YC123 Union Day State History Seminar "The Rise of Meritocracy"

WHEN: 9 September, YC123, 18:00
WHERE: New Caldari Prime - Moon 1 - Chief Executive Panel Bureau station

Greetings, pilots!

I would like to present you a Caldari History seminar, dedicated to the most significant events that have shaped our State and made it the best place to live in the whole New Eden. The listening will be opened to all foreigners and citizens, disregarding of their current or former allegiances.

However, pilots who are currently or were formerly part of one of the following hostile entities will be prohibited from physical presence it the auditorium and will not be allowed to ask questions:

  • Federal Defense Union (including enlisted corporations/alliances)
  • Tribal Liberation Force (including aligned corporations/alliances)
  • Freedom fighters, Brothers of freedom and similar hostile terrorists
  • Sansha’s Nation
  • Guristas Pirates
  • Angel Cartel
  • any pilot from any other entity who have personally displayed hostility against Caldari State or acted against Caldari State highest authority, would it be prior CPD, during Executor’s reign or after CPD was disbanded.

Moreover, speakers themselves shall be:

  • STRICTLY loyal to Caldari State (even if their organization isn’t, in case of the organization being hostile they will require to make a personal statement of their loyalty to the State).
  • of Caldari (including Achura and other minor State-originating ethnicities) blood (NOT REQUIRED ANYMORE)
  • born in Caldari State (NOT REQUIRED ANYMORE)
  • living their whole life in Caldari State before becoming a capsuler (NOT REQUIRED ANYMORE)

The speeches shall be no longer than 10 minutes and should be understandable even to foreigners who might not know all the intricacies of Caldari life.

If you wish to participate as a speaker, please send me a request through a NeoCom email, either with your proposed topic, or to get a list of the topics that still need coverage.

*EDIT of YC123.08.27

  1. to cover all other hostile entities without blowing up list of them, was introduced point, prohibiting hostile pilots on a personal basis
  2. eased list of speakers to allow more interested people to participate

Proposed list of topics:

  1. Secession of Caldari State. (* reserved)
  2. Orbital bombardment of Caldari Prime, evacuation and Adm. Tovil-Toba’s act of bravery. (* reserved)
  3. Conclustion of the first Caldari-Gallente war. (* reserved)
  4. Defeating Sansha’s nation. (* reserved)
  5. Siege of Armor Forge and formation of Caldari Providence Directorate.
  6. 10th June, YC110. Liberation of Caldari Prime (* reserved)
  7. New Meritocracy and Bravour’s reforms.
  8. Occupation of Warzone, YC111.05.31. Silent auction.
  9. Forming of PKN and Jita station rebuilding.

You can come with your own suggestions as well!

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Major change to the date. The seminar is moved to 9th September from 6th.

Apparently, I have turned upside down the number. Please excuse me.


The Conference Hall is open.
Those, who want to connect with Holo interface can connect to NeoCom Channel “NCP CEP Conference Hall”

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Will the seminar transcript be available for those who did not attend?


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a shame those restrictions was in place cause some of those sounded interesting. so instead will these speeches be uploaded for the rest of us?

Quick reminder that the transcripts remain unpublished.

Please excuse me for the delay, communication with censors took some time. There are the transcripts that were allowed to be published.

First speaker - Ms. Miran Tereven.

Good day, friends and fellow citizens. I have been asked to hold a brief lecture on the history of our people between our first contact with the Gallente and the end of the Gallente-Caldari war. I am honoured to have been chosen for such, and will do my best to address this timeframe as quickly and concisely as possible. I ask that questions be held until I conclude this summary.

This story began when Vivien Tolouti, a scientist from the Republic of Lyace, first observed our civilization by telescope in the 906th year of the Gallentean calendar. At the time the Gallente were in what they have dubbed their “information age”, which was marked by new technology making instant communication possible on their world, which resulted in the people from the Garoun continent exporting their democratic and libertarian values across their world, by means of words and the occasional guided missile.

Discovering that our people inhabited the same solar system incentivized the Gallente to cease their internecine warfare and dispatch probes to Caldari Prime to establish contact. The first manned mission from Gallentia to Caldari Prime took place in the 971st year of their calendar, when the ISCSS Venture landed in the territory of the New Oryioni Collective, located on the Tikioni continent. The ensuing conversation saw the coining of both the noun “Gallente” and the noun “Caldari”, as both sides simply used a term derived from what they called their home worlds. Our people began an effort to catch up in terms of technology, in which they were assisted by the International Space Cooperative, which we joined. Due to the unfortunate issues inherent in Gallentean culture, the ISC was run by means of absolute majority voting. As they outnumbered us by a significant margin, this meant that our people’s interests were relegated to an afterthought, thus causing the first relevant friction in the relationship.

This pattern continued as colonization efforts outside of the solar system ensued, and was soon joined by other issues, such as Gallentean interference in wars between polities on our homeworld, and their inability to respect our ways. One such incident occurred when a diplomat named Sebastienne Po-Lana was executed for entering a Raata shrine without removing her footwear, which convinced them that our culture was too violent to remain unchanged.

This resulted in the formation of the Cultural Deliverance Society in the 1109th year of their calendar, which was intended to bring stability to Caldari Prime by importing Gallentean culture. It became clear that the Gallente were beginning to sink their hooks in, as several polities saw Gallente-supplied uprisings that had their governments replaced with democratic ones.

One of the concepts they attempted to force through was capitalism, in the hopes that an economy would develop that was not beholden to the leadership of the polities of our home world. Instead, we applied our own cultural values to this concept, resulting in the formation of Isuuaya, the first Caldari megacorporation, in the 1173rd Gallentean calendar year. It became obvious that these megacorporations were able to act with more freedom than the Caldari governments the Gallenteans were attempting to suppress, and so the young megas began to sink their own hooks into the puppet governments with the support of the local elites. Thus the Gallentean commitment to a free market economy was revealed to be a loophole through which our people could get their way, as these proto-megas were not bound to the restrictions of the ISC. Consequently, our megacorporations began to colonize worlds for our people whilst the Gallenteans were preoccupied with their attempts to similarly entrap the Intaki and the Mannar.

This period saw the formation of the GalCom peacekeeping force used by the Gallenteans to interfere in the civil wars of the Mannar, which was made possible by the invention of the Warp Drive in a joint effort of Caldari and Gallente scientists funded by the Isuuaya corporation. It’s subsequent distribution to the Intaki and Mannar caused an increase in colonization efforts, notably in Placid and Verge.

The Gallenteans observed the growing influence of the Intaki and Mannar colonies, some of which were independent of the ISC with concern. This led to the Multi-World Agreement on Trade, which was supposed to benefit free trade by standardizing and regulating commerce. Just as before, the Gallenteans exploited this by having the biggest say in legislation, resulting in them reaping the economic benefits.

As expansion continued, bureaucratic conflicts between the ISC, MWAT and GalCom became so irritating to the Gallenteans, Intaki and Mannar that the notion of a Federated Union was proposed. Whilst this promised to remedy the chaos created by the notions of democracy and libertarianism which the Gallente had introduced to the Intaki and Mannar, the foundation of the Federation in the 1702nd year of the Gallentean calendar proved to be yet another gilded cage like the ISC and MWAT before it. The illegitimate democratic governments on Caldari Prime had no choice but to participate in this doomed venture, or risk being politically and economically isolated. This year saw the introduction of a new Federal calendar, with AR-1702 being rebranded into FC-1.

The Federation and it’s newly-founded senate proved to be thoroughly infused with Gallentean ideology, with membership requirements explicitly requiring governments to be democratic and institute universal suffrage. This forced the remaining legitimate Caldari governments which had not been overthrown by sponsored coups to adopt both of these concepts in order to not be left behind.

Conflicts over colonization rights resulted in a push for faster-than-light communication projects, with Li Azbel filing a successful patent in FC-25. As had occurred on the Gallente and Mannar homeworlds, the introduction of a functional communication network resulted in Gallentean values of democracy and libertarianism being disseminated even more aggressively, but since our people were still using megacorporations as a loophole to avoid Gallentean interference, we were shielded from the most adverse effects.

Nevertheless, Kaalakiota CEO Matias Sobaseki deemed it necessary to voice his concerns that our culture was being eroded. This led the Gallenteans to describe him as a seditionist, and the discovery of megacorporate colonies in the same year caused tensions to erupt further. Whilst independent colonization was legal under charter law, the Gallentean senators protested the fact that our colonies were operated by megacorporations rather than democratic governments.

The Caldari senators refused to agree despite the pressure placed upon them, and informed the Federal Senate that the corporations were a more legitimate representative of the will of the Caldari people than any democratic puppet state.

The Intaki attempted to deconflict the situation by arguing that the megacorporate colonies were not Federal territory and thus not beholden to Federal laws or demands.

It was at this stage that the Gallentean economic elite, seeing their dominance threatened by the Caldari megacorporations for the first time, threw their support behind the Guardians of Gallentia, commonly referred to as the U-Nats. Suddenly, and of course, without any bribery taking place, a majority of the senate voted in favour of classifying megacorporate colonies as Federal territory, and demands to cede control to democratically elected governments intensified.

This was the last straw for our people. Our senators walked out of the senate in protest, and the Chief Executive Panel issued the Proclamation of Secession and the foundation of the Caldari State in November of FC-33, with the few remaining Gallentean puppet governments being subdued by force of arms that same year. The U-Nat dominated senate pressured the Federal president into declaring this an act of rebellion and establishing a blockade of Caldari Prime, despite protests from Intaki delegates. The expectation was that the blockade would cause our people to bend to Federal demands. Instead, it caused resolve to harden and tensions to rise, resulting in sectarian violence between our people and Gallenteans living on Caldari Prime.

The building tension finally reached a breaking point when the Templis Dragonaurs detonated explosives within Nouvelle Rouvenor, causing the deaths of all inhabitants of the underwater city. In response, President Villers resigned, resulting in U-Nat chairman Luc Duvailer becoming the next Federal president. Martial law was declared, protestors were imprisoned or shot without trial and entire planets were blockaded. Once dissent within the Federation had been violently crushed, Duvailer set into motion the systematic orbital bombardment and subsequent invasion of our home world, titled Operation Heaven’s Justice.

The illegitimacy and cruelty of this operation, in combination with the indiscriminate bombardment of Gallente Army personnel by the Federal Navy, reduced the morale of all military branches of the Federation by such a degree that the Caldari Army was able to hold the line. In the face of such barbarism, the only correct action was to protect our people. Consequently any defeatist CEOs who disagreed with this notion found themselves forced into the Tea Maker Ceremony during the Morning of Reasoning. After that, plans to evacuate our population from Caldari Prime were set into motion.

The U-Nats, understanding that the economies of the Luminaire system were interdependent, opposed this, as the depopulation of Caldari Prime would jeopardize Gallentean interests. Thus the Federal Navy was used to prevent the evacuation effort. This reshuffling of forces meant ceasing the blockades that forced the other Federal member worlds into compliance, resulting in anti-war protests erupting throughout the Federation. Soon enough, the political purges and moral resignations of Federal Navy officers handicapped it’s combat performance sufficiently for the Caldari Navy to achieve orbital control of Caldari Prime. Instead of lashing out against the invaders, we used this window to evacuate our people, further reducing support for the war within the Federation. Consequentially, the U-Nats began pooling together navy and army forces for one final push on Caldari Prime in order to trap our people.

It was in this moment that Admiral Yakiya Tovil-Toba initiated Operation Last Wind, to disrupt the enemy’s military concentration by means of precise strikes in the orbital zones of Gallente Prime. He lured the Federal Navy towards him by striking at stations and moons, causing them to withdraw their assets from Caldari Prime to counter him. As the evacuation of our home world proceeded unhindered, Tovil-Toba’s forces were slowly whittled away. In a last ditch effort to distract the Federal military, he crashed his carrier into Gallente Prime’s atmosphere, destroying the city of Hueromont in the process. The Federal population rightfully blamed the U-Nats for the city’s destruction. The Federal Navy did not interfere with the evacuation of Caldari Prime further, which was completed in FC-35.

President Duvailer, realizing that he had failed his people, retracted martial law in an attempt to appease the senate. Instead, a vote of no confidence was passed, and he was forced to step down by a near-unanimous vote.

A new government was formed under President Yiona in FC-34. In the meantime, the ire of the Federal population shifted from the U-Nats to our people. Similarly, we were unwilling to forgive what the Gallenteans had done between first contact and that moment. Thus the war continued, with Federal opinion shifting towards bringing us back into the Federation, peacefully or violently, so as to prevent the Intaki and Mannar from contemplating independence declarations of their own. Whilst the Federation was technically superior in terms of population and economy, their disorganized nature and volunteer-only service branch meant that they were never able to leverage these advantages, as they lacked the mindset of our people.

Several books could be written about what happened during the subsequent war, which lasted nearly a century. For the sake of those assembled, I will attempt to describe it as concisely as I can. Initial Federal offensives into the Caldari State were repulsed by virtue of our fighter craft, with the balance shifting in our favour. Fortunes were reversed when the Gallente introduced the drone. The balance once again shifted in our favour when the first Caldari frigates crewed by only a single Capsuleer entered the fray. By virtue of their determination and skill, the Federation was pushed back to it’s own borders once more. The largest battle of the war, and the second-largest battle in the history of the cluster, took place in the system of Iyen-Oursta. This engagement left both sides so depleted that peace was signed. All our territorial claims with the exception of Caldari Prime were ratified, CONCORD was formed, and the Caldari State was acknowledged as a legitimate entity.


Lunarisse Aspenstar:
Do they still execute people for wearing footwear when entering shrines? I'd like to make sure I don't accidently cause offense to my husband or the State.
Miran Tereven:
Let us simply say that sometimes it is fortunate that Capsuleers fall under CONCORD legislation rather than being subject to local law enforcement. That said I do recommend asking about local customs prior to entering any holy sites, irrespective of one's location.

Chiyoki Xih Zhaikawi:
Ms. Tereven, Ma’am, In your view of the events of the war that ensued, Which event, not including the absolutely heroic and amazing actions of the heroic Yakiya Tovil-Toba and the honoured crew of the Kairiola, do you find had the single most greatest impact on the fortunes of our war?
Miran Tereven:
Excellent question. I would attribute the greatest impact to capsuleer-controlled frigates, which came to be shortly after the introduction of the drone.

Second speaker, Ms. Remilia Malitia, Captain.

As Strike Commander Kim highlighted, the subject I will be covering today will be the brief rise and fall of Sansha Kuvakei, progeny of an once respectable and influential family corrupted by foreign ideals.

Spent as its master may be, the corrupted remnants of his work linger on to this very day, threatening the lives of countless people within our borders and beyond.

This plague still afflicting our cluster emerged during the latter parts of the war against the Gallente federation, borne of the mind of the young Sansha Kuvakei, recently ascended to the head of his influential family. Kuvakei, his ideals of meritocracy and his loyalty to the nascent State skewed and warped, set off on an independant colonization effort, establishing multiple independant colonies and begining to preach his dogma towards all of New Eden, offering false promises of a utopian society ruled by the ‘intellectual elite’, which all those that answered his call falsely thought themselves part of. This imaginatively christened ‘Sansha’s Nation’, with its megalomaniacal leader at the top, was formally established in YC 5, delcaring itself sovereign and establishing an independant military and government. It did not take long for Sansha’s madness to only intensify, seeking further avenues through which he could reinforce his grip over his subjects.

Turning to the revolutionary technology our State had procured from the Jove, he set off to develop a series of invasive implants that would overwhelm and subjugate the minds of their host, slaving their will to Kuvakei and his Nation. Countless innocents perished during the development of this technology, forced into human experimentation projects. Soon, his facilities were outfitting his closest followers and workers alike with the implants, creating a mindless legion that could never question his command.

Many of those initially fooled by his lies soon came to realize the state of things and quickly fled back to their home nations, while investigator after investigator sent by the empires either went missing or was eliminated with no subtlety whatsoever, it quickly became aparent that something was very wrong with the Nation. After a while, naturally, the truth of what atrocities he had committed came into light. In YC 37 CONCORD demanded that Kuvakei surrender himself, backed by all 5 signatories. Sansha, in his delusion, thought himself superior not only to his enslaved subjects, but to all of known humanity, defying CONCORD’s command and setting himself against the civilized world, hellbent on subsuming all. His retribution was swift and unrelenting, with the 5 signatories coming together in a manner never seen before or since that time to eliminate the virulent technological plague and its master.

The operation was, predominantly, a success, with Sansha’s Nation shattered and devastated, only tiny fragments remaining, cowering in the darkest corners of their old territories.

Unfortunately, as all of you are undoubtedly aware of, Sansha’s Legions persist to this day, in some capacity, led by an entity declaring itself to be Sansha Kuvakei himself, despite his confirmed death at the hand of CONCORD almost a century ago. Let me take this oportunity to remind you all of the urgency with which we must finally sterilize our cluster of both Sansha’s influence and technology, for even as they hide themselves in Stain and their artificial wormholes, still they emerge time and time again, claiming more people to swell their corrupted ranks, condemning them to a fate worse than death.

Thankfully, our loyal allies in the Amarr Empire seem to be finally mobilizing to create a beachhead into Stain, let us all hope that in due time, we can all rid ourselves of this scourge once and for all, for The State and for all of New Eden.


Chiyoki Xih Zhaikawi:
Miss Malitia, As euhmm… Probably the most experty expert on the topic of the Triglavians I will talk to… May I ask for your assessment of the similarities of the Sancha assimilation and the Triglavian bioado…thingy, as well the differences, please?
Remilia Malitia:
An excellent question. They are, as far as I have observed, as different as two things can be beyond the fact that they are both artificial ‘enhancements’ that occupy one’s body. While the implants developed by Sansha rely on invasive cranial hardware that subvert one’s will and connect True Slaves to a unified gestalt under the command of Sansha and his organized hierarchy, bio-adaptation relies on quasi-organic nanotechnology intended to harden one’s organism to inhospitable conditions. In all my time both studying the Collective and working besides them, I have seen no evidence that it subverts one’s will in any shape or form, in fact the Collective is diametrically opposed to the practice, seeing Sansha as a corruption to be eliminated.

Chiyoki Xih Zhaikawi:
Miss Malitia, you spoke of the concept of free will, may I ask to which extent that is taken in to consideration in the selection of who is being… euhmm… given? offered? Made… euhmm… bioadapted?
Remilia Malitia:
This differs depending on a series of variables, however I would kindly ask you to stay on subject, rather than have this derail into a discussion about the Triglavians. If you would like, I would be more than happy to discuss things after all presentations are over.

Third speaker - Ms. Diana Kim, Strike Cmdr.

We have been celebrating the Workers Union Day, and our Corporations are telling us, that we all shall stand united. Why is this so important, and what can we do together?

The best example of combined might of our State was displayed 13 years ago, when finally all our competing corporations put aside their differences and stood together. As one. For just one goal:

Liberation of the Homeworld!

This is a story of our Unity, of our Courage, Determination, Discipline and Excellence in both planning and combat. As a soldier I have participated in many battles, I have seen many victories and suffered many losses, and I’d give everything if I could to get a chance to participate in that fight, even if I had to die there.

Since the initial occupation by Gallentean invaders and the evacuation for about two hundreds of years Caldari Prime was left in the hands of the aggressors and occupants, it was left to them even after the peace was signed. It was left, but it was never forgotten. The events that happened in YC110, namely the infamous terrorist attack by Federal Navy Admiral against the State station, and especially racial-inducted hatred and racial crimes against people of Caldari blood on Caldari Prime by their gallentean occupants didn’t allow us to stay aside and watch silently. We were proclaiming:


And this was the time to return. And so we did.

10th of June the largest fleet the State could amass was assembled. All the corporations of the State have participated, we stayed as brothers and sisters shoulder to shoulder to our former opponents and competitors. We came as a storm and dropped on the planetary surface as a hail, annihilating the hostile defenses. Their ships were burning in the skies, their occupation forces were folded in sight of the Superior Caldari armies.

I think here we need to make a small note of why we have went for this war. As I have mentioned before, an Admiral of Federal Navy have committed a military aggression and a terror act against Caldari State, damaging Ishukone-owned station in Malkalen, killing the CEO of our Megacorporation with thousands of State citizen. But while this certainly couldn’t be left without retribution to the Federation, actual events that led to invasion and liberation happened exactly on Caldari Prime itself. The racial hatred by Gallentean against Caldari has reached its peak: the speeches of Caldari superiority and our wish of independence from the humiliation of gallente influence angered these people, who still wished to submit us to THEIR culture. Their answers were violent.

People of Caldari origin were attacked on the streets by gallente occupants. Our historical sites were burned, monuments were defaced. Caldari on Caldari Prime began protesting against gallente hatred and attacks, but the Gallente police did nothing, even more, they have attacked and started killing Caldari protesters, who demanded protection from gallentean racists! Acting Gallente President Souro Foiritan even ordered to segregate people based on their race…

The State couldn’t watch this…

And we came to restore peace and order to our Homeworld, which was occupied all these years!

The operation itself was eased by Minmatar terrorist attack on Yulai headquarters, while our infiltrators have damaged the gallente Tripwire system, providing an excellent window of opportunity that strategists of our leadership couldn’t pass. Our fleet went through Algogille, overwhelming Navy HQ and went right through to the Luminaire. With orbital support thousands of drop ships came down to secure what is ours.

Looking back on the history of whole New Eden, I can say that this was the most successful large scale operation… not even an operation, but a lightning-strike War with one decisive battle that the Federation has lost.

Vak’Atioh, Iyen-Oursta, Highlander, Floseswin, Heuromont, Nouvelle Rouvenor, Mekhios, Yulai…

…all these names and places fade in comparison to liberation of Caldari Prime of 10 June YC110.

The Federation has surrendered and signed the Homeworld back to us, accepting the fact that we are in full control of the planet.

If this is not an event to be proud to be Caldari, then I don’t know what is. This is what we can do when we stand United. When we saw our Leaders descending into the battle with the soldiers just like they were common soldiers themselves, when they fought for the planet with workers and fighters, and when they raised Caldari flag over liberated city while the guns still were hot, is it not what makes you feel proud?

Have you seen many nation leaders leading the armies themselves in combat? Our did, because they were Caldari.

The Homeworld was ours once again.

And this is why this day is so important for every one who has a Caldari heart beating in their chest.



Miran Tereven:
As impressive as it is that you have managed to describe these events without referencing the Heth regime once, and whilst no one in their right mind would question that the armed forces conducted themselves with great efficiency, I believe it odd that these events are retold without mentioning that they only came to pass because an illegitimate government had used the public outrage about the death of Otro Gariushi to take control of the State, and launched this invasions as a publicity stunt to secure their own political position. Additionally, no mention is made of the fact that the supply lines were so overstretched that the Federal military managed to retake the world, and that what State presence remains on Caldari Prime is the result of negotiations between Federal diplomats and representatives of Ishukone. Thus I must ask, why is this omitted?
Diana Kim:
Unfortunately there wasn’t a speaker present who wanted to take a topic about coming of Caldari Providence Directorate into power. If you’d like to know more how they came into power and how they lost it, I could recommend reading my own writing on that suject: Rhe Rise and Fall of Caldari Providence Directorate

Miran Tereven:
So you do not dispute that this was a publicity stunt claiming to avenge a man who championed peace, launched by a dictatorship that had usurped control from the rightful authorities?
Diana Kim:
That’s a rather radical and political point of view that I disagree with and would easily dispute, but not in this format, Ms. Tereven. In this regard I could only add that the Executor got his power not by usurpation. The power was granted by CEP, and by CEP it was taken.

Miran Tereven:
So you are under the impression that this man was appointed to the position of Executor without the rest of the CEP board <censored>
Diana Kim:
Ms. Tereven, I am not in a position to discuss decisions of CEP here. I am a soldier of the State, and I fight for the State. If they appoint us Executor, I will follow his order. If they take Executor from his chair, I follow their orders. CEP are my highest level superiors, and I put my life and trust to them, <censored>

Chiyoki Xih Zhaikawi:
Ma’am Strike Commander Ma’am, Thank you for the moving presentation, With The strike commanders permission, I wish to ask… As one who has strategized many battles and fought countless more, Ma’am. The strike to take back what is our, what always was ours and always shall be ours, one of our finest hours… indeed as Ms. Tereven stated, came at the shoulder at some of our darkest moments as an independent State. At the hands of a man whose very name is so stained and tainted in dishonour he is not even worthy nor deserving of being addressed by first name. Yet I wonder, In the honoureble Strike Commanders assessment and views as a soldier and officer, Would the events and deed itself that gave us that victory, our glorious triumph, been possible without the darkness that he who we do not name brought to the State, Ma’am?
Diana Kim:
<First part was censored>
As for the darkness… the darkness to us was brought by gallentes, we fought them 200 years ago, we fought them 13 years ago, and we are still fighting them. Of course there wouldn’t be victories if there is nobody to defeat. But do we need these victories at all? Do we need to pay this price? I’d be way happier if gallente simply ceased to exist and never appeared in our history at all. But they did, and they do exist. It’s the reality, and it’s what we have - and it’s what we have to fight against for survival of our people, for survival of our culture, our way of life, and I won’t be afraid to say - for the survival of the whole human civilization per se, for shall the Federaion will and enslave us all, we will just degrade into savages and hedonistic swines. That is not acceptable.
It’s better to live in peace with neighbors, do trade, do business. But if they behave like bullies, we fight them off.

Remilia Malitia:
Strike Commander, just to clarify, for the benefit of the audience, I hope you are aware that, as of this moment, Tibus Heth has been declared an outlaw by the CEP, alongside those that still support him, correct? I am sure an officer of your standing would not fall into such a category. Am I right in this assumption?
Diana Kim:
Ms. Malitia, Tibus Heth has died in Aivonen. As a Soldier and Officer of the State I would be Honored to escort him into the halls of the Caldari Business Tribunal where he could prove his innocence in all these accusations, that I myself don’t believe in. But lets be realists, it just won’t happen. The man has died and remains only in history and <censored>.

Remilia Malitia:
Correct, but I am not talking about hypotheticals here, just the state of things as they are right now.
Diana Kim:
I am not sure you could treat dead people as suspects or wanted criminals, Ms. Malitia. If by some reason he will appear to me alive, I’ll arrest him. Things as they are now are simple: he’s dead. What else could be discussed in this regard?


Two following speeches were censored completely and are not available for publication.

Oh, now I’m very curious about these censored speeches.

Could anyone enlighten me?

Not incendiary content, just lacking quality.

Having reviewed a log of the proceedings, I see why the last speech was cut. I would advise the audience, though, that it’s useful to indicate why something is edited from the official proceedings, instead of just slapping a CENSORED on it. The ravings of a madman are, after all, worth acknowledging as such, and it may help to defuse curiosity, excepting perhaps for curiosity from the professionally curious.

Additionally, I’m entertained by how circumspect Ms. Kim has become about her Heth hero worship, such that she’s editing it from official proceedings. For instance, in the response to pilot Zhaikawi, Ms. Kim’s edited portion reads, “Ms. Zhaikawi, if you came in here to insult one of the Greatest Heroes of Caldari State, Tibus Heth himself, our former Executor, leader of the State for five years, hero of Armor Forge, Liberator of Caldari Prime, the man who gave us Reforms and New Meritocracy, who died in the fight against Sansha Invaders in Aivonen and who, while being the leader of whole interstellar Empire was fightng with common soldiers, I would ask you to leave.”

It’s relatively innocuous, standard fare for a Provist.


Hence why I refer to it as lacking in quality.

Even raving speeches may provide something useful.

“A fool will learn nothing from a wise person, but a wise person will learn a lot from a fool”

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