As you can probably guess from the title, I got attacked while out mining today.

Remember: keep your drones out, memorise the commands to tell them what to do, and stay frosty.

I was in Ragnarg, near Hek, in a Venture, mining for Fiery Kernite and Golden Omber. I need Isogen for production, which I can’t get from highsec space, and I need lots of it, not just little amounts, hence me taking the risk. The system was fairly quiet - a couple of other people bobbed in, left fairly quickly, but most of the time it was just me.

Until a pair of destroyers under the control of the Angel Cartel warped in and tried to blow me to pieces.

Did I panic? Yes. Did I run? Considered it. Then I sicced my drones on the destroyers and flew around in circles to try and evade them shooting at me. Did I get blown up? …

Actually, no. Turns out they’re not so tough. Managed to take out both destroyers with a pair of Hobgoblin drones and I looted their charred corpses for everything I could find. I also got to use my salvager for the first time, yay!

Managed to make it back to Hek with a hold full of Kernite and Omber, which yielded a crapload of Isogen, plus plenty of Mexallon and Pyerite on the side. As a bonus, I now also have some Charred Power Circuits, which I should be able to jury-rig something out of.


The baseline pirates in high security space are more or less no threat to even the most frail of mining ships. The only exception to this is if you see ones with diamonds (⯁) in their ships’ names; those ones can be quite a bit stronger than your run-of-the-mill marauding pirate.

Capsuleers are the most likely real danger. Them or Triglavians in systems where Pochven wormholes can open or where there are still entrenched forces left over from the invasions.

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Also, if you see something called an “Autothysian Lancer,” don’t shoot it. They’re nasty on their own but also they’ll call their friends.

You … will probably not survive meeting their friends.

Ragnarg is lowsec space, not highsec

Fair enough. But what I said pretty much only applies more in low security space. The main added threat to watch out for is the clone soldiers transporters and negotiators and whatnot that roam the belts in low sec.

But in low sec, basically every capsuleer becomes a major threat.


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