[GMVA] Petition to Head of the Senate, Federated Union of Gallente Prime, RE: SEMIKI

To: Head of the Senate, Federated Union of Gallente Prime
From: Villore Accords Command: Julianus Soter, Director
Subject: Triglavian Hostage Crisis in Semiki

The past several weeks many within the Gallente Federation have watched with horror as the situation within Semiki has deteriorated, matching only the sense of dread that occured during the Kyonoke Plague outbreak.

Federation citizens, working overseas, to further expand their opportunities and personal prosperity, have become contaminated with an insidious datavirus that appears to have been introduced by way of the Rogue Drones being processed within the Simiki system.

The symptoms of this datavirus are accelerating and may cause significant, lethal harm to those affected, particularly as this infection spread to critical station infrastructure and systems.

As these citizens are protected by the Constitution and Laws of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime, the Villore Accords alliance formally petitions the Gallente Senate to address the issue directly and allocate all possible resources to resolve the threat to life and property within the Semiki system. We cannot stand idly by while tens of thousands of Federation citizens are annihilated by an advanced artificial intelligence that is now plaguing them.

We also call upon the Senate to address these concerns to the Federation representative of the Inner Council, to move CONCORD to release more public information regarding this crisis. A failure of CONCORD to publicly address this issue indicates a grave breach of public trust that compromises Federation democratic processes and endangers the entirety of New Eden.

Julianus Soter
Director, Villore Accords


If you are suggesting that the Federation should send a full task force to establish command and control in Semiki, in Lonetrek, in the Caldari State, in order to take over the investigation and any and all relief efforts taking place there…

This idea is brilliant. Speaking personally, and not on behalf of Electus Matari, I wholeheartedly endorse this petition.

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This sounds very Alarming.

What is the nature of this AI ?

It’s hardly an advanced artificial intelligence, nor is tens of thousands of citizens. Several incidents of work-related accidents that may be attributable to the virus. As far as I can make out, its a containable outbreak and currently confined to Aliastra personnel and systems on the Zainou facility. Seems like panic-mongering to me and over-hype.


Whatever happens in Semiki is internal business of Caldari State. Any intervention of Federal invaders under any false pretense of ‘saving lives and property’ will be dealt with appropriately. And in case of GMVA in particular - as well as terrorists and pirates. We all remember failed Soter’s attempt at pirating and terrorizing Okkamon.

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Oddly I find myself agreeing with some of what Kim has said, this is a State matter. While Aliastra is under threat, they’re operating in Semiki under State jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, you’ve mixed up key facts. News reports state that the datavirus breached containment on the Zainou facility, then spread via interBus transport to the Semeki V - Aliastra Warehouse station. So, the outbreak is in fact loose in an Aliastra facility.

As for the number infected by the outbreak, there has been no official count released. However, many stations are known to have populations in the hundreds of thousands, some have millions. Whatever the total number of infected personnel, it is assuredly greater than a mere “several.” If anything, Soter’s “tends of thousands” could be a dramatic underestimate.

Soft peddling this crisis helps nobody. Your claims about “work related accidents” that “may be attributable” are clearly contradicted by the facts reported by Lina Ambre, who directly links these illnesses to the malicious datavirus.


Pilots, let’s leave Soter to make his petition in peace.

Whatever we think of the situation, the Federation has a legitimate interest in the welfare of its citizens, domestic or abroad.


Now that’s pure gallente bootlicking.
Can’t say I expected something different.

Technically, when citizens come abroad, they must oblige to the laws of the territory they reside in, and if something happens to them - it’s their fault.
Then again, what this Federation was even thinking about when was sending their… citizens… work in the State they have open war with? Send them as spies?

There’s nothing wrong with Federal authorities pursuing their own investigation into the events related in Semiki. However, Semiki itself remains sovereign Caldari State territory and jurisprudence remains in the realms of Ishukone, the CEP, and CBT.


If you had the least amount of sense, you’d realize that the interests of the Federation and the State are both served by our petition. CONCORD needs to increase its cooperation and assistance to Zainou and Ishukone instead of continuing with its heavy handed interference.

If the Federation has resources or expertise that can assist in this investigation, and the State rejects assistance out of hateful pride, citizens of both our nations will suffer.

I do not think there is need to worry, Ishukone has a long history of collaboration with the Federal government.

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Unexpected, but appreciated.


Cease genocide, cease torture of PoWs, cease aggression against Caldari State, withdraw all occupants from Caldari Prime, Black Rise and all other systems and planets, owned by Megacorporations, and we surely will consider your offer.

Otherwise, we are not interested in allowing you to play your heinous invasion schemes you are trying to pull using suffering of your own people, gallentean.

Thankfully, you do not speak for the State.

And just so we’re clear… this crisis was caused by Caldari Magacorporations scheming against each other. Gallenteans didn’t break into that Zainou facility, a Caldari did. It wasn’t a Gallente corporation that lost containment of a dangerous rogue drone / triglavian datavirus, or Gallenteans who spread it to the Aliastra warehouse.

As I’ve said before, if you want to fight a Gallente invasion, the pilots of the Villore Accords are easy to find in Black Rise.

It’s our Corporations and they can do against each other whatever they want, that’s not your business, gallentean!

That’s absolutely false. Steine Vailakkel’s actions were criminal under the laws of the Caldari State, as even someone as dense as you should know. He’ll be tried as a criminal and a terrorist by Ishukone. Someone who openly associates herself with the legacy of the Templis Dragonaurs should know all about convictions for terrorism. You idiots really should learn your lesson about the consequences of terrorist attacks that kill innocent Gallente civilians.

It’s our criminal and it’s our job to deal with them, and I wonder how dense YOU can be to not realize that yet.

Literally the very next sentence I wrote in the post you just quoted stated that he will “be tried by Ishukone.” If you’re going to put this little effort into your trolling, please do it somewhere else.