NADSC Public Announcement: Operation Prevailing Liberty

Authorised for release from the NADSC Office of Public Relations:

1st October YC121
Assiettes VI – Northern Colonial Commonwealth, City of Rhamnus, Port of Adrasteia Field Office
NADSC Office of Public Relations

For Immediate Release –

The Nadire Security Consultants, after a request from the Federal District of Nadire’s Parliament, have accepted a temporary contract of service to serve as auxiliary members of the Federal Defence Union. This is with the express goal of liberating the remaining systems within the Federal Defence Cordon from occupation by State authorities, after concerns were raised from several Honourable Members of the District Parliament regarding the appalling events that are ongoing on Intaki V as a result of State interference in member state affairs.

This contract will be referred to as ‘Operation Prevailing Liberty’.

Operation Prevailing Liberty’s primary objective will be to remove the State Protectorate from the remaining occupied systems within the Defence Cordon in conjunction with allied forces. Secondary objectives will be to assist Republic allied forces when and where possible in their theatre of operations.

The conquering of systems that are under the sovereignty of the Caldari State in Black Rise and The Citadel regions will not be a priority for Consultant captains and employees. Nevertheless, Consultant captains and employees reserve the right to participate in operations aimed at reducing the capacity of State Protectorate forces to strike into the Defence Cordon.


Edward Adams
Nadire Security Consultants


There is no crime filthier and dishonor more humiliating than treason.


Treason is the original sin that the Caldari State was born with, and all who are loyal to it persist as traitors to their ancestors who shared the vision of the Federation at its founding. Indeed, it was their fellow Caldari who the secessionists betrayed first. Like butchers, they murdered the leaders of every mega-corporation who tried to remain loyal to the Federation, and forced most of those left alive to join in their crimes. But not all Caldari joined that treason. Some chose to remain Home on Caldari Prime, to remain loyal to the Federation.

Only in the Federation are the Caldari people truly free to choose their own path. In the State, the megacorporations routinely cast aside their Caldari kin as brutally as the secessionists murdered their own on the Morning of “Reasoning.” It is fitting that the path followed by Commander Adams has led him back to us. More will follow in his footsteps, and together we will achieve the vision of unity our ancestors saw at the dawn of the Federation.


To be called Caldari one has to be loyal to the State.

Caldari State never betrayed anyone. It was formed from corporations when Federation tried illegally steal their colonies. It were gallente ultranationalists that went war against the State, trying to deny declared independence from those, who only tried to protect what they have built. The Corporation leaders who foolishly believed that Federation could be reasoned with weren’t murdered, they recognized their mistake and took honorable suicide.

And really, no honorable man would follow after Adams. Betraying home is same as murdering parents, it’s same as spitting into face of school teacher and hitting elders with boots. Only rare depraved filth is capable of committing treason.

On behalf of GMVA Military Leadership I’d like to extend our appreciation to NADSC pilots for their efforts in the recent campaign to liberate the Melmaniel system in Verge Vendor from State Protectorate occupation.

Caldari forces tenaciously resisted the offensive from a combined task force made up of pilots from all major Gallente Militia corporations as well as many independent Federal Defense Union capsuleers. In the end, after many hours of determined fighting, and continued harassment from STPRO forces intent on continued exploitation of Gallente space, we prevailed. From here, we will march onward to liberate the entirety of the Federal Defense Cordon. In the campaign so far, NADSC has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and combat prowess. I have no doubt that they will continue to make their presence felt in the warzone, until our ultimate victory.

Liberty Forever,

Rinai Vero
Luminaire General; FDU
Diplomat; GMVA / AISA


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