Rejoice, Citizens!

Our major stronghold system after hours of combat was finally liberated from gallentean occupants. Once again our pilots has demonstrated valor in battle and superiority of Caldari weapons. It will take still several hours to mop up the gallente oppressors left behind, re-establish supply chain to bring food and commodities to colonists, as well as medical supplies to help treating victims of gallentean regime.

But the worst is over, the proper meritocratic management will soon turn the colonies from degraded starving democracies under oppressing gallente regime into blooming business centres with happy, fed and properly clothed workers!

Glory to the State!

Strike Commander, having visited the colonies of Enaluri during its ‘occupation’, and recently to boot, I can say with certainty that a good portion of your claims are propagandist fabrication. Food was available, as were properly clothing and necessities. While I can say there has likely been some amount of mismanagement you do a disservice to say that its as terrible as you claim.


Aged like the finest of Udorian wine.


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