Happy New Year from Caldari Militia, New Eden!

Happy New Year, pilots!

I wish you all great Profits in the New Year!
And let all Gallente who stand on your way die!

Glory to the State!
D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.


Happy New year’s!

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Go ■■■■ yourself, Kim.

To all the rest of you Happy New Year.

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For illustrative purposes.

The Caldari State has manufactured an identity to justify the greed of a few who thought that they would do better outside of the Federation. In doing so, they essentially launched a coup on the Morning of Reasoning. They then hijacked the Caldari people and lead them into a war that they ultimately could not win.

The Caldari joined the Federation and acted in bad faith. And the warmongers that started the whole thing didn’t care one bit about the Caldari people or Caldari prime.

The entire State is dependent upon an indoctrination program that essentially feeds lies to State citizens. The honorable thing would be for the citizens to take these CEOs and toss them in a cell, then set up a people’s committee to make peace with the Federation.


First of all, Caldari were forced to join the Federation by economical oppression. It were Gallente who made us join them, acting in bad faith, we were just trying to survive and stand tall, saving our identity and securing our future for our children. It’s quite easy to find in History books of Nascent era of Federal history. We were encircled by them. Building outside colonies allowed us to “break” this encirclement and develop outside of the Federation.

And once again, it was the Federation who acted in bad faith when they discovered our colonies, changing their laws and putting unlawful demands to us.

The secession was started not by warmongers, but by people who believes that the will of Caldari people is carried on by Corporations and not by any democratic puppets, fallen for gallente perversive ideals.

Now, that’s straightforward lie.
The Morning of Reasoning has already happened after the Seccession, after Nouvelle Rouvernor attack, and after Gallenteans bombarded Caldari Prime. The war was already going on, the war that Galelnte went in on us to subjugate our freshly formed Caldari State under their murderous boot.

During the Morning of Reasoning we got rid of spineless cowards who couldn’t stand to defend Caldari and would prefer to talk to these invaders and monsters instead of giving them what they came at us with: WAR.

It already was going on - Morning of Reasoning showed two things: that we are Caldari, and that we never surrender. Come at us with a sword and you will die from a sword.

Glory to the State!

The entire State is a test to separate the wheat from the chaff. Either you have what it takes to make it, or you don’t.

For those who can’t, there’s always complaining about it in public as the piss-weak are want to do.

Oh right, and the activation of the VH451 stargate in Luminaire which begun the period of interstallar colonization (The Gallente via the International Space Cooperative and Caldari via private corporations) predates the actual formation of the Federation by about six centuries.

The government of colonies in what is today the State were Caldari corporations centuries before the Federation even existed. Now when the Federation did not recognize Caldari corporations as the legal government of those colonies, then by rights they could never be party to signing the Federal charter in the first place.

Maybe learn your own history before opening your idiot mouth, Vea.

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Some people get it. Some don’t. it’s okay

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And obviously you don’t have a ■■■■■■■ clue about the State.

The traditional Napanii honourific for a Megacorp CEO is ‘Tirokkotun’ which translates to Warlord or in Gallente dialects, Tyrant.

The preferred form of leadership for Caldari has always been the Warlord, the Dictator, and the Tyrant. This remained true whether you look at the Raata Empire, its Successor States, or even the democratic Caldari nations upon contact with the Gallente which were organized as Executive Presidencies granted sweeping powers and which legislatures existed as nothing more than the rubber stamp for Presidential policy.

The tyranny of Caldari corporate Executives is not taken from the populace, it is power bestowed upon corporate Warlords as legitimate.

Yet you come here and say thousands of years of tradition in Caldari dictatorship, which has proven both effective and successful in securing the interests of the Caldari people and culture and say it’s wrong and I know nothing.

I daresay it is you who know nothing about Caldari.

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. . . she told the Deteis Marine veteran of the liberation of Caldari Prime.

Just because someone’s been exposed to more ideas and found one they think might be better doesn’t mean they don’t know about what they’re suggesting an alternative to.



When the most recent popular revolution as exemplified by the CPD did not reject dictatorship, but in fact promoted more of it, then it would appear alternatives are not sought.

You’re going to have to do much more than copypaste Gallente counterfactuals to overthrow the entrenched value systems of trillions of Caldari.

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I’m not going to have to do anything, I’m just pointing out that the person you’re claiming doesn’t know anything about the State’s pretty much had the same State upbringing and indoctrination you had, and kept running into trouble in the Empire more or less for being ‘too Caldari’. So, y’know, with that in mind… y’kinda making yerself look like an ign’ant Galnet troll whut don’t do no researchin’.

Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass if ya like bein’ tyrannical warlords to one another. That’s yer affair and have at. I’m just pointing out how Ms. Veik “I-Will-Remind-Everyone-Regularly-That-I-Am-So-Smart-I-Am-Running-Fifty-Shades-of-Obfuscation-on-Everything” Geskaarin is so smart, she managed to look like a dumbass.

So, y’know, s’all good.


You know, that claim and what is portrayed publicly at this time don’t match up very well.

Actually, I’m just taking issue with a few statements in Alizabeth’s post. Such as:

Because from the outset this creates a nonsense. Caldari Megacorporations could not sign the Federal charter because they were considered not legitimate by the Gallente. The formation of the State was to assert the legitimacy of Caldari corporate governance because they could not join the Federation in the first place.

You cannot break an agreement you were never party to.

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This is splitting hairs. Although signatory status to the Federal Charter was limited to recognition based on popular sovereignty, to my recollection the Caldari Megacorps were all recognized within the legal framework of Gallente corporate governance. They were considered every bit as legitimate as any Gallente-“chartered” corporation. And considering the level of influence they wielded in the “democratic” Caldari governments of the period, the Megacorps were hardly being oppressed.

Unless you consider being expected to play fair within the rules that apply to everyone else “oppression,” which of course we know was what the Megacorps really couldn’t stand.

From what I’ve been able to find, even in Gallente records, what the Megacorps couldn’t stand was being told that the Federation was going to lay claim to vast amounts of private property that pre-dated the existence of the Federation itself. As there was no proviso in the Federation Charter for pre-existing extra-solar colonies, the Gallente position was a naked power-play of questionable legality. That’s hardly ‘playing fair within the rules that apply to everyone else’. That’s ‘we’re going to steal your crap because we think we can and screw you and the rules’.

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Well, that’s not really the place for this discussion, but I can’t ignore such blatant ignorance.
So called “rules” were “changed” right against Caldari - by placing an unlawful demand to Corporations to submit their property to the government. It was neither fair play, nor applied to everyone.

“According to Charter law, it was perfectly legal for colonies to be established independently, as had been done for centuries.”

“It didn’t take long for the majority opinion in the Senate to demand that the once-hidden Caldari colonies be classed as Federation territory, which included the relinquishment of corporate sovereignty and the immediate establishment of democratic authorities. Voices within the Senate that said otherwise were simply drowned out by the Ultra-Nationalists” - “Luminate Era of the Gallente Federation”


If you’d rather not have your topic derailed by another rehash of ancient history, I’ve got no problem respecting that. But you came out the gate engaging on the topic from your very first reply to @Alizabeth_Vea. So it sure looks like this is the place for the discussion, judging by your own posts.

Suffice to say, my original point was that the Megacorps were organized in accordance with Gallente law. Hell, the Gallente were the ones what introduced the whole concept in the first place. The idea that they “were not considered legitimate” by the Gallente just isn’t true.

As for the second part of my statement, as has been said before… what you refer as a “naked power grab” was for many Gallente an attempt to guarantee basic human rights for the colonists.

Rather than derailing Kim’s topic further by continuing my paean to the virtues of Gallente democratic ideals, I’ll simply state that @Alizabeth_Vea expressed a view that has plenty of support in history, even if it is a biased view. That I happen to agree with.

Now, by all means @Diana_Kim, you should return the topic to whatever purpose you originally intended.

You can discuss whatever you want, and there are forum tools for making corresponding discussion threads. Learn to use them, gallentean.

Ah, okay? You do realize I chimed in on an already ongoing discussion between other people in this thread? My comment was directly relevant to what Arrendis, Gesakaarin, and Vea had already been talking about for days.