[KC] Gravitational study - early analysis

On last sunday, we lost our research facilities but that don’t mean all our data is lost.

The day of the attack we even managed to gather some interesting data.

Ours scientists are compiling them in a more abordable format but I can provide you with a bit of early informations.

While our agressor were attacking, the structure, and only a skelleton crew was lefts, some scientists were still working of our scanners, a strange anomaly having been detected a few day before.

Our “static wormhole” had been appearing in unusual distance of it’s usual place. Of course, on 2 years of recording, you can guess that it occured a few time before, but it was always a once time anomaly.

Here, for almost 3 days, it randomly moved in the system, getting as far as 4UA from it’s usual sphere of appearance.
And since our solar system was only 13US wide, it’s a huge gap.

It’s still early to announce anything sure, but the disturbance of the static correlate with the arrival of the agression fleet. And with the use of more than 20 triglavian ship ( counting 2 leshak and 12 ikistura). The theory supported by the Khazad Consortium’s scientists is that they had an effect on the gravitational stability of the system.

I’ll keep you informed on our findings and rest open to any question.

Fly safe o7

Umbre Fallenstars


That is really interesting. Thanks for sharing this information, Mr. Fallenstars.

It is a shame that these aggressors attacked and destroyed your scientific facilities, probably aiming for “profit”, without even asking what you are doing there.

At least I am glad that this event could lead to potential discoveries. Wormholes are really subtle as far as i know, not an expert mind you. So I guess even a minor gravity disturbance can affect them? Interesting.

I hope you are doing well, recovering.

With the lost of our facilities, processing the data is taking longer than expected, what i can say from our two year survey is that yes, minor variations in the gravity field can affect the localisation of a wh anomaly, it’s particularly obvious with entering connections, but the reason we chose this particular system is that the red giant “flatten” the influence of such variations intra system, and with the small number of planets present, we hoped that the harmony point allowing the formation of a “static wh” would be fairly limited (and so far the data seem to corroborate this theory).

The explanation for such variations in the last days of the monitoring can therefore result from a limited source of influence:

  • the surrounding gravitational influence ( a black hole for example)
  • something inside the system ( a planetoid sized anomaly)

The first would have influenced the system balence gradually, or, in the case of a sudden event, detected
The second could have been possible if a lot of ore anomaly passed by at the same time, but none were present at the time.

The only thing that changed was the number of ships in the system. And given their mass, it would have taken thousands of them to make an significant influence.

Since the attackers had mainly triglavian ships, it’s reasonable to let it on the “possible reasons” list.

I’ll keep you informed on the processing of the data.


Mr. Fallenstar, if you need assistance with data processing, I can offer up the facilities administrated by the UNF on Eugales VI, or aboard the Maractite Foundry azbel in Archavoinet


That’s a kind offer, I will consult our associates and get back to you shortly.

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Umbre Fallenstar

Your loss is a shame and I hope you succeed in recovering quickly. Sharing your results in those turbulent days is a resolute move and testifies for your determination, I think.

Feel free to contact staff from the Arataka Research Consortium if you are interested in a deeper discussion of your findings. I would appreciate the exchange and readily support your endeavour.


Haria Haritimado

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