Arms supplies

(Elias enDiabel) #1

As my corp is always on the look out for more profitable ventures I decided to look towards nearby warzones to see where the fighting might be fiercest. I was, however, incredibly surprised at the state of the warzone - the caldari seem to have totally over run it?? Have they developed some sort of secret weapon? what am i missing?

(Tyrel Toov) #2

It’s the Gallente mating season. They returned to their ancestral breeding grounds to participate in the ritual orgy of their people. As a result, the warzone has been left unattended.

(Elias enDiabel) #3

More holoreals on the way?

(Tyrel Toov) #4

Do you really need more?

(Elias enDiabel) #5

My debauchery knows no bounds tbvh, its why we live in Syndicate :wink:

(Diana Kim) #6

Unfortunately, not totally yet. Some gallentean occupants still oppress colonists in Black Rise, but we are working on it! Soon we’ll push all gallentean oppressors back into Villore and will make them pay for their warcrimes!

(Tyrel Toov) #7

No you won’t. Calmil will likely get tired of sitting around unopposed and go off and do other things until galmil picks back up again. No crimes will be answered for.

(Val en Thielles) #8

the warzone is a boring pendulum that swings over to team blue every once in a while