[Gallente Federation] Nennamaila Liberated. Liberté pour l'éternité

After several weeks of skirmishes and a few days of concentrated effort, Nennamaila, which has been held by the Caldari State for over a year, has returned to Gallente Federation Control.

I thank the many Gallente MIlitia members that have sacrificed much to bring this system back under the protection of the Federation Constitution, with all of the privledges and rights that holds.

We need to remain ever vigilant against hostile forces within and without the Federation, those that seek to undermine our freedoms and values for their own gain. We must stand united against all comers to avoid any of our citizens from being disenfranchized or marginalized.

While Nennamaila was not originally part of the Federation, as it was part of the extra-legal colonization of the Black Rise region outside the cognizance of CONCORD or the New Eden astropolitical community, those citizens have in the past been under the protection of the Gallente Federation longer than they ever have been under Caldari State occupation. So we shall continue to fight for their rights, as if they were any others, in the Core regions of the Federation, or anywhere else in New Eden.


Julianus Soter
Candidate for the Presidency of the Gallente Federation


Congratulations for everyone that contribute to the successes of the Federal Defense Union/Gallente Militia. It would have more value if it wasn’t like Sisyphean Labors, but with the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act in the current form it isn’t likely to change.

Akrasjel Lanate
CEO, Lanate Industries


Nennamaila was colonised by Caldari in YC80, and has been Caldari ever since. No number of years under Federal occupation or civilians dragged behind trucks for the amusement of drug-addled Federation troopers will change that.

Probably another year or so.


Thanks very much for your kind response Saava Valtovist. Of course, when I refer to ‘colonization’, I mean when the Caldari State stopped its secretive illegal expansionist activities and began their public illegal expansionist activities. At the start of the Emergency Militia War Powers Act conflict, Nennamaila had very little population. The current population of the system is a melting pot of locals from across the war torn region that have been victimized repeatedly by Caldari State raids and invasions.

We are here to stay, as long as we can, to protect these souls on the habitable planets of Nennamaila.

Thank you,
Julianus Soter

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Once again, the definition of “liberated” is twisted in the mouth of a shameless Federal imperialist to mean the precise opposite of its actual definition.

A liberation is when an occupying force is driven out and the territory is returned to its rightful owners. Nennamaila was first (and legitimately, no matter how much you lie and pretend otherwise) colonized by the Wiyrkomi corporation and, through them, the Caldari State. You have not liberated that system, you have annexed it.

When the State returns and takes it back, THAT will be a liberation.


Just a quick look at the warzone, that should be somehow balanced, tells me, that the frogs are the oppressing force:

Also, are there actually people defending?



To label the capture of the Nennamaila system as anything but a conquest is a bit disingenuous. Nennamaila is sovereign State territory and it is recognised as such on our navigation charts and by the treaties that deal with the Militia Conflict. We have conquered this system from the State and it will be administered as occupied territory until such time as either an end to hostilities comes about or the State Protectorate re-capture the system. The latter of course, being more likely to occur.

That said, it was a hard fought battle but ultimately Federal forces prevailed in this latest part of our campaign. Our campaign is proceeding as planned.

Yes, there were. Several STPRO organisations were involved in the defence of Nennamaila as well as non-chartered entities that engaged opportunistically. They fought valiantly, but inevitably they were overcome.


Liberation: Taking anything from a state of tyranny into a state of freedom. We are providing for the immediate relocation of any and all citizens on the surface of Nennamaila’s scattered colonies to their destination of choice, on sponsored Interbus transports. Noone who wishes to remain under Federation rule are being forced to stay. Obviously, those that wish to remain, are being permitted to, so long as they directly do not engage in hostile acts.

The loathsome Diana Kim herself described Nennamaila as “Fortress Nennamaila” only four short years ago. The Federation presence in this system must be reinforced and supported as a launching point to further operations against hostile Caldari State forces across the warzone.

I appreciate your comments however, Commander Adams. We understand each other I think for the most part on the battlefield, and I deeply appreciate your invaluable combat support the past several months.



People like him are why I’d never join a militia. I swear, it’s like they’ve completely forgotten that democracy - a system based on the ideals of self-determination - cannot be forced upon others. Such a hypocritical act is inimical to the very concept of democracy and has more in common with Amarr reclaimings than Gallente values.

And it’s not like the State has clean hands in this matter, either. If I recall correctly there are several worlds in the Black Rise colonization area with indigenous human populations that, as “non-entities”, have no rights or protections under State law.

New Eden, ladies and gentlemen; where every government is just a different flavor of awful, and the sole (possible) exception appears to be dead!


Thank you very much for your response Valiran Teleros. As you no doubt realize by now, the current state of war between the Gallente Federation - the only truly representative democracy on an interstellar scale in New Eden - has been continuing for approximately eleven years. This war was started by the Caldari State Executor Tibus Heth, who invaded the Luminaire system with a vast battlefleet, engaging and destroying Gallente Federation forces along the way.

The Federation, in the pursuit of protecting its citizens, the highest possible goal of any Democracy, must and shall take every responsible action to fight back the Caldari State and restrain it from taking any further offensive actions into our space, here in Nennamaila, and elsewhere.

The situation with Nennamaila being an extra-legally explored and claimed territory outside of CONCORD remit, and the ongoing Militia conflict, where many displaced Federation citizens relocated there after the subsequent invasion of Caldari Provist sympathizers, means that it has a complex history. Many here do truly wish us to be here. And so we shall be.



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What ever happened to you Edward . It is sad to see .

You were a voice of reason for many of us , against the vile crimes of the Federation on Caldari Prime .

No , no , no. Edward .

Rather that than being persecuted by Federation Death Squads that were operating in Black Rise , Valiran ?

They were liberating people dont you know Valiran !

The Federation has always had a deep thread of ultra-nationalism running through it. It is this thread that helped instigate the Caldari/Gallente war, by blockading and attempting to starve Caldari Prime, well before Nouvelle Rouvenour. It was Gallente ultra-nationalism, even after the fall of Luc Duvalier, that insisted on retaining Caldari Prime and conducting a hundred-year war to attempt to re-subjugate the Caldari people. Many may not remember it well, but the Gallente war aim for one hundred years was the nationalistic goal of conquering the Caldari. It wasn’t until the discovery of the Amarr (and the realization that the Federation could not enforce its mandate of a universal order by force) that the Gallente Federation sued for peace.

And even then, a stated goal of the Federation - publicly - is the extension of Gallente values and, eventually, hegemony to every corner of New Eden. It has been made clear by the Gallente government on multiple occasions - which you can find if you bother to read older news articles - that they desire to realize the democratization and liberalization of every people in New Eden. And this isn’t even mentioning the ultra-nationalists, who have been repeatedly linked to Roden Industries and Mentas Blaque. And who runs the Federation? Roden and Blacque.

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