[ARC] Drifter Crisis history repository

(Makoto Priano) #1


Given that the Drifter crisis now extends over three years in its various stages, it seems appropriate to compile event references so that we all may, at a glance, reference news pieces relevant to the conflict as needed. It is my hope that this aids in the education of new capsuleers, who may lack understanding of the ebb and flow of the crisis.

The following intends to be a largely apolitical registry of events, including both independent and Empire sources as necessary. If you believe an event merits mention and was missed, please do bring it to attention. If you believe an event isn’t relevant, please also note that as well. As much as possible, this registry will try to avoid political matters, or follow-on developments that aren’t relevant to the Drifter crisis itself.

As always, I apologize for any errors and will seek to make updates as rapidly as possible.

In service,
Makoto Priano
Arataka Research Consortium, Coordination Group

YC116.10.06 - Sisters of EVE Release Sleeper Research Findings
YC116.10.24 - Hilen Tukoss: It has been some >>time
YC116.10.31 - Inner Circle Call Short Notice Wormhole Summit
YC116.11.04 - Hilen Tukoss: Resource Drop >>Established
YC116.11.07 - Eifyr & Co Respond to Tukoss Messaging
YC116.11.11 - Sleeper cache investigation report, Kuoka/Lonetrek, 1700 11.11.116
YC116.11.12 - Hilen Tukoss: WA------! Site On— --ed!
YC116.11.27 - Stellar Anomaly Detected By Capsuleers, Scientists Baffled By Superluminal Effects
YC116.12.09 - Sisters of EVE “Wormhole Colony Lost;” Sanctuary Scientist Goes Public
YC116.12.12 - CONCORD Inner Circle Statement on “Caroline’s Star” and the “Thera” System
YC117.01.12 - Circadian Seekers: DED Advisory
YC117.02.06 - The Scope - Caroline’s Star
YC117.02.07 - Arek’jaalan - Project Salus
YC117.02.18 - CONCORD Assembly Lowers Alert Status As Capsuleer Encounters With “Drifters” Raise Questions
YC117.02.18 - Ciniel - Solo Drifter Kill
YC117.02.20 - Sisters of EVE Release Statement on Caroline’s Star, Thera Incident, and CONCORD
YC117.02.20 - The Scope - Drifter Sightings
YC117.02.20 - Capsuleer Fleet Engages New Drifter Threat
YC117.02.26 - Hilen Tukoss: WA— – — SI---- – -O-----
YC117.03.20 - The Scope – Emergent Threats Prompt Unprecedented Symposium
YC117.03.27 - The Scope - Drifter Activity Intensifies
YC117.04.13 - Leading Imperial Weapons Manufacturer Confirms Research on Antikythera Element
YC117.04.16 - Drifter Threat Analysis Continues to Develop
YC117.04.24 - The Scope - DED Release Drifter Autopsy Findings
YC117.04.24 - Breaking News - Drifter Autopsy Press Conference Interrupted!
YC117.04.30 - DED Confirms Drifter Threat Analysis
YC117.05.08 - The Scope - Hilen Tukoss Broadcast Revealed
YC117.05.08 - DED Statement: Hilen Tukoss Broadcast
YC117.05.15 - DED Confirms Age of Tukoss Footage, Releases Detainees
YC117.06.03 - Expeditionary Group - Infiltration of Unkn. System
YC117.06.05 - The Scope - Fate Of Hilen Tukoss Confirmed
YC117.06.08 - Tukoss Fate Confirmed - Capsuleers Recognized by DED
YC117.06.27 - ISDIC - Warning: Overwhelming Numbers of Drifters Present in Sarum Prime
YC117.07.07 - Arek’Jaalan - Project Trireme
YC117.07.21 - Expeditionary Group - Drifter Site Overview
YC117.07.31 - Cleanup Begins in Aftermath of Safizon Attack
YC117.08.14 - The Scope - Drifter Forces Assault Amarr Navy Headquarters in Safizon
YC117.08.15 - Imperial Navy Forces Push Back Second Drifter Advance
YC117.08.21 - The Scope – Empress Jamyl Sarum attacked in Safizon
YC117.08.21 - Court Chamberlain Confirms Death of Empress Jamyl I
YC117.11.02 - Expeditionary Group - Unidentified Sleeper device; massive spatial anomaly
YC117.11.11 - The Scope – Drifter Forces Mount Second Assault On Throne Worlds
YC118.01.02 - Arek’jaalan - Project Heliograph
YC118.02.01 - Expeditionary Group - Analysis of Materials Salvaged from Drifter Hives
YC118.02.09 - Sisters of EVE Flotilla Spotted in Drifter Hive Systems
YC118.02.29 - Leaked reports Reveal SOE Presence in Wormhole Systems Researching Drifter Technology
YC118.03.03 - SOE Confirms Research Into Drifters and Discusses Preliminary Findings
YC118.03.09 - The Scope - SoE Announces Project Discovery
YC118.03.09 - ARC - Preliminary Drifter Hive Findings, 9th March Operations
YC118.07.03 - ARC - Zero Casualty Hive Op
YC118.10.23 - SERAPH - Battle of Sazre
YC118.10.28 - Former SoE Alleges New Cloning Uses Project Discovery and Thera Research, Warns of Drifter Danger
YC118.11.10 - SoE Splinter Group Warns of Shift in Drifter Activity, Thukker Tribe Confirms Anomalous Behavior
YC118.11.15 - Breaking: Drifter Attacks on Research Facilities Across New Eden Reported by Capsuleers
YC118.12.08 - The Discourse - Drifters Are Back In Known Space
YC119.09.19 - The Discourse - Drifter Warzone Salvage Sparks New Drive
YC119.09.20 - Mysterious Enclave Warzones Revealed by Agency Jobs on Behalf of 'The Quartermaster" as Capsuleer Investigators Assess Threat
YC119.10.09 - The Discourse - Sleeper Data Breakthrough Expected
YC120.01.09 - SOE Splinter Group Claims Timebase Mission a Cover for CONCORD Black Ops Anti-Drifter Experiment
YC120.02.20 - The Discourse - Multiple Damaged Drifter Fleets Spotted Across New Eden
YC120.02.20 - The Discourse - CONCORD Intelligence Agency Drifter Anomaly Footage Leaked
YC120.03.14 - ARCHIVES - Corrupted Trinary Data Vault ID47688
YC120.03.14 - ARCHIVES - Corrupted Trinary Data Vault ID47689
YC120.03.19 - The Discourse - Drifter Data Vaults Reveal Footage of Unknown Vessels
YC120.03.21 - ARCHIVES - Corrupted Trinary Data Vault ID47690
YC120.03.22 - ARCHVES - Corrupted Trinary Data Vault ID47691
YC120.03.25 - ARCHIVES - Corrupted Trinary Data Vault ID47692; ID47693
YC120.03.28 - ARCHIVES - Corrupted Trinary Data Vault ID47695; ID47696
YC120.04.06 - The Discourse - Vault Crack Reveals Unknown Structures, Space
YC120.04.07 - The Discourse - Singularity Cruiser Discovered In Yulai
YC120.04.09 - CONCORD Quarantine Ship of Unknown Design in Yulai
YC120.04.11 - Capsuleer Delegates at SOCT Gathering in Yulai to Receive Special CONCORD Briefing
YC120.04.14 - The Discourse - Sleeper Research Confirms Age of Jovian Cadavers
YC120.04.27 - The Scope - The Triglavian Collective Revealed
YC120.05.08 - The Discourse - Drifters Assault Society of Conscious Thought Shipyards

[Aurora News] Summary of the recent Drifter activity & the recovered data vaults
Universal Timebase Measurement Research
EVE Lore FAQ & Lore Resources Megathread
(Ria Nieyli) #2

Well, there’s no real news item about it, since it was so widespread and common as an activity, but I believe it has merit to mention it. Circadian Seekers were peaceful and not agressive, but capsuleers shooting them left and right is what ultimately provoked escalating Drifter responses, including incursions and killing Empress Jamyl.

You monsters.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #3

However much I deride the continued assault on the Drifters, it sounds rather unlikely that they’d zero in on Jammies as a response to capsuleer aggression. She managed to piss them off all on her own, I suspect. The curious panicked destruction of a vessel that had scanned her titan just before this delightful event, certainly seems to indicate she had something very serious to hide, and that they came there with a very specific purpose.

It’s rather interesting how everyone are just ignoring that as hard as they possibly can, and instead just focus with laser sharp intensity on random acts of violence in their territory.

(Ria Nieyli) #4

You certainly might interpret it that way.

However, I think the truth behind that occasion is a lot more prosaic. You see, at that point people have been shooting Circadian Seekers as a sport for a while, but the Seekers still went out. One of them scanned Jamyl’s ship - something that’s not really permissable. She was an Empress after all, I’m sure you understand. It got shot down, and the Drifters responded like they respond to us. There’s no “Jamyl was x and the drifters knew it” conspiracy behind it, sorry to disappoint. It’s just a random, old fashioned act of space violence. Nothing more, nothing less.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #5

It wasn’t a Seeker. It was a Society fellow. And the execution happened far later, not immediately after the scan and destruction of said fellow.

(Diana Kim) #6

Why people are keeping all this drama?
The so-called “crisis” is long gone.

(Trii Seo) #7

Bloody hell, has it really been that long since it all began…

Losing track of time it seems.

(Aria Jenneth) #8

Yeah. The Drifters have been around about as long as I have. … As “me,” anyway. Approaching three years, now.

(Diana Kim) #9

But it doesn’t look like they are making any trouble now, Ms. Jenneth.

(Aria Jenneth) #10

I’ll say the same thing to you I tell Miz, and various others, Ms. Kim: you need to come on at least one Drifter operation before you can make such a statement with confidence. You need to see the Hive, and the Nexus. You need to see what’s happened, and what’s happening.

If we’re very, very lucky, you’re right. But that’s far from clear.

(Mizhir) #11

Well maybe that is because capsuleers have destroyed a considerble amount of their forces and damaged their infrastructure?

(Makoto Priano) #12

One may as well ask why you are still fighting in Black Rise, Ms. Kim.

The situation is on-going.

(Persephone Alleile) #13

Thank you for collecting all this information in one place.

(Julanna Egnald) #14

Wasn’t there also a report early on how a Sansha fleet was running from some unknown enemy by using jump gates? I’m pretty sure it was shortly before the Drifters revealed themselves.

(Makoto Priano) #15

Indeed. This report here covers it.

As this is tangential to Caroline’s Star, and not directly related to the Drifter crisis, we’d decided to omit it. I’ll put it in for discussion internally to review that.

(Persephone Alleile) #16

I think Sansha’s Nation may be involved in the Drifter crisis. From what I can tell the Nation uses wormholes as staging systems for their incursions into empire space (you can find evidence of their presence in certain shattered wormhole systems) and it seems they have clashed with sleepers in these systems as you can sometimes find wreckage from large fleet battles between the two groups. This all came to light after the Caroline’s Star incident.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #17

And yet you never manage to explain what exactly this would achieve. It’s literally exactly the same feed as all other camera drones so my presence there is completely pointless when every sensory experience is the exact same whether I am or not. What particular kind of magic are you expecting to happen?

Is it simply that you can’t accept that someone has seen exactly the same thing you have and quite simply isn’t as impressed as you are?

(Aria Jenneth) #18

So … maybe this’ll sound a little metaphysical or something, Miz, but basically there are some things you can’t really experience from a distance.

A common response to images of the Nexus is kind of “huh.” A common response to experiencing it for the first time is expletives.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #19

Except, you know, you most definitely can experience things from a distance. That’s quite literally what you are doing at any point you’re undocked. Everything we perceive is from the distant vantage point of camera drones. When getting that exact same feed you are in fact experiencing the exact same thing, no matter where in New Eden you’re located.

I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to come up with something better than woo and “just because” to throw away crew, trample over what is most definitely not our territory to mess around in, and worse yet put the aforementioned crew at the mercy of avowed enemies of theirs.

Just because some completely inexplicable magic is supposed to occur?

(Aria Jenneth) #20

I like the way you get really protective of your crew when it comes to Drifter operations but oo and ah about how great it is to be out there killing people for money and experiencing real war.