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As the history of the Kyonoke Crisis remains relevant, the staff has recompiled our old archival post. This will also include relevant components from the Inquest Halls, various follow-on articles, and any other information we’ll be able to provide. Please note that as the situation continues to evolve, updates and additional information will be provided in a timely manner. If you believe anything important is missing, or anything present isn’t relevant, please do say.

In service,
Makoto Priano
Arataka Research Consortium, Coordination Group

YC119.02.08 - Numerous Staff Quarantined Aboard Orbital Elevator In Muttokon
YC119.02.09 - Zainou Owned Medical Center Sealed Off – Local Health Officials Decline To Comment
YC119.02.10 - Quarantine Situation Escalates – Freedom Extension Orbital Platform Isolated.
YC119.02.11 - BREAKING NEWS - City Of Myrskaa Sealed Off - State Peacekeepers Drafted In
YC119.02.12 - BREAKING NEWS - Third Quarantine Zone Established As Genolution Seals Off Station Decks In Aridia
YC119.02.13 - The Discourse - Myrskaa City Quarantined Under Nano-Dome
YC119.02.13 - Astral Mining Confirms Loss Of Communications With Prospecting Facility
YC119.02.14 - BREAKING NEWS - State Of Emergency Declared After Confirmation Of Kyonoke Outbreak
YC119.02.16 - Zainou Releases Preliminary Findings From Myrskaa Investigation
YC119.02.17 - BREAKING NEWS - State Peacekeepers Return From Kyonoke Pit Breach; Confirm Discovery Of Recently Deceased Pilot
YC119.02.18 - BREAKING NEWS - Kyonoke Outbreak Confirmed Inside Federal Borders - Astral Mining Facility Quarantined Indefinately
YC119.02.20 - Genolution Confirms Kyonoke Outbreak In Efu; Gives Details On Containment
YC119.02.22 - Republic Security Services Confirm Kyonoke; Muttokon Platform Towed Into High Orbit
YC119.02.23 - SoCT Declines To Comment On Construction Platform Tethered Close To RP4 Installation
YC119.02.25 - Formal Identification Of Remains Found In Kyonoke Pit Implicates Kaalakiota And Home Guard
YC119.02.26 - BREAKING NEWS - Kasaras Family Missing; Home Guard Launches Manhunt For Father And Sister
YC119.02.28 - The Discourse - Kyonoke Plague Confirmed in All Four Empires
YC119.02.28 - Ishukone CEO Derided At CEP Session After Offering Assistance To Both Federation And State
YC119.03.03 - SoCT Breaks Silence On Construction in Postouvin; Announces Kyonoke Inquest
YC119.03.05 - Gallente Human Rights Activists Slam Chief Executive Panel And Senate After Oijanen Footage Shows Mass Protest
YC119.03.08 - SoCT Science Teams Begin To Arrive As Construction Continues On Kyononke Inquest Center
YC119.03.10 - Protests Erupt After Harrowing Footage Leaks From Inside Myrskaa Nanodome
YC119.03.11 - Federation Brands Situation On Oijanen II A Humanitarian Crisis After Release Of Shock Footage
YC119.03.14 - BREAKING NEWS - Chaos Erupts During Caldari-Gallente Summit After Leaked Recordings Criticize Chief Executive Panel
YC119.03.16 - BREAKING NEWS - Federal Intelligence Office Begins Investigating Terrorism Links to RP4 Kyonoke Outbreak
YC119.03.18 - State Armed Forces Rebuke Accusations Of Involvement In Kyonoke Pit Breach
YC119.03.20 - BREAKING NEWS - Alleged FIO Report Confirms Operations Inside State; CEP Responds
YC119.03.23 - Kyonoke Inquest Center Formally Opens; Full Federal And Genolution Taskforces Arrive
YC119.03.28 - Inquest Center Buzzes With Activity As Science Teams Arrive From Across New Eden
YC119.03.31 - Additional Genetics Specialists Arrive At Kyonoke Inquest Center After Dispatch By Empress Catiz
YC119.04.02 - First Expeditions To Stricken Quarantine Zones Occur After Significant Preparation
YC119.04.02 - The Discourse - H4-RP4 Inquest to Convene In Days
YC119.04.03 - BREAKING NEWS - Massive Data Corruption Reported At Kyonoke Inquest Center - Sabotage Suspected
YC119.04.06 - YC119 Kyonoke Inquest Begins With Keynote From Dr. Cador Veranne
YC119.04.07 - BREAKING NEWS - Body Of Key Scientist Found After Ransack Of Labs At Kyonoke Inquest Center
YC119.04.07 - The Discourse - Kyonoke Inquest YC119 LIVE Part 1
YC119.04.08 - BREAKING NEWS - Kyonoke Plague Outbreak Reported On Board Inquest Center
YC119.04.09 - Kyonoke Inquest Concludes As Additional Decontamination Equipment Arrives
YC119.04.10 - Biotech Companies Begin Mass Synthesis Of Kyonoke Antidote After Inquest Success
YC119.04.12 - Analysis Of Kyonoke Antidote Fuels Calls For Investigation After Widespread Treatment Begins
YC119.04.14 - Cleanup Begins In Efu After Successful Treatment And Relocation of Kyonoke Survivors
YC119.04.17 - Home Guard Confirms Completion Of Myrksaa Saturation - Direct Treatment & Screening Ongoing
YC119.04.21 - Genolution Station Cleanup Concludes - Labs To Re-open In May
YC119.04.24 - State Peacekeepers Confirm Myrskaa Cleanup Status As Megacorporations Bid For Reconstruction Contract
YC119.04.25 - ARCHIVES - Akira Kasaras
YC119.04.26 - Astral Mining Confirms Mothball Of RP4 Facility After Death Toll Announcement
YC119.04.28 - The Discourse - Intelligence Agency Implicated in Kyonoke Crisis
YC119.05.03 - CEP Confirms Final Death Toll On Oijanen II As State Armed Forces Prepare To Raze Myrskaa
YC119.05.08 - Sukuuvestaa Awarded Myrskaa Reconstruction Contract After City Is Razed On Schedule
YC119.05.15 - Federal Intelligence Office Seizes Hardware From RP4 Facility As Investigation Intensifies
YC119.06.17 - Black Eagles Hold Private Meeting With Astral Mining Security Director
YC120.04.10 - Remembering the Kyonoke Crisis One Year On
YC120.08.17 - Orvanne District Court Rejects Capsuleer Kyonoke Request


I think you guys should bring suit against all four empires as co-defendants, to CONCORD. If they want to claim you don’t have standing, your personnel were there, you were exposed to both the Kyonoke speck and the potential side-effects of the antigen. Long-term health concerns are definitely in play, especially as some of those exposed have been around baseliners (including children) subsequently.


I was there. I voted that all information on Kyonoke research be revealed immediately, and was delighted to see the sensible voices of the attendance carry the matter, and still this HAS NOT HAPPENED. It remains a threat, it remains a threat involving all four Empires and by the Nation at the VERY least, possibly more! It has been long enough!

Anyone who was there can recall to mind the irregularity of the first tally, no? It wasn’t the vote that carried Hope For All, but after the casting, the votes were tipped physically from their vessels and tallied by hand with no oversight.

A year! A year of dubious processes! A cluster-destroying disease! FREE THE RESEARCH!


As the litigation is as yet unresolved, in view of ARC’s filing to the Supreme Court of the Federation, consider this a little bump.


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