the last time I was in the area I couldn’t find it. Maybe it needs to be scanned down?

I’m also aware that those battleships were probably Machariels and CCP just changed the name at some point, but I’m an EvE history buff and had some ideas for the Tyrant-class, and I’d love to see the old name revived in a new ship.

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The matter is less that its the drone regions, where as you point out the Tribal Council have no authority, and more that these are Thukker city ships, which is something that is within the Tribal Council’s purview.

No it’s not.

The Tribal Council has no jurisdiction over Thukker ships. The Thukker Tribe does. In Republic space, the Tribal Council has jurisdiction over securing that space… but not over the Thukker property in it. And it’s not like anyone’s talking about shooting these ships.

Much like the Sebiestor Tribe’s investigation, this is not the Tribal Council’s affair. And if people want to go flying around outside the Republic looking for them, that’s not any kind of interference in our affairs: it’s flying around outside of the Republic.

Maybe if the Thukker want these things to be protected by the other Tribes—even if just to the extent of telling people not to stick their nose into things—they should keep them in Tribal space.


Thukkers go where ever they want… Haven’t heard of any request for protection from the Thukkers?

“These are Thuukers we are talking about they aint always rational”

Thats all? :thinking:
For me Great Wildlands always brings images of great wildlands full of wild animals where you can spend time hunting or fishing the big catch while sipping chanounian wine and eating long limb roe tiny samwiches, inhaling deeply the fresh air not poluted by human civilization. :palm_tree:

Maybe if they had landed on planets, but it sounds like they were more busy searching space for secretive warships than sipping piña coladas on a festive Thukker getaway?

For once, can we not have an Amarrian hijack our threads with something totally irrelevant? Thanks, bye?

Indeed. We covered a pretty big part of the region and searched around planets a bit, but didn’t land on any.

Can’t blame us for that one. He’s Gallente.

Huh. I’ve seen him on the Summit router, and he certainly talks like conservative Amarr.

Next time I’ll double-check.

The frak?!

Half-Gallente, half-Caldari, but yeah.

…How the hell did I give you that impression? From an Ideological perspective I’m about as far away from being a conservative Amarrian as it’s possible to get!

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You’re snooty, opinionated, and think you grace the cluster by breathing air.

Totally Amarrian.

its also quite Gallentian

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Gallente are funnier.