Happy New 124, New Eden!

Happy New Year, Citizens of the State and Jaijii!!

I hope you have submitted your yearly reports and taxes in time and can celebrate this magnificient event without worry!
I wish you all greater profits in the coming year than you had in the passed year!
(Unless you’re enemy of the State, of course, then I wish you death in New Year and no profits at all!!!)

In either way, it’s time to celebrate! Don’t forget to drink responsibly! Have fun and do your duty!

Lets cheer those who survived and remember those who are not with us anymore. Lets cherish the achievements of our State and bask it its Glory! We can forge the Brighter future for our State together, with our loyalty, dedication and determination!!



Happy New Year from the Eternal Flame in Pator!

Here’s to a slightly less invade-y year than the previous few and all good spirits guide the Tribal Assembly.


Another year closer to the End Times. Rejoice, for the Time of Judgement draws inexorably closer with every passing second. Wooo.


Happy New Year. May Cold Wind favor the Strong


The clock just won’t rest will it?

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If it did, my lord, would we be able to notice?


Somebody call an AIMED, I’ve been critically injured!

EDIT: I just realized I misread what you said, Miss Jenneth. I thought you were making a rude observation about my age. You were remarking on our inability to discern the true pacing or even directionality of a fundamental construct we are not just in but of. I feel a lot better now because while the first undermined my vanity the second only undermines the nature of my existence and, frankly, calls into question my very ability to be an agent of my own fate.

But look how much the moisturizing has helped tighten up the wrinkles under my eyes!


It’s sad to see when even Amarr fall for gallente depravity…
(and yes, this is why the Federation must be destroyed)
Anyway, Happy New Year !

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