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Semiki - Capsuleers rally to aid Zainou and Aliastra


January 23rd YC 121

Semiki IV - Zainou Biohazard Containment Facility

Turmoil has engulfed the Zainou Biohazard Containment facility in the orbit of Semiki IV, where an intruder with potential ties to the Lai-Dai corporation has infiltrated the station under false I.D and sabotaged several vital computer systems. These systems coverign a wide range of differnt functions Another - potentially related - crisis is underway, as a shuttle transporting staff from the Zainou facility to a nearby Aliastra Warehouse has been revealed to have been carrying a malicious file of malware that targets brain implants. The Warehouse’s network became compromised the moment the shuttle docked, and the malware started uploading itself onto the implants of staff members, causing extreme discomfort to anyone affected.

Due to a ban on implants, a virus like this poses no threat to the Zaibatsu’s population. However, it is a turn of events in New Eden that is intriguing. While the Zaibatsu is unable to involve itself physically, ZANIE’s external news team headed by Kalto Moxin has been sent to Semiki to get a perspective on the situation there. The official investigation is being handled by Ishukone Watch and information is being kept in house for the most part, so ZANIE is unable to even come close to getting in contact with them. Several Caldari aligned organizations made up of Capsuleers have deployed to Semiki to aid in repairs and the ongoing investigation. While they’re cooperating with officials, the Capsuleers are far more open about what’s happening on their end. While a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is in play here between several parties, they are revealing a bit of their operations.

First to arrive on scene we have the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive [I-RED] who have long standing and credible ties to the father Corporation of both the Ishukone Watch and Zainou - The Ishukone Corporation itself. As per an announcement on the IGS made by the alliance’s Head Diplomat Julianni Avala, I-RED are deploying IT specialists and security personnel of the Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch [O-WIR] to help out Ishukone Watch forces. At the same time, Commander of the Heiian Conglomerate [HECON] Edward Adams followed up Julianni’s announcement with a statement of his own about HECON deploying medical personnel and additional security units alongside I-RED’s; as well as welcoming anyone with ties to the Federation or Aliastra to come in and aid the efforts. Next to toss their hat in would be Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd [IKAME] led by Makoto Priano. Despite typically entering a project under the ARC banner, Makoto has involved just the founding corporation due to its direct association with Zainou. These three organizations currently act as the unofficial representatives for the Caldari State to the wider Capsuleer community. Despite sharing similar affiliations however, IKAME is acting independently from the I-RED/HECON cooperative. While there has been some tension between these two forces, it is suggested that both are coexisting smoothly for the sake of remaining productive at this troubling time.

Aside from the above mentioned groups, other Capsuleer organizations have mobilized their own assets to the Semiki system and each anchored their citadels around the Zainou Biohazard containment station. This is similar in fashion to Capsuleers during the Thebeka incident stationing citadels around Thebeka III. ZANIE’s external team in the field have reached out to all organizations in Semiki to get some insight on how they’re contributing to solving the ongoing crisis.

Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive And Heiian Conglomerate

I-RED/HECON staging citadel - “Conglomerate Observation Post”

As previously mentioned, I-RED and HECON were the first two representing forces of Caldari Capsuleers to report to the scene of the disaster, and to supply additional personnel to reinforce Ishukone Watch’s lockdown of the station. Aside from muscle, both sides have brought in their own specialists to provide more critical support to the investigation and medical efforts should they be needed. All personnel have been handed over to the Ishukone Watch to utilize as they see fit. Details of where Capsuleer supplied personnel are operating remains classified by the NDA pact formed between I-RED and HECON, and any organizations that wish to work closer by adding their support. This NDA is deemed necessary to avoid leaking of sensitive information that could worsen a political bombshell, should one drop, as the saboteur behind the containment facility attack has potential ties to the Lai-Dai Corporation. I-RED’s official stance on the matter is to keep an open mind and not feed into any suspicions while the facts are still unknown, hence the NDA to prevent any leaks or false information from their end. Breaches of this agreement are to be brought up in Caldari courts for punishment to be handed out.

The representing pilot of I-RED’s Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch is a Capsuleer by the name of Shiran Mazaki, who is directly responsible for I-RED’s detachment of personnel. Due to how closely Internal Watch personnel are working with the Ishukone Watch investigation there is little to no information ZANIE can report. Representing HECON in Semiki however is Commander Edward Adams, who has brought additional security personnel and medical corps; specialists to help render aid to those afflicted by the implant targeting malware that’s being linked to the containment sabotage. Commander Adams fulfills another role in the relief efforts, as a middleman to facilitate Capsuleer aid to the Aliastra employees suffering from the malware outbreak. He has made in his announcement an invitation to organizations affiliated with the Federation or in the good graces of Aliastra to lend additional support - a matter we will examine further later on.

Kalto Moxin directly asked Commander Adams exactly how he confident he was in being able to ensure coordination between Federal and State groups. This was his response:

"I am confident that both Federal and State groups can put aside historical differences and co-operate together on this matter to ensure that all parties have an outcome that is satisfactory to them."

  • Edward Adams ((Mantelglobalindustires))

I-RED and HECON have anchored an Astrahus-class citadel in proximity of the biohazard containment facility, to house all the supplies and personnel they’ve brought and avoid forcing a bunch of new equipment and staff onto Ishukone Watch. The citadel, going by the name “Conglomerate Observation point”, was supplied by HECON but protected by pilots of I-RED. The doctrines and number of pilots deployed to Sakimi is classified and not for ZANIE to report on.

The duo of I-RED and HECON is a strong partnership to represent Caldari Capsuleer interest in the debacle, due to I-RED’s long standing and extremely close relationship with Zainou’s parent corporation - Ishukone. HECON on the other hand may not have any strong connection to one of the eight mega-corporations that make up the State, but have served the Caldari Militia for an extensive amount of time and proudly represent the Caldari in the warzones of the regions of Black Rise and Placid.

Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd and Phoenix Naval Systems

Also present in the Semiki system to aid the Caldari in their time in need areItsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries [IKAME] and Phoenix Naval Systems [PNS]. These two groups are operating in the system independently from one another, and independently from the I-RED/HECON pact.

IKAME staging citadel - “Zainou Investigation Liaison ctr&rdquo"

It should be stressed that while IKAME is the mother corporation of the famous Arataka Research Consortium [ARC], IKAME is not representing ARC in this matter. The Arataka Research Consortiumis a loose banner that lives beyond the membership of a corporation or alliance, it is a network of independent pilots with a shared interest in the current day mysteries that occasionally appear in New Eden. These independents may sometimes hail from questionable backgrounds, but with IKAME involving itself only as IKAME in Semiki, the lead representatives of this organization are individuals with genuine ties to the Caldari State. Accompanying IKAME are researchers specializing in cybernetics and cybersecurity as well as their own detachment of security personnel. Similarly to I-RED and HECON, command of these staff members has been handed over to the Ishukone Watch, should they be required. For housing, IKAME have anchored their own citadel named “Zainou Investigation Liaison ctr” in proximity to the biohazard station. Here all staff and equipment brought to the system will be stored; the citadel is free for any capsuleers to dock inside, with all incoming ships being scanned and confirmed to not be carrying the virus before docking.

IKAME’s priorities in the matter are to help secure, quarantine and investigate. Due to IKAME not being apart of the NDA pact made between I-RED and HECON, ZANIE had an easier time getting to know more of IKAME’s operations and seeing more of the citadel. Aside from a minor incident of 1,000 mercenaries under contract by the State Protectorate being dumped into the citadel’s “Cargo dropbox” by a crazed Caldari militia pilot, the citadel is an overall safe environment, with the previously mentioned issues not leading to any kind of violence as the mercenaries remained secured in a hanger.

To close off IKAME’s section, Kalto Moxin managed to get a quote from Makoto Priano when she was asked if she had a possible theory pertaining to the virus.

"At present, it’s too early to tell. The likelihood that this malware is the same as one deployed a decade ago seems vanishingly small, given advances in cybernetics and cybersecurity. At the same time, new techniques could easily give rise to similar effects. Until we have a better understanding of its method of action, transmission vectors, and intended targets, then I hesitate to theorize."

  • Makoto Priano

PNS staging citadel - “HIGHCOM Okunda-IV”

Moving onto PNS, ZANIE’s Kalto Moxin managed to get in touch with the Head Diplomat of the corporation, Literia Khammael, who revealed to us more details of PNS’ involvement in the system.

Im similar fashion to other groups, Phoenix Naval Systems have erected an Astrahus of their own in vicinity to the Zainou station - to house their own IT and security personnel that they brought to hand over to Ishukone Watch’s control. Phoenix Naval Systems is a Caldari aligned outfit and one of the founding corporations of the Arataka Research Consortium. That said, PNS and IKAME are operating independently, albeit with close ties. PNS’s presence is also a unique one due to their extensive combat history and sporting a roster of competent Capsuleers that are slowly deploying one by one to the Semiki system. PNS stands as arguably one of the most lethal outfits on grid in Semiki - based on ZANIE’s honest opinion.

When asked directly if other Caldari aligned groups can expect assistance from PNS should they run into unexpected hostilies - Literia had this to say.

“Alliances, corps and pilots are always welcome to contact us with the regards to arrangements for contract work. They can contact myself or Naava Edios to begin negotiations.”

  • Literia Khammael

IKAME is a well respected science firm that has contributed greatly not just to the Caldari State, but to the entiterity of New Eden, and PNS certainly has done their fair share as well; being formidable combat experts in ARC’s operations. The situation in Semiki can only benefit from these two groups getting involved

Devara Biotech, Antumbra and Intaki Liberation Front

The Caldari are not the only ones affected by this disaster, the unknown virus attacking implants has infected the implants of multiple staff members of the Aliastra Warehouse in system after a shuttle carrying the virus departed from the Biohazard facility to the warehouse.

Due to an open invitation extended by HECON’s Commander Edward Adams, several organizations with ties to the Federation or the Aliastra corporation have stepped forward to add their support and aid in the efforts.

First to answer the call for Aliastra is Devera Biotech owned by Capsuleer Mizhir Devara who has since been confirmed to have made contact with the I-RED/HECON bloc and agreed to the NDA that binds the cooperative together. In her employ are medical experts who are experienced in treating symptoms similar to those displayed by the cyber virus. Stationed aboard the I-RED/HECON citadel, medical facilities are ready to house afflicted personnel and render medical and cybernetic aid to them. First in the form of attempting to wipe their cranial implants of traces of the virus. If removal of the virus proves to be out of the grasp of experts or just outright impossible, surgery to remove and replace the compromised implants is the next course of action. There are however some staff possessing implants that are incapable of being removed without undergoing a high-risk operation that can lead to severe brain damage. Otherwise, if patients deny implant removal in any scenario, Devera Biotech tech will continuously attempt to contain and destroy the virus. These specialists handling implant care are also making contributions to the investigation, details however are limited due to the NDA agreement.

Antumbra’s Raitaru - “Pacte Cryptanalysis Centre”

Another organization that calls the Federation home is a humanitarian group by the name of Antumbra, led by Capsuleer Olga Drottning, who announced their support on the Intergalactic Summit in the same thread as IKAME’s announcement. This announcement reveals that pilot Olga has already spoken with Makoto Priano about cooperating due to a shared interest in investigating and containing the crisis. Antumbra brings some luggage in the form of a Raitaru-class Citadel fitted with cryptanalysis facilities utilizing the ample amounts of power the citadel brings for efficiency. These facilities are open for the public to use which brings us to the next point; Olga Drottning’s comments that Antumbra would be happy to escort any interested volunteers wishing to help in Semiki though the few low security systems one must transverse to reach the system. It should be noted despite announcing support of IKAME, Antumbra is reaching out to also coordinate with the I-RED/HECON bloc.

ILF Liaison Office

Hardly representing the Federation, but having strong ties with the Aliastra corporation is Bataav of the Intaki Liberation Front, who had announced he would be cooperating with IKAME in the investigation. That said, pilots of ILF are free to associate themselves with any bloc they desire. Bataav sided with IKAME due to a shared history of cooperation between IKAME and the ILF during the Kyonoke Inquest approximately two years ago. Bataav’s announcement however did not go smoothly; the ILF has also had strong ties to I-RED, who have been a beneficiary to the Intaki people for years. Bataav’s announcement to support IKAME over I-RED left Intaki living aboard I-RED structures feeling betrayed, and they have made their feelings known though protest. It’s safe to say that Bataav will be slightly tied up before being able to contribute much. In the meantime however, a small office Depot has anchored above IKAME’s citadel to store their initial assets.