Happy New Year, citizens of the State and those who weren’t fortunate enough to get their citizenship papers!
I hope you have already submitted all your reports for the last year and changed the forms to use in the new year. Please enjoy your holidays!

I have lifted the ban for alcohol for my ship crews and left in active duty only skeleton crews of actively used ships. The rest were allowed a home leave lasting from 31dec to 14Jan YC 122.
Those who have volunteered to stay at service during this term will get double salary for the month.

I wish you all even greater profits in the New Year than you had in the last year! (provided you aren’t enemy of the Caldari State and Amarr Empire - in this case I wish you a swift death in the New Year!)

Glory to the State!


You too

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Happy New Year, Commander… despite me being an enemy of the Amarr Empire.

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Happy new calendar year!

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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to all!

May your ancestors smile this year when they see what you’ll be up to.


Is it that time of year again?

Well, good fortune to all!

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Happy new year, everyone.

YC121 was a rough year, but I, perhaps naively, have high hopes for YC122.


hrrrr! hrr hrr hrrrrrr


I guess the only letters working on his datapad are the H and R.

Happy new year! :slightly_smiling_face:

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