NADSC Public Announcement – Operation Prevailing Liberty Update

Authorised for release from the NADSC Office of Public Relations:

10th December YC121
Assiettes VI – Northern Colonial Commonwealth, City of Rhamnus, Port of Adrasteia Field Office
NADSC Office of Public Relations

For Immediate Release –

Operation Prevailing Liberty continues at a steady pace. Since our initial deployment in October, Federal Defence Union forces have liberated approximately eighty percent of the occupied systems within the Federal Defence Cordon, with four out of the initial twenty occupied systems remaining under the control of the State Protectorate. In total, fifty-one solar systems are under the control of the Federal Defence Union, forty-three of them sovereign Federal territory. The offensive will not abate until the entirety of the Defence Cordon has been returned to Federal control, of this one can be assured.

However, the situation within the system of Floseswin has become one of great concern and outrage for the Federal District of Nadire as well as that of the greater Federation, not to mention the employees and executive board of the Consultants. This potential violation of the CEMWPA legislation and the commissioning of a blatant crime against humanity by Lord Sarum must be answered with the full force of the Federation and Republic marshalled together.

To this end, we have consulted with the Federal District of Nadire as to how we can assist in repulsing the barbarous expeditionary forces of the Empire. Shipments of combat and medical material will be made available to Republic-aligned planetary forces should they be required, as well as the deployment of an NADSC experimental aerial warfare squadron under the direct command of Commander Charles Cambridge Schmidt, designated as Augen. Augen Squadron will be attached to Republic-aligned forces to provide close-air support and aerial superiority where needed.

Let it be clear that we are not abandoning our responsibilities in the Federal Defence Cordon. We have the utmost faith in our allies, especially those of Aideron Robotics and the Villore Accords in our mutual goal of liberating Ostingele, Ladistier, Costolle and Aldranette in order to mitigate the impact of the border conflict on the populace in the runup to the Federal Elections of YC122.

Nevertheless, we cannot stand by and watch as our allies in the Republic have the spectre of mass enslavement encroaching on their territory once again. I personally appeal to the Federation Navy to offer their assistance to the Republic, so that we may withstand these dark days united as one with our powers combined.


Edward Adams
Nadire Security Consultants


I thank you for your efforts on behalf of myself and all allied forces working in Floseswin.

I do not lie to you - what we need in Floseswin is less the boots on the ground than it is the frigates in space. Local forces on ground are not exactly non-existent and several capsuleer and other mercenary forces are helping them. They are working, in parts, at very bad conditions and if aid can reach them, yes, it could save plenty of free lives. But that is not enough.

The fact of the matter is that without space superiority what can be done on the planet is limited. No one needs to like it but we all do need to wake up, smell the coffee, and face the facts. Taking the neighbouring systems helps. Boots of the ground help. Refugee aid helps. But none of those things will stop Sarum.

I do understand the reasons my allies in various Minmatar organizations have for their decisions and I do not intend to sound like I mean to be pointing fingers, but another fact is that what push there has been for Floseswin has rested in a large part on the presence of Cain Aloga, and with his being incapacitated we’re not holding. The way the pendulum is going Floseswin will be ours eventually, but I fear it will be too late for the planet. So yes, the detachment of yours is very welcome. They are sorely needed. To say they are joining the defense is abit of an exaggeration though, considering there really isn’t one as is, unless you count yours truly nobly dying in vain.

An active defense like this should not be vulnerable for one person going down, of course. But it is what it is. Hopefully the arrival of more people will change this.



The Villore Accords, as a whole, supports the response by Mister Adams and the NADSC against the Sarumite escalation and intervention in the Minmatar/Amarr warzone. This direct participation by an organization outside the control of the Yulai Conventions is no doubt a direct exploitation of CONCORD being distracted by the continuing Triglavian invasion and the other post-Jovian satellite factions that have risen in recent years.

Give 'em hell, Adams.

Soter out.


Show you dissatisfaction with your own governments and urge them to broker a suitable agreeement to manage such military actions in the warzones.

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Mind your own business.

■■■■ you, Aldrith.


This is my business. It’s my men who are going to have to kill and be killed by these fools who are being heaped upon an altar as futile sacrifices to assauge empty capsuleer concern.

I have always said in the past that our war was over. People such as you always told me that it never ended. Well, this is what a war fought on equal terms looks like.

Get your vaunted democtratic societies to draft a real solution to this.

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You are an idiot, Aldrith Shutaq Newelle, if you think Matari forces did not know what a war looks like.

As you say, for us it never ended.

And unlike for you court-raised brat of a poet who imagines himself a warrior, for us that is not empty rhetoric, it is a fact of life.

There’s veterans of the Battle of Tears among the forces you face. You can’t teach them a thing about real war.

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But they have been teaching me. If these are the lessons I must learn, I will learn them.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a few Gallente to cut down on an LZ.

Considering no one ever asked for your opinion, by all means.


It’s you who are sending your men to their deaths, stop trying to pretend peace rests on anything but our defense of our kin as, you’ve yet to make any points that are even feasible.

Now, as others have said. Shut up and don’t start talking again until you have something meaningful to say.

Commander Adams, thank you for your offer of assistance.

Deitra Vess, CEO Non-Hostile Target PMC


That is some good news Adams. I hope to fly with you by my side once more


I agree. You’ll have them from us soon. Augen Squadron is but the start of what we intend to do in our assistance effort. We will do what we can, because we have to try, irrespective of whether it seems too difficult or insurmountable. Anything less than that is unacceptable and a failure on our part.

A ‘real solution’ in the eyes of many in the Federation would certainly be simple enough: the total and wholesale destruction of the Empire as they are naught more than the enemies of humanity. Subjective term I know. Nonetheless, you’d best hope that your leaders see sense before anything like Operation Freedom’s Guile is undertaken again.

Captain Blackfire, Captain Vess, I’ll be seeing the both of you soon enough.

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Newelle is not wrong. If you want a quick end to the war, to keep more Matari from being killed, kidnapped, and worse, then get your leaders to stop grandstanding and take the negotiations seriously.

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Or alluding to the complete destruction of a nation as a solution to anything.


As opposed to alluding to the complete enslavements of a planet, after reclaiming by the sword was considered ended by your late empress. Right. You say we go against our words, that’s because we don’t have the luxury of a leader who can decide on a whim that while the last leader was correct “God tells me” to do the opposite.

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By aiding and abetting Lord Sarum’s adventurism, you are in effect participating in the destruction of the nations within the Floseswin system. Whatever you seek to accomplish, you are quite clearly condoning the methods used to obtain that final result.

I have not argued in favour of the destruction of the civilian population of the Empire. I am merely stating that it is a commonly held opinion within the Federation that the Empire is an enemy of humanity and by asking them to express their displeasure through democratic means would probably not get the resolution that you personally would seek.


It wasn’t. People kept on claiming it was, but it wasn’t. She put more emphasis on other ways, but it was never “we will not go to war to reclaim ever again”.


I would have been an insanely broad statement for her to make if she had. The Pax Amarria was always about pursuing other ways with the CONCORD signatories.

Reclaiming by sword has always been an option when we are faced with enemies who will not honor peace agreements when we do offer them, which is why our right to wartime enslaving is actually part of the CONCORD agreement.

We have shown incredible restraint in our dealings with the Warzone for a decade. We had an Empress continue to make peace overtures even after the Matari had outright attacked CONCORD on their way to attacking Amarr in a breach that actually was explicitly against the treaty.

And what have we gotten from this restraint towards treaty breakers? Surely there must be something we gained? I would dearly like to know the answer to that, because I only see the endless attempts to capitalize on our perceived weakness.

So now we have quit endlessly ceding the initiative and have started actually persecuting the EWPA conflict to the limits of what the CONCORD treaty allows. Now we actually rearm ourselves to be capable of fighting the four invading forces of the last decade. And part of that means that we have to hurt the people attacking us enough that they stop.

We are fed up with simply parrying endlessly without ever riposting, and the Tribal Heretics have proven that they do not deserve our restraint.


The Amarr Empire has only ever shown us two forms of ‘restraint’.

One of them has been the ‘restraint’ of being willing to lie and deny, hold back enough force to claim that the persistent slave raiding in Republic high-security space is, laughably enough, ‘rogue’ elements of the Imperial Navy. ‘Rogue’ operations persisting long enough, widespread enough, that nearly every capsuleer who has ever done security work for the Republic has encountered Imperial Navy slave raids. But never acknowledged, never rooted out, no public show of ‘see? we have punished the ringleaders of this criminal conspiracy’. Because, of course, it’s nothing of the sort.

Maybe, if you want to be taken seriously with ‘peace overtures’, you should have stopped actively attacking us at, I dunno, any point since the Day of Darkness. For… who knows, a week, even? One week where the Amarr commit no acts of aggression or cruelty against the Minmatar people? Just a thought.

The other form of restraint? A collar.

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