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Ms. Funk,

First of all, I am Caldari soldier, who values my reputation and my honor, while you have a reputation of a pirate and cultist. Before making such offers you should restore your own reputation.

Second, I am a warrior and I seek thrill, not blapping some easy targets that any rookie can do. If it doesn’t have real challenge of meeting similarly skilled pilots, I am honestly not interested.

And third, I am an omega pilot, who brings in quite expensive toys and I find it more efficient to fly together with pilots, who can bring proper ships with proper fitting as well.

Please excuse me, but for now, I will have to refuse your offer.

D. Kim, Strike Commander,
State Protectorate, CMC,
Caldari State.


Non-Hostile Target is recruiting… just sayn, won’t be under Matari contract forever after all and owe no favor to the Galmil thats for sure… Nor do we exactly care what your beliefs are as no one speaks for us, including me.

Had to say it.

And no, we dont actually have anything of value. Corps assets could be bought with pocket change aside from pooled modules salvaged for communal ships given out freely for fleets or just combat in general.


Blood and Fury, Funk you think that CODE cells operating in high-sec is going to allow you a piece of their action. Maybe you should join them instead. Though they like flying in Catalysts for most of their work.


Yes, I believe that the CODE of late took an approach to straighten up people that fly naked, too. I saw a CODE member or two with “so many pods, so little time” in their bio around Jita. So, ganking juicy pods is now the piece of CODE’s action as well.

Ganking pods and shuttles around trade hubs is not “the cheap path” as some would say. It’s a task to remind people that they shouldn’t get TOO relaxed if they think as themselves as the rich capsuleers that own the world. A sudden slap in the face from natural selection. Especially, in Amarr and Jita.

@Anyanka_Funk Don’t let them fall asleep. I know you won’t.


wow… you actually applied.



Until they find out you steal from corps…

I don’t even think CODE. would be cool with that.


CODE is probably the only corporation that really deserves their hangars cleared.


This is your periodic reminder, pilots, that when Funk says or does anything strange, you should block quote it so that she can’t make it disappear later.


It was an offer to me, I have refused, if she withdrew that - it’s her prerogative.
Not all here are trolls like you Priano to bring against people stuff that they retract.

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This is said by somebody who likes to pretend she never wrote what she had written a couple months prior to her contradictory current post.


You are such a liar.

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‘Liar Liar Pants on Fire’

That’s all you say whenever someone criticises you. And that’s about how seriously anyone but that two other persons take you.


You can’t even criticise, you jump on people with lies.
That’s neither criticise of ideas, nor even criticise of people, because it is false from the start. Here I am criticising you for your lie about other person (me). But you can’t do even that, because you bring in not a fault I have committed, but a lie you have made up about myself.

So please be so kind to shut up and know your place.

‘False from the start’.

Hardy har har. You say it is false from the start but anyone with the patience to look back through the Galnet archives keep turning up results that contradict you.

You have yet to show us anything to disprove any of these.

Then you try to push in that ‘my word is true because I am honourable’.

This is not a Theocracy. You are not a Pontiff. We do not take people at their word. Back your words with facts, witnesses, evidence, records and documentation or we will keep on nipping at your heels for it.

Start by actually refuting Priano’s assertions with counter-arguments backed with facts, witnesses, evidence, records and documentation. Because your honour counts for next to nothing here. And finally, if you annoy us enough, you will be seeing your statements from years ago turn up to be used against you.

We remember.


When you dare to blame someone in something, it’s your responsibility to prove anything. And considering you are just a fluke with empty words, to disprove a crap like yours it’s enough to call it a lie and you a liar.

My word is true because I am honorable, and because unlike you I bring in FACTS.

I always do, for example like with Priano. When I blame someone I am damn sure have evidences to back my words. And of course I have honor to stand for them if needed with weapons in hands.

Well, I totally don’t mind annoying gallente bootlickers and showing whole IGS inconsistency in their propaganda and pathetic personal attacks.
Want to bring my statements from years ago? Well, go ahead, that will be used FOR me AGAINST you, just to show that I was right way back ago.

Or, considering that you are one spreading lies, I could expect you not really bringing my words, but misusing and twisting what I have said. But in that case I will just bring correct quote and show everyone that you are troll… if anyone doesn’t know that yet by any miracle.

In any of these three cases (third one with you doing nothing, showing that you are just pathetic bluff) - you lose. There is no way out for you. The trap has closed, and your own words became your undoing.

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