YC123 Union Day Remembrance Ceremony

Good evening,

The Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive would like to announce the hosting of a memorial ceremony for this year’s Union Day celebrations. We apologize for the short notice, but sometimes other priorities take precedence.

What: Union Day Remembrance Ceremony
Where: New Caldari, CEP station, Suuri Tuuli Events Center
When: September 8th, 1900 hours NEST
Why: To commemorate the lives of State Armed Forces servicemen/women in years past, particularly in relation to turmoil in recent years such as the Triglavian Invasions of YC122 - and to remember the lives of civilians lost as a result of the Triglavian war.
Other details:
• no specific dress code, but active military personnel are encouraged to wear formal military wear
• individuals with loyalty or alliedship to the Caldari State or its component megacorporations are welcome to attend
• this is a public venue, but security checkpoints will be operated by I-RED’s Internal Watch security division
• light snacks, water, and tea will be provided in the gathering hall outside the actual auditorium
• a silent auction will also take place in the gathering hall leading up to the actual ceremony; 100% of the profits will go towards corporate organizations tasked with supporting the families of those who were lost in the battles against the Triglavian Collective, or upon the formation of Pochven - details for this will be forthcoming

There will be a limited opportunity for a select number of attendees to make a short speech, if they’d like. Details to secure a position for this opportunity will also be forthcoming.

Thank you, and we hope to see allies and friends alike join us in remembering the sacrifices of those who fought to protect the Caldari State.

For the State.


Reserved for details regarding the silent auction and volunteer speech opportunity.

Speech opportunity

We are now accepting volunteers who wish to deliver short remarks for the event. Please keep your speech under 10 minutes. There are currently 3 slots available for those who wish to share their thoughts for the memorial event. Please send a mail to Korsavius.

Silent auction

There will be a list provided of items that are planning on being auctioned, as well as links that will take you to the contract to place your bet via your NeoComs.

All the best for your event. I’ll pass details to ARC. Unfortunately, I’m busy that evening.

Reserve post has been updated.

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