Kyonoke Inquest Outcome


I appologise for my previous ramblings. The Scope reported on the Kyonoke Inquest in YC119, which was the result of a breach of the Kyonoke Pit quarantine in the Tasy(sp) system. At the time of the inquest outbreaks of the Kyonoke plauge where reported in Oiganen, POstouvin, Muttokon, and Efu.

Was there any follow up as far as the outcome of these events? If so, where? Or can I assume that the lack of news regarding these events indicates that they have simply left everyone to die and hope the plauge, which can survive prolonged periods in hostile enviornments (since it was first discovered in an asteroid read this to be hundreads if not thousands of years), doesn’t crop up again?


So answering my own question I took a trip over to Postouvin to check and found:

This Keepstar was constructed by the Society of Conscious Thought to act as a research and development center for the study of the Kyonoke Plague, after a series of outbreaks across the cluster during early YC119.

Widely considered by academics to be the single largest research installation in New Eden, its laboratories have hosted research projects from some of the most intelligent minds in human history.

In April YC119 it hosted the Kyonoke Inquest, which saw the successful research of a cure to the Kyonoke Plague, one of the most voracious and deadly pathogens in recorded history.

This breakthrough would not have been possible without the assistance of thousands of independent capsuleers who attended the inquest in order to assist with research and development.

Today it remains under the administration of the Society and is maintained as a memorial to all those lost to Kyonoke, with its cutting edge research labs leased out to biotech corporations from across the cluster.

I suppose I should have done that a long time ago. Ah well.


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