Wings of Valor - Gallente Militia Captures the Warzone

Enaluri System - Black Rise
Guardians of the Gate Astrahaus “The Whirlwind”
March 24th, YC122

Operational Update For Public Release

“The fires of liberty have made their inexorable march, led by the brave men and women of the Federal Defence Union. It is your triumphs which show justice and equality shall forever reign supreme. Today the Gallente Federation presents you with the Wings of Valor.” - Jacus Roden

Today the coordinated forces of the Gallente Militia and its allies celebrate the victorious completion of a six months long campaign to capture all 101 contested systems of the Gallente / Caldari Warzone.

This campaign started with more humble ambitions, to liberate Gallente systems from State Protectorate occupation in order to protect against any possibility of Caldari State interference in the YC122 Presidential election. On completion of that objective, it became clear that Caldari forces, if allowed to stay in their strongholds, would continue to launch ceaseless incursions into Placid and Essence. Moreover, the shocking barbarity of the Lai Dai Corporation’s invasion and wanton devastation of the Intaki homeworld made the necessity of maintaining total space superiority an even more urgent priority for the pilots of the Federal Defense Union.

Therefore, the unified command of Villore Accords and Guardians of the Gate alliances, as well as Nadire Security Consultants, The Foiritan Wings and numerous other independent FDU aligned organizations and pilots set the ultimate goal of capturing the entire warzone.

Over the course of the months that followed there were innumerable battles at every level of scale across the warzone regions. From tense single pilot dogfights, to fast moving cruiser skirmishes, to full scale battles between mighty fleets of battleships and capital ships. Throughout these conflicts the fighting spirit of the Gallente Militia never faltered, even as delays increased and losses mounted. Fleet commanders logged hour after hour leading plexing efforts, and industrial and logistics specialists kept supply lines flowing, most importantly line members kept up the fight no matter what. Now we sit victorious once again, our militia having accomplished this rare feat for a historic third time.

Although our efforts are not recognized in as glowing terms as they once were by far away leaders in Villore and Luminaire, each and every pilot who participated in this achievement is worthy of the highest praise.

Also worthy of recognition are those among the Caldari Militia who have fought doggedly and honorably in defense of their friends and their nation. Members of CalMil organizations like The Pannion Domin, Last Republic, and many other smaller groups and individual pilots often fought with distinction in this conflict and remain tenaciously committed to their cause. Other groups such as United Fleet and RvB fought hard for a time, but ultimately retreated from the warzone to pursue other goals. Some, such as the so called “patriots” of Templis CALSF, have long since abandoned their militia comrades but for a few erratic terrorist outcasts.

No doubt there will be the usual chorus of voices bored or ambivalent of the ongoing CEWPA conflict who will think this statement vainglorious, and the accomplishment trite. For those of us who have fought these long months, however, the meaning of our victory is clear. Today, the citizens of the Federation can take pride that the flame of liberty burns at its brightest once again. Liberty marches on!

Liberty Forever

Rinai Vero
Luminaire General; FDU


General Julianus Soter sits in a stout leather chair, next to a roaring fire, sipping a glass of fine Miesian brandy, as he comes on screen and begins to speak.

To further amplify General Vero’s comments here, I would like to say a few words.

The terror attacks of the past month have shown us, unequivocally, that we still have deadly enemies both within and without Federation borders. Indeed, we are still utterly blind as to who those brutal enemies were, that attacked us on that dark day before the Elections.

We must stand strong, and stand united, as one people, a Federal Republic of hundreds planets, an institution without measure in the history of the New Eden cluster, and fight, against those who would destroy us.

We must turn a skeptical eye towards authority. The Federal Intelligence Office shares a significant amount of the bill due from the recent turmoil, for having failed to prevent it, while being given nearly unlimited extra-constitutional authority in the guise of the Black Eagles, or the more prosaic acronym, the SDII.

We must also turn our attention to the incredible chaos now unfolding across the cluster. CONCORD has only recently come to an agreement at the last moment on the status of the Emergency Militia War Powers Act. While this Revision One, as they’re calling it, does address many of my most pressing presidential campaign issues regarding the corruption of Militia Agents onboard warzone stations, we have many issues that remain to be addressed, including the status of planets within the warzone.

We must use every tool at our disposal to force CONCORD to act and defend basic human rights in these areas, and protect the cause of liberty from the influences of the Caldari State and the Amarr Empire, who would use the interstellar institution as a puppet for their kleptocratic and theocratic goals.

Finally, the Drifters and the Triglavians continue to be a threat to our people. The recent victimization of Esmes III, again, without so much as a comment from the Federation President in the public sphere, indicates a gross underestimation of this adaptable and malicious enemy. It may still be possible to come to an accord with these hostile races, but it must be from a position of strength, as strength is apparently the only language they seem to understand.

To all my friends and allies within the warzone and the Federal Defense Union, I raise my glass to you, and celebrate with your success. I wish to see us all continue to fly together and preserve the hard fought freedoms and liberties throughout these star systems.


General Julianus Soter
Executor Villore Accords
Presidential Candidate to the Federated Union of Gallente Prime


A lot of grandstanding for a mere “pets”. That’s pathetic.

Gallente claim victory for themselves, while we all know that it was because of WANGS - a pirate alliance in Black Rise that these gallente were working for. Without them - you are nothing.

And you earn nothing but a title of “pirate lackee”. But don’t worry, the days of WANGS will be over soon. We will wash away all pirate trash from Black Rise together with their gallente cooperators. You all will pay for your crimes, for the Justice will always triumph.

Glory to the State!

It occurs to me that I should be more effusive in my praise of the allies outside of the Gallente Militia who have lent invaluable aid during this campaign. Chief among them are indeed the leadership and line members of WANGS, who’s dedication to the ideals of the Federation and the well-being of its people did not end when they retired from Militia service.

Many pilots who are today in WANGS served with honor in the two previous campaigns when Federal Defense Union pilots fought long and hard for total warzone control. Some of them are even proud recipients of the original “Wings of Valor” awarded by President Roden at the conclusion of the first campaign. It should be no surprise to anyone that once again they answered the call of service to the Federation in time of need.

Not only did WANGS pilots join our fleets to help provide overwatch and combat support, they made logistics runs, donated ships and weapons, helped plan defensive and offensive operations against hostile third parties who assisted Caldari terrorists, but most importantly held true to friendships forged over years of shared sacrifice and shared triumph. In particular, I’d like to personally thank MP2008. He knows what he did.

To say that Gallente Militia could not have accomplished this goal without them is not only a credit to their service, it is a reminder that what GalMil has done with their help could not be done by CalMil even with the help of null bloc giants like Evoke, TEST, or Brave when they had the chance.


Congrats. Soon the pendulum will swing back, as the markets have always dictated.

But as long as you keep fighting, it means more targets for me!

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When I announced the start of Operation Prevailing Liberty, the goal of the Consultancy was to liberate the some twenty Federal star systems that were still under occupation by the State Protectorate late last year in line with the directive we received from the Nadire District Parliament. The ransacking of Intaki led to calls District wide for the State to be taught a lesson in what happens when a member state of our Federation is brutally and shamefully attacked by outside parties.

In just six months we saw the resurgence of a Federal Defence Union that was barely managing to hold on to a handful of systems into a nigh unstoppable force that swept across the Defence Cordon as the dawn rays of the Luminaire star stretch across the surface of Gallentia and Cephalin with certainty. NADSC personnel fought with professionalism, bravery and tenacity alongside our allies to liberate in full the Federal Defence Cordon by January of this year.

Credit must be shown to GMVA, GOG, Aideron Robotics and The Foiritan Wings group amongst others for their dogged determination in achieving that goal, as well as our eventual counter-offensive into the State regions of space. Rapid Withdrawal and Black Fox Marauders are to be thanked for their assistance in logistic and support matters, even if they no longer bear the colours of the Federation.

However, even if we have captured the warzone in it’s entirety, our work is not yet done. We must preserve the integrity of the Federal Defence Cordon to the best of our ability to ensure that the Federal Election proceeds unabated and without interference. My own Home District has been assaulted by the Triglavian Collective, for which I and the District Parliament demand answers as to why existing defences were not adequate enough to prevent a second tragedy occurring on Esmes within a decade. And those that committed the gross acts of barbarism last month still run free, potentially plotting more acts of terror.

Now is the time for the Federation to stand united towards those that would seek to destroy what we, and I in my short time living here, have come to cherish and love about this land of ours.

For Liberty and Justice.


Well done comrades, that is no easy feat, nor without it’s sacrifices and losses in the process. I salute all involved in pushing back the State oppression. With luck and shared tenacity we yet fight on with a smaller goal of controlling the singular constellation of Eugidi, within which our warriors on Floseswin IV fight tirelessly against the pressing forces of House Sarum and the 24th.

Best of luck maintaining the vast number of systems you have now relinquished from the State. You all have my admiration.


Though we no longer fly the flag, I still bear great affection for the freedom-loving Gallente Federation and her militia fighters - and today, intense pride for them as well. Well done GalMil. You have demonstrated the superior quality of the capsuleers drawn to defend the Federation.


So what happens now? The State’s defeated, will be forced to make certain concessions and the full weight of the Federal military-industrial complex can be brought to bear in the Republic’s ongoing campaign against the Empire?

Peace in our time? Is it actually possible?

No. What happens now is GalMil pilots enjoy their win until they get bored and stop paying attention, and CalMil starts taking things back. The system’s designed to keep the war going forever. Neither CONCORD, nor the empires, want anyone to win.

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Current operational plans are not being publicized at this point, but suffice to say the days of Gallente Militia forces allowing the Squids to waltz back into the warzone uncontested while we confine our defense to stronghold systems in Gallente territory are over.


Warzone contol is DENIED.

Already three systems were liberated from the foreign oppression regime that was forced on them by Gallente hegemony and their main figting force - pirates flying under tag ‘Wangs’.

We won’t stop until we will liberate all Caldari regions from foreign invading gallentean oppressors!

Glory to the State!
And death to gallente occupants!
For Malkalen! For Caldari Prime! For Motherland!

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