Thera! Thera! Wonder of Anoikis!

I suppose it was inevitable, really. During my travels in Anoikis, I wound up in Thera.

Honestly, with everything I’ve heard about it, I expected it to be full of thieves and pirates lurking around every corner, but it was almost completely dead. I only saw three other people while I was flying around.

Since I’m probably going to wind up back here, I decided to set up some docking and undocking spots at the different stations so that I could travel to them safely.

Thera XII, a rare plasma planet. Out of all the different planets in New Eden and Anoikis, I think plasma planets look the coolest.

The Sanctuary Institue of Paleocybernetics, one of the two space stations in close proximity around Thera XII. What exactly is paleocybernetics, anyway? Paleontology is studying ancient life, so is paleocybernetics studying the cybernetics of ancient civilisations?

I recognise this interior design, I’ve seen something similar before. I think it was at Amarr (EDIT: actually it’s Gallente) (yes, I’m a Minmatar, I’ve been to Amarr. Sue me.), but I’m not sure. Lots of verticality and floating platforms and bottomless chasms.

The Sanctuary Surveillance Observatory. This is the second station around Thera XII. After setting up some spots here, I warped to the Gravitation Laboratory at Thera XIII, but by that time I was getting a bit tired, so I docked up for protection and went into hibernation for a bit. I can keep setting stuff up later, there’s no rush.


Ehm, no. That’s Gallente.

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Can confirm, it’s Gallente, or at least used a lot in the Federation. The design’s widespread though; I think the CONCORD assembly at Yulai also uses it.

Amarr stations tend to be a bit … distinctive.

Congratulations on finding Thera, Ms. N’reylla. I’ve still never been there, though one of the better pilots I knew moved there searching for greater challenges.

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@Aria_Jenneth, @Kalodote_Lafisques , thanks for the correction!

Thank you! Don’t think I’m going to hang around, though, it’s not what I was expecting. Don’t know if I just caught it at a quiet time or if people are avoiding it at the moment, but it was empty. I know it’s Anoikis, that’s to be expected, but still.

It’s been years since I heard very much about it really, so it’s possible it’s quieted down.

Although, also, many “hot” combat zones are normally pretty quiet. People tend to emerge only when coming, going, or looking for trouble.

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People can confuse either or because the lights are switched. The green lights in Amarr stations should be in gallente stations and the orange lights in gallente stations should be in Amarr stations.

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Thera runs hot and cold.

Sometimes combat everywhere (usually when I’m trying to pass through), sometimes quiet (usually when I’m taking the long way).

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