[NADSC] Concerning the Expert Intervention assault on Tierijev IV

Authorised for release from the NADSC Office of Public Relations:

3rd May YC123/FC238
Assiettes VI - Port of Adrasteia Field Office
Office of Public Relations

To the Summit and all those that read this message,

As of 22:10 New Eden Standard Time today, I can confirm that a capital squadron registered to the Expert Intervention private military company were engaged and destroyed above the fourth planet in the Tierijev system. A response group of Federation Navy, AEGIS and independent capsuleers were instrumental in bringing the unprovoked assault to a swift conclusion. I thank them all for their rapid response to the aggressors before they could have inflicted serious harm to the member states planetside.

Reports suggest that the Expert Intervention starships were carrying weaponised biological agents. An example of said agent recovered from the wreckage is in the process of being transferred to the Consultancy.

I would request that the Federal Navy or Federal Intelligence Office provide a point of contact to the independent capsuleer community for transfer of this evidence to their custody, in addition to any encrypted ship logs and data packets that were recovered. Furthermore, I would put the request out to those that may have recovered these items to submit them to the Federation as and when we are advised as to the correct means of doing so.

The Federation has an obligation to the Tierijev Member states to provide a full investigation into the events that transpired here, and to see if it is connected in any way to the criminal actions of the Crux Special Tasks Group in Girani-Fa for the benefit of Imperial observers and the ongoing de-escalation process on the Federal/Imperial borders.

For Liberty and Justice. Aionia Eleutheria.


Edward Adams
Nadire Security Consultants


The attack in Tierijev is just another atrocity to add to the list in recent times. A true tragedy. I look forward to seeing the investigative efforts produce results, as well as seeing the perpetrators of these attacks brought to justice.

As per Presidential Directive, the Federal Intelligence Office and allied agencies are in the process of investigating recent events, in particular the role of the Crux Special Tasks Group and the incursion and attack in Tierijev system.

Federation citizens in possession of materials relevant to this investigation are encouraged to deliver them by SCC-secured contract to Major General Thoun Gaterau of the FIO’s SDII at Renyn IX - Moon 4 - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support station.

Major General Thoun Gaterau (FIO)
Head of Counter-Subversion Section,
Special Department of Internal Investigations,
Federal Intelligence Office


Why is it that secret service agents always wear dark glasses ?

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To hide their sad, tired eyes that have seen too much of one of the faces of the world.


Major General Gaterau,

I am pleased to report the transfer of a sample of the biological agent recovered from the Expert Intervention squadron in Renyn as requested. I will endeavour to secure further evidence for the purposes of the investigation by the Federal Intelligence Office et al.

I would also continue to urge others to hand in evidence recovered from Tierijev, Girani-Fa and other flashpoint locations to Major General Gaterau.

For Liberty and Justice. Aionia Eleutheria.


Edward Adams
Nadire Security Consultants


I would like to remind the readers that any sort of collaboration with SDII (also known as Black Eagles) will be considered a collaboration with the enemy.

Helping black eagles means helping warmongers, aggressors, invaders and war criminals.

Major General,

While you are in the business of investigating attacks on Member States, you might want to give this application for a warrant for the arrest of Aina Yuminoro a once over.

C. Menkalinan


Although I am from a neighboring district, I would like to voice my support for this resolution. May the Lai Dai criminals be brought to justice.

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