YC123 Union Day State History Seminar "The Rise of Meritocracy"

WHEN: 9 September, YC123, 18:00
WHERE: New Caldari Prime - Moon 1 - Chief Executive Panel Bureau station

Greetings, pilots!

I would like to present you a Caldari History seminar, dedicated to the most significant events that have shaped our State and made it the best place to live in the whole New Eden. The listening will be opened to all foreigners and citizens, disregarding of their current or former allegiances.

However, pilots who are currently or were formerly part of one of the following hostile entities will be prohibited from physical presence it the auditorium and will not be allowed to ask questions:

  • Federal Defense Union (including enlisted corporations/alliances)
  • Tribal Liberation Force (including aligned corporations/alliances)
  • Freedom fighters, Brothers of freedom and similar hostile terrorists
  • Sansha’s Nation
  • Guristas Pirates
  • Angel Cartel
  • any pilot from any other entity who have personally displayed hostility against Caldari State or acted against Caldari State highest authority, would it be prior CPD, during Executor’s reign or after CPD was disbanded.

Moreover, speakers themselves shall be:

  • STRICTLY loyal to Caldari State (even if their organization isn’t, in case of the organization being hostile they will require to make a personal statement of their loyalty to the State).
  • of Caldari (including Achura and other minor State-originating ethnicities) blood (NOT REQUIRED ANYMORE)
  • born in Caldari State (NOT REQUIRED ANYMORE)
  • living their whole life in Caldari State before becoming a capsuler (NOT REQUIRED ANYMORE)

The speeches shall be no longer than 10 minutes and should be understandable even to foreigners who might not know all the intricacies of Caldari life.

If you wish to participate as a speaker, please send me a request through a NeoCom email, either with your proposed topic, or to get a list of the topics that still need coverage.

*EDIT of YC123.08.27

  1. to cover all other hostile entities without blowing up list of them, was introduced point, prohibiting hostile pilots on a personal basis
  2. eased list of speakers to allow more interested people to participate

Proposed list of topics:

  1. Secession of Caldari State. (* reserved)
  2. Orbital bombardment of Caldari Prime, evacuation and Adm. Tovil-Toba’s act of bravery. (* reserved)
  3. Conclustion of the first Caldari-Gallente war. (* reserved)
  4. Defeating Sansha’s nation. (* reserved)
  5. Siege of Armor Forge and formation of Caldari Providence Directorate.
  6. 10th June, YC110. Liberation of Caldari Prime (* reserved)
  7. New Meritocracy and Bravour’s reforms.
  8. Occupation of Warzone, YC111.05.31. Silent auction.
  9. Forming of PKN and Jita station rebuilding.

You can come with your own suggestions as well!

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Major change to the date. The seminar is moved to 9th September from 6th.

Apparently, I have turned upside down the number. Please excuse me.


The Conference Hall is open.
Those, who want to connect with Holo interface can connect to NeoCom Channel “NCP CEP Conference Hall”

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Will the seminar transcript be available for those who did not attend?


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a shame those restrictions was in place cause some of those sounded interesting. so instead will these speeches be uploaded for the rest of us?