[KC] Ignebaener Gravitational Study

This is an “open letter” type of things.

As you probably know, Ignebaener became the target of a triglavian invasion earlier today.

It happen that it’s where my laboratory is located.

So I have deployed basics analyzers to monitor the gravitational evolution of the system.

And while I do not wish to see it fall, if it do happen, I hope it will at least serve a scientific purpose.

As always, my results will be published publicly.

If you have specific queries, projects to run, assets to bring, data to collect, or anything else I can help with, please do ask.

and, please, don’t destroy my structures.


As the system is reaching final liminality, We are still compiling data and collecting samples.

“The shade” athanor is open to all for evacuation efforts, our own people have already have mostly been evacuated, we have room for a few million peoples, it’s not “much”, I know.

https://prnt.sc/uf692z Not sure if usefull but, in the past, if a capsuller manage to loot some special item from the Collective, Zorya will send them a message.

Maybe in the future, if someone have this, will get a new message ?

I’m still interested by such items, do you, or your associates, have some to spare?
You can send me a mail with your price.
Thanks for the message.

I send it an email with the quantity i have and the price of each of them

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