[GalFed] Petition: Replace Failed Black Eagles Leadership

Fellow Citizens,

After the horrific terrorist attacks launched against the Federation last week many of us have spent our time in mourning and reflection. Now, we must look towards the future and move forward from these events with clear resolve in defense of our sacred liberty.

President Roden called the attacks “the most infamous act of villainy since the betrayal of the traitor Anvent Eturrer” which caused the breach of the Tripwire Early Warning System. He is right. However, we must also recognize that these attacks represent the greatest failure of Federation security services since the outbreak of the Second Gallente - Caldari War. The services primarily responsible for protecting against such threats are the Federal Intelligence Office (FIO) and its Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security (SDII) also known as the “Black Eagles.” These agencies are under the direct leadership of Director Mentas Blaque, who has now “resumed duties” at the FIO after temporarily stepping aside during his campaign for President.

It is clear from the facts that the Black Eagles, and the FIO as a whole, failed in their duty to identify these terrorists and prevent their attacks. Although we do not know the nature of this failure, we must demand accountability for it, and we must demand it now. We must have new leadership at the FIO and the SDII.

It is no secret that Villore Accords capsuleers have long had our share of conflicts with the FIO and the SDII, but my petition today is not in the name of GMVA, but on behalf of all Citizens of the Federation who would join it. I make this call not to satisfy past grievances against any individual, but because an institutional failure of this magnitude can only be rectified by a meaningful change in the leadership of that institution.

Therefore, I invite all citizens of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime to join me in signing this petition for new leadership to assume responsibility for the FIO and SDII immediately to restore public confidence as the investigation into these attacks continues. As a temporary measure, these agencies should be placed under the direct authority of the Federation Senate’s Security and Intelligence Committee until a new Acting Director can be appointed. Eventually, a new permanent Director will be approved in due course after the elections when a new President is sworn in.

It would be best for the Federation for the current Director, Mentas Blaque, to immediately resign his office so that this process can begin quickly and without damaging internal conflict.


Black eagles “disappear” people who are telling Caldari aren’t evil, not giving them freedom of speech that Federation claims to uphold - “it’s fine”
They torture millions prisoners of war in prison camps, shove them into explosive cells - “it’s fine”
They send a genocide clone trooper squads into Black Rise - “it’s fine”
They attack a guarding titan on a low planetary orbit and drop it on habitable planet, violating the previous threaty they signed - “it’s fine”

But once couple of their useless public clowns (aka politicians) are getting assasinated by their competitors, they start squealing like cut piglets.

What a shame.

And also, this is why the Federation must be destroyed. Stop this hypocrisy. Make them pay for their crimes.


Clearly not doing a good enough job in your case…

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I am not a Federal, though I am not surprised you failed to notice that with your level of comprehension skills.

Federal or not, if the Black Eagles made you disappear from every thread on the IGS you attempted to derail, I might argue Vero’s assertions of their failures. Unfortunately, your persistence continues to lend itself credence to her claims.


Your pathetic Black eagles are capable only of “disappearing” your own citizens like cattle, murder unarmed colonists in the warzone or torture prisoners.

Let them come at me, they’re not a match for proper trained Caldari military forces.
Glory to the State!

GMVA has consistently gone on record criticizing the Black Eagles for their past abuses, as evidenced by General Soter’s “Statement of No Confidence” in Director Blaque that I linked in my original post. As I said, the point of this topic is not to discuss the grievances of the past. The purpose of this petition to address the current crisis.


The state of the Federal Intelligence Office (FIO) and the Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security (SDII) that were headed for many years by Mentas Blaque that lead to recent events are his responsibility (at least partial). I say this with a heavy heart, but if those neglection or bad practices were actually too big then Mentas Blaque will also have to be replaced.


I think he is doing an exemplary job.

As ‘this’ may well not be what you think it is.

As to our State friend’s comments, you are as unimaginative in politics as you are in pretty much everything else.

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Just gimme the keys I can lead anything.

Mssr. Syagrius, I always appreciate your insight on galactic affairs. However, I must admit in this case your view of the situation confuses me. It goes without saying that much of the work a security organization does must necessarily remain unknown the public, and that its many of its triumphs will go un-celebrated. Perhaps you are even right and Director Blaque has done an exemplary job, and none could have done better.

But the result of this attack speaks for itself.

Without a manifest failure on the part of the FIO, this could not have happened. In less civilized times, a man in Director Blaque’s position would have fallen on his sword. Among our cousins in the State, he would be invited to a very unpleasant tea party. This petition is not about assigning blame, though. It is about having accountably for even the most powerful among us. It is about restoring confidence in a vital institution that protects the security of every Federation citizen.


It surprises me that people are calling for this.
While I have my own complaints with Blaque and have even exchanged actual live fire… Something I doubt many here can say, this petition seems born of a need for a scapegoat.

Before anyone should be removed, the first step is to solve the current crisis, then to investigate what actually failed and why it failed.
Often the best person to fix a failure is the person who failed, bringing a new person in just invites new failures in other areas instead.

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While I might agree with this with other investigations, I can not do so in this instance. As Blaque is running for presidency, it is possible he could have motive for not preventing (some of) the attacks on his opponents. As such, he is unsuited to investigate this. Therefor I will add my signature to the petition.


-Ché Biko


While this is indeed a good point, that isn’t what the petition is.
The Petition is to strip him of his job before anyone has actually done any investigation.
Not to appoint someone else to investigate if there was a failure, and where the failure was if there was one.

This is why I refer to it as clearly seeking a scapegoat.

Yes. Because no matter what the investigation reveals, the fact remains unchanged that the attacks happened. Director Blaque’s longstanding role as the Director of the SDII means it is unquestionable that he bears at least some responsibility for whatever failures led to the attacks under his leadership.

Once the Senate Security and Intelligence Committee assumes direct authority over the SDII they will no doubt conduct an investigation. To the extent that the results can be revealed to the public, the Senate is the most accountable institution to make sure that proper disclosures are made. It will be up to us as citizens to remain engaged and make sure that the process is fair. History will determine the extent to which Director Blaque is to blame, but that is not the point of this petition. Accountability means that when a failure happens, leaders take responsibility. That is the purpose of this petition.


Isn’t this petition attributing too great a mandate to SDII and Chief Director Blaque? This seems more like a failure of the wider FIO, which reports directly to the President in his capacity as chair of the Security Council.

Perhaps the Security Council is in line for some new perspectives before issuing any more directives to Member States about who they should award security franchises to.


Maybe it is also a FIO failure, but the purview of the Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security is the internal security and integrity of the Federation and all its official entities, and as such this organization is likely primarily responsible for (preventing) attacks such as those on the presidential candidates.

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Well, it seems that others agree the FSC should fall within an independent investigation. The Scope editorial team and the Senators concerned should be applauded for making this call.


I couldn’t agree more. Hopefully as public pressure grows in support of these proposals we will see a meaningful change of policy. It remains deeply concerning that the current leadership remains in control of the ongoing evidence gathering investigation. How can the citizens of the Federation be assured that all available leads are being followed, and all relevant evidence is being safely gathered when a cloud hangs over the Director in charge of the process?

When this investigation is over it is of paramount importance that there be no hint of intrigue or undue influence in the process. Director Blaque’s ongoing involvement introduces an unacceptable conflict of interest which protesters are right to question. President Roden must listen to the voice of the people, and turn this investigation over to an independent body, whether that be an independent Commission, or the Senate Security and Intelligence Committee itself.


It troubles me to disagree with you two publicly. But you should know better; public pressure isn’t what it used to be, and the last time I look at the Federal Charter, it doesn’t mean much related to the exercise of power. I would invite both of you to sit down and visit with ‘others’ before doing more material damage to the Federation’s ability to protect itself. I know you… I assume your intentions are genuine, but still, this racket does you no credit.