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(Mizhara Del'thul) #2

You know, given the quality of Sani Sabik and Bleeders I keep seeing trotted out in New Eden’s capsuleer population, I can’t see a blooder ship anymore without expecting it to open up and a small army of clowns come pratfalling out and smacking eachother with rubber mallets and pies.

It’s gotten so bad most of their posts and communications now just turn into sad little honk and parp noises.

… which could of course be one of the many addons I use to save the last kernels of faith in capsuleers I have left, but I’m not entirely convinced uninstalling any of them would make even the slightest difference in this case.

(Arrendis) #3

And yet they don’t shoot one another. What’s that tell you, Funkybutt? You’re no Blood Raider.

(CMDR-HerpyDerpy Hurishima) #4

My standings with them are as low as they can be :stuck_out_tongue:

(Arrendis) #5

Hey now, don’t go slapping my name on that!

(Diana Kim) #6

I don’t understand why is it important in the first place, racist or not? Why would it matter?..

I usually object trolls, who call, for example, me a racist, because racism is a gallente quality, and I detest having anything similar to gallentes. But why would that matter to Blood Raiders?..

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(Deitra Vess) #8

Pretty sure they can be any race, ya.

EDIT: referring to blood raiders specifically.

(Diana Kim) #10

Well, I do believe that Gallente and Minmatar are inferior, but I don’t do anything racist myself.

Nor I believe that slavery has to do anything with racism. As far as I know, the Empire enslaves people for criminal offenses, not for their bloodlines.

That they have (or, more likely, had in the past) majority of slaves of Minmatar origin, that would only mean that people of Minmatar descent are more prone to commit crimes.

(Deitra Vess) #11

You do know the definition of racism right?

(Slayer Liberator) #12

And the Mental Gymnastics Award of YC 119 goes to Diana Kim

(Arrendis) #14

The Reclaiming enslaves any bloodline that isn’t True Amarr. Only after full destruction of the original culture and religion, and conversion to the Amarr faith and cultural norms, are the descendants of the original slaves judged to have served their sentence for the ‘crime’ of not being Amarr.

(Samira Kernher) #15

If the progenitor of the bloodline was a criminal, then being a member of that bloodline is a crime. Consider that you and all other unconverted Caldari are also criminals to Amarr under Scriptural law. Just like the Minmatar, Caldari are descended from apostates.

What Amarr defines as criminal is very broad. Simply, all those who do not serve God and the Amarr Empire are criminals under Amarrian religious law. These are not enforced outside of Amarr only because of CONCORD treaties and practical limitations.

(Diana Kim) #16

But now the Empress is Udorian.

(Diana Kim) #17

I personally believe that only those, who commit the crime, should be responsible, not their relatives, descendants, etc. I probably would be bad Amarr with such ideas…

Yet, I’ve served the Empire for about one year and was stationed in the Empire. I never was hiding that I wasn’t of the Faith, but never insulted the Faith, was respectful to beliefs, religious traditions and rituals and followed the rule, “While in Amarr, do as Amarr” And so far I never was arrested, nor anyone asked me to leave, or even warn me that I am violating the law with my disbelief.

(Samira Kernher) #18

International regulations mean we don’t go arresting foreign visitors and tourists just for not following the faith, yes. If you were to attempt to become a citizen of Amarr, however, then conversion would be mandatory to avoid punitive action.

Such are the concessions made for the sake of international cooperation.

(Arrendis) #19

The Udorians are also so thoroughly intermingled with the original Amarr that the only people who’ll deny that all of the Great Houses have Udorian blood as well as True Amarr are the ones with a vested interest in proclaiming their own purity.

(Utari Onzo) #20

In addition, Capsuleers are for the most part exempt from border controls (as demonstrated in the recent Caldari/Gallente border closure which remained open to Capsuleer traffic of any race or origin) immigration control, local taxes… pretty much any local laws unless the pilot is baselining outside of designated Capsuleer zones on Stations and other docks.

(Elmund Egivand) #21

Oh, the kind of work needed to baseline. Walk like a baseliner, talk like a baseliner, act like a baseliner, dress like a baseliner.

Such things are unheard of in the Republic since far as your ordinary tribesman is concerned, being an egger is nothing noteworthy, age and experience (usually demonstrated by very elaborate tattoos) are. So an egger doesn’t have to worry about weird looks when baselining in the Republic. We are beholden to the same laws that everyone else follows, however.

Everywhere else? We need to follow a baselining manual of sorts or expect to run into trouble of some kind.

(Halcyon Ember) #22

Whatever she defines it to be?