[I-RED] Public Release: Semiki Internal Watch Deployment


In order to help facilitate a more speedy repair of the station’s facilities and aid in the investigative process of the compromised biohazard containment, members of I-RED’s Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch [O-RIW] will be deploying to Semiki, Lonetrek. This deployment will be in the form an IT specialist team, as well as a small investigative security team.

Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive will also be working with other Ishukone Loyalists in the area, such as elements within HECON.

We stand ready to aid as needed, and will keep our minds open to the facts as they are laid out.

Julianni Avala
Chief Financial Officer, Head Diplomat
Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive


The Heiian Conglomerate Board of Directors has authorised the deployment of a small contingent of security and medical personnel to assist the I-RED-led task force in Semiki, under the auspices of the Heiian Naval Intelligence Division.

Assistance will be rendered to any of the entities affected by the incident, including the Aliastra corporation of whom several employees were injured by damage to their cranial implants, should they choose to accept and if it is within our capacity to do so.

I would also like to extend an invitation to any capsuleers in good standing with Aliastra and the Federation to co-operate in our efforts to assist in liaising with the former as well as in their security affairs.

Edward Adams
Heiian Conglomerate


I should note, Avala-haani, Adams-haan, that though Zainou is a member of the Ishukone family of corporations, that it has diverse investors from across the State, including notables such as Modern Finances and the State and Region Bank. As such, Zainou’s responsibilities will be both to its parent megacorporation, and also to the State at large.



Ishukone-Raata is aware of the intricacies involved when it comes to Zainou. Our involvement is to aid the Ishukone Watch, and our parent corporation in their investigation and we will do so in a manner expected of us.


Excellent. In that case, given IKAME’s and ARC’s experience in investigative matters relating to terrorist attacks and biohazard situations, you’ll surely not mind the deployment of a Zainou-affiliated team from IKAME.


After consulting with Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive officials, we have determined that we will welcome the assistance of the Arataka Research Consortium subject to certain conditions that have been mutually agreed between the Directive and the Conglomerate.

Precondition One: Any involved parties will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement pertaining to any information concerning the investigation and security affairs that have been made privy to them. Any breach of such NDA will result in a suit being filed with the Caldari Business Tribunal.

Precondition Two: Any team that is sent will need to be approved by both Conglomerate and Directive officials before deployment. I understand that ARC is multinational, but in the interests of political convenience we insist that any team is composed of individuals that are not outright enemies of the State, the Ishukone Corporation and the Watch, Zainou Biotech, the Wiyrkomi Corporation and the Peace Corps.

Any agreement to co-operation with ARC must meet these terms before we can accept.

Edward Adams
Heiian Conglomerate


With due respect, Adams-haan, negotiations may be best done in private. However, I think I can safely say that ARC’s coordination team is unlikely to agree to terms that stipulate subordination to other organizations, and you may wish to review your preconditions before our negotiations go further.

I look forward to your evemail.


This sound like a task for Devara Biotech. Send me a mail with the details and we can work something out.

-Dr Mizhir Devara


With due respect, Priano-haani, the stipulations put in place are to ensure the safety of Ishukone/Zainou assets. We would not risk putting those in harm’s way.

We have cause for concern, considering ARC’s past affiliation with enemies of the State.

This investigation should indeed be subordinate to an organization. The Ishukone Watch, considering it is their investigation. We answer to Ishukone.


With due respect to my esteemed colleagues at the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive and Heiian Conglomerate, you weren’t asking for the investigation to be subordinated to the Watch. You were asking for IKAME’s investigation to be subordinated to you.


On the contrary, no where did we state that IKAME would be subordinate to us. If you read the preconditions, you would see that:

1.) Parties would sign an NDA. Nothing more, nothing less. That is to secure the assets.

2.) The team would be approved by the Conglomerate and Directive officials. That does not mean that they would be subordinate to these two parties. That means that these two parties would wish to look over and ensure that enemies of the State would not be included. Nothing more, nothing less. Again, to secure the assets.

I am not sure I understand why you read further into the preconditions.


Well, by setting terms and conditions, you know you’re automatically rendering them in a de facto subordinate position, right? Not that it’s not potentially justified, just that it is, after all, a subordinate posture.

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Perhaps it may seem as such, but that is not our intention in the slightest. We merely wish to ensure the State’s safety.


Oh, I certainly understand that, but if you’re dictating terms and they have to agree to them, well… by definition, that’s subordination: they have to do what you say.

They can choose not to agree to them and deploy a force separately. We are by no means stopping them from doing so. These terms are set specifically in the event they wish to work in coordination.

I do see your point, Arrendis, and I’ll admit it does seem so. But again, it is not our intention. And past the NDA and ensuring there are no enemies of the State, there would be nothing more than equal footing.


We understand that ARC has a independence streak when it comes to the authorities, most capsuleers do. But this is precisely the type of situation that does not require outside “multinational” influences who don’t have Ishukone and the States interests at heart.

Transparency is a dangerous and often a foolish tool to employ, we urge ARC to reconsider.


You may actually have to trust me.


By refusing to sign a NDA and ensuring background checks are completed on all involved personnel make it hard to.


In brief, HECON and I-RED are asking ARC and IKAME to abase itself as the only ‘reasonable course of action’ after your public declaration that ARC and IKAME are untrustworthy. I can only imagine how you’d respond if another organization simultaneously insulted yours, and then sought to put itself in a position of power over you.

Thank you, but no.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have anything further.


Our response and requirements are warranted. Though, I have no doubt our diplomatic teams will be in touch.

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