Is it possible to mine?

I was just suicide attacked in belts on Gamis. It was also last thing before my vacation. Is concord able to protect anyone anymore? I cannot go 0.0 to hunt and i cannot mine in high security system. I tried to do mission and some harasser flew around me and disrupted my sensors.

This terrible age is beyond my imagination. What can one man do?

Well-- one man can assemble a strong cruiser fit to challenge the Triglavian Collective on their home ground, my lord.

(It’s literally accepting a challenge to enter the Abyss by filament-- virtually a formal match.)

It’s not easy and it puts both ship and pod at constant risk. But if you don’t dive too deep for your fit and ability as a pilot it’s relatively safe. Just be warned that there are regulations on where you can dive, how deep, and you may find yourself suspect-flagged if you, like, go diving in Amarr itself, my lord.

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Yeah, it’s a 0.5. Go over to Asghatil and you’ll have a much lower chance of being ganked. Also, pay attention. Find a system that doesn’t have a lot of traffic. Make sure you set the guys who ganked you red, so you can watch to see if their group comes into system.

FFS, Vaari, demonstrate some basic competence here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is concord able to protect anyone anymore?

concord is retribution, not protection

What can one man do?

d-scan every 10 seconds or more frequently, mine aligned, warp when things get within 1au, mine in a lowsec system where you’re the only one in local

Not to make any mistakes. This is request of help. I, Lord Vaari have been away for some time and need help. How can amarrian loyalist make a living while waiting Providence to liberate itself.

My former life and base of operation is gone. No more access to Providence and no tax revenue from my members.

It seems high sec mining is atleast as dangerous than null sec mining if not even more dangerous.

I have rather good resource base since i confiscated my entire member base of stuff which they had left. Insane amount of stuff.

I dont know what to do. —[Confusion errors]— +++Request advisory help from other amarrian loyalists+++ [Good idea]

Lord Vaari, some respectful tips. Even if it reduces mining “efficiency” make sure to tank your mining vessel thoroughly with no empty slots, stay moving at all times or aligned, and consider using more durable hulls. Do not ever, ever fly a Hulk in high security space (or anywhere else unenscorted). A Hulk is essentially a large “shoot me” sign on dscan.

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Highsec has always been more dangerous than null, precisely because anyone can come along and until they shoot you, local security won’t care. It’s NRDS, but even worse.

Next: Don’t fly a damned shitfit HULK in a 0.5 security system.

You were flying a ship with no tank in a place where CONCORD will give gankers the maximum amount of time to kill you. What did you expect to happen?

Use a Skiff in a higher security system for survivability. Use a well-tanked Mackinaw if you want convenience, but then keep your head on a swivel. Wanna use a Hulk? Tank it and give it an Orca nearby with RSBs to keep it alive.

And don’t use those crappy T2 strip miners. You’re wasting rock. Pony up the dough to get ORE Strip Miners. You won’t need crystals, and you won’t generate waste. If you can’t afford it, use T1 and just take longer.

Here, this is a cheap-fit Skiff with ORE Strip Miners.

[Skiff, Highsec solo passive]

Damage Control II
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Mining Laser Upgrade II

Domination EM Shield Amplifier
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Thermal Shield Hardener II

ORE Strip Miner
ORE Strip Miner

Medium Core Defense Field Purger II
Medium Core Defense Field Purger II

Valkyrie II x5
Hornet EC-300 x5
Mining Drone II x5

3/4 of the cost of that is the Strip Miners. The idea is you only have to survive long enough for CONCORD to intervene, because if they’re gonna gank you, you probably won’t be able to warp off. So you want to present a hard enough target to deter the attempt in the first place.

And you need to keep an eye on Local, and your d-scan. If you see a number of people from a ganking group come in, align out and start d-scanning. If you see multiple tornados or a lot of Catalysts, warp.


Indeed. I wondered why i dont have any hulks but tons of skiffs. Perhaps this is the reason. Now to think about it. I did fend of 2 tech 2 pirate frigates and 1 tec 2 destroyer on my days in Providence while in skiff. They simply did not have firepower and durability to challenge me.

Thank you ladies. Im not ready to retire just yet. I now remember why i have these battle skiffs and i also found my notes from skiffs equiped faction warfare. Battle Barges

Skiffs are a good choice Milord.

I will set you and your entity blue so you may also avail yourself of Khimi Harar’s facilities in the region.


While we do not normally conduct business in that particular system, I am happy to add you to our corporate contact list. If you are in need of our services, assistant, general ore hauling, manufacturing, or other interested, please contact your nearest KamDron foreman.

Why is this in the fiction portal? I think it should be in crime and punishment, or maybe in the pvp or pve sections.

Edit: another thing is set all ganking groups to red in your contacts so if they enter system, you can dock, warp to a safe, or leave the system

(( Because it is an in-character post, as Vaari, the character, complains about something that happened to him. ))


Oh, ok

I than ye all, Heaven blessed advices. I of course knew all of those. Some had faded but have become back to my old, ancient memory. I wondered why i had so much battleship armor grade skiffs and this was the reason. I also remembered how i defeated 3 tec2 frigate and 1 tech 2 destroyer in Providence when they ambushed me. Praise be! PRAISE BE, for my faith is restored and strengthened.

Now we must come back to scheme how we remove hexers out of the Providence and make it Amarr again.

Battleships, btw, have a lot more armor now.

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