[IKAME] Semiki investigative work


Security concerns arising in the Semiki system following an attack against Zainou assets in said system naturally requires investigation by Zainou-affiliated personnel. To that end, in addition to and in complement to the Ishukone Watch investigation into the attack, and seeking to liaise directly with both Zainou and Watch personnel, IKAME has completed its initial deployment to the system.

This deployment consists of signals intelligence staff, cybernetics and cybersecurity research personnel, and a suitable security contingent. Out of an abundance of caution, the IKAME deployment also includes biohazard detection equipment, suitable culturing material, and indeed a range of pharmaceuticals for an array of possible exposures, down to the worst case of Kyonoke exposure.

It goes without saying that IKAME’s position is a challenging one. Zainou naturally owes much to its parent megacorporation, Ishukone. However, it also owes a great deal to stakeholders at Modern Finances and at the State and Region Bank. What’s more, as a founding partner of the loose multinational coalition that is the Arataka Research Consortium, IKAME is dedicated to transparency and multilateral action whereever possible.

IKAME solicits engagement with those parties with materially useful skills or information at this time. To facilitate this, a liaison platform is currently being deployed in the Semiki system.

In service,
Makoto Priano
Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries, Ltd


I wouldn’t trust even my lunch delivery to IKAME, and you’re talking about investigative work. One who is known for lying lacks any credibility in such questions. I would really prefer professionals from Wiyrkomi to take on that job and keep in in secrecy, rather than have someone from ARC with transparency, full of lies.

I will expect from this “investigation” to be a farce to put blame on Lai Dai for actions of one man and hide ulterior motives of Ishukone in all this affair.

If it will be necessary, I will protect the State from the encroachment of ARC and their cronies in space or in stations. I will put my counterintelligence and assault troops on a yellow alert status. I guarantee that the troops will not intervene in Zainou or Ishukone business and in investigations performed by official parties, unless this business will be found of collaborative nature with Federals, ARC, and other hostile elements. They will also be stationed outside of Ishukone territories for civil safety reasons.

Anyone foolish enough to support ARC will be treated as a potential threat to Caldari State and will be dealt with accordingly.

Glory to the State!
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

Very nearly an endorsement.


I do believe ARC is already establishing a presence by anchoring a structure. They have officially encroached before you even said this. Looking forward to seeing you prove this is more than just empty words.


Unfortunately, CONCORD allows in CONCORD controlled space anchoring structures even for such filth as Blood Raiders, Sansha Nation, and even ARC. Can’t do much against it under CONCORD protection, but I’ll look into this issue and what can be done without breaking the law. After all, I am not a filthy pirates like Sansha Nation loyalist, right?
I respect the State law… CONCORD laws - not so much.

IKAME has completed the deployment of an Astrahus to serve as a secure, uncontaminated platform from which to coordinate activities.


Please do let us know if you end up requiring wider assistance.
I’m sure a number of interested capsuleers have reasonable cybernetics knowledge and science teams they can bring to support as needed.
This all assumes that Zainou don’t wish to keep it internal of course, or limited to just directly affiliated personal.


At the very least, Mr. Auscent, knowing which capable parties can lend assistance is itself useful. You’ve been added to our outreach list.

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Arrived in system I’m doing some preliminary checks on the systems and surroundings. I’ll report via ARC as and when I get chance.


Following a conversation with Ms. Priano, this post is a public confirmation that Antumbra will be liaising with IKAME to the shared goal of containing and neutralizing the malware threat, in conjunction and hopefully collaboration with our I-RED and HECON counterparts.

As reported elsewhere, a Raitaru class structure with cryptanalysis facilities is being constructed a short distance from the initially affected station, and all concerned parties are invited to use the structure’s spare computing power as required once construction is complete.

Additionally, if any would-be volunteers would like an escort through the lowsec pocket adjacent to the affected system, Antumbra is happy to help. Contact me and I’ll see what I can do.


Operation "Socket Punch"

First of all, I would like to start with pointing just on another Makoto’s lie - technically, about transparency, since “doors” to their structure were apparently closed. So much for promised transparency, Makoto! Hollow words, as usual.

But you won’t hide from us when the State will knock to your door!

Today, 19.01.YC121 at 20:25:57 the security of IKAME Astrahus “Zainou Investigation Liaison Ctr” has been compromised.
1000 counter-intelligence Navy troops have been settled in the structure. They will operate under State Protectorate command, their standing orders will be to conduct their own investigation in order to find gallente collaborators, FIO agents, Black Eagle agents, fifth columt supporters, general traitors and uncover all suspicious anti-State activity of ARC personnel.

Prepare your papers please, ladies and gentlemen!



I am sure locked down in a hangar for which they have no means of opening is exactly where such dangerous and cunning operatives will be able to have the most effect. Ask nicely and Makoto might allow them food and water.


Don’t worry. If they found a way into locked structure, they surely will find a way from locked hangar.
And don’t underestimate Caldari soldiers. We aren’t like Sansha’s zombies who will just stand in stockpiles waiting for someone to open door for them. :rofl:

Doesn’t take many braincells to make use of Upwell cargo deposit.


Considering as you have no way in to the structure I am just going to file the images you posted as more fake news until it has been proved by an outside source.

And YOU, damn Kuvakei’s puppet DARE to claim I, Caldari Officer, don’t tell truth?! You are nothing! Get out from my sight, pathetic slanderer!

And MY WORD is enough. I won’t tell you how exactly I got them there, but if I say, they’re there, they ARE there.

Such rage and outbursts are notably common with liars who have been caught.


Anyone who might want to see a proof are free to contact me, for example, in Summit NeoCom channel right now… at least if they will want to make fun at Evi.

With due respect, pilots, let’s not let Kim derail this thread any further.

She dropped marines into a structure, and they’ll sit snug as bugs in a hangar doing not very much.

That’s about the limit of that.

Let’s focus on more important matters, like the continuing crisis and investigation.