[ARC] Semiki operational update


This will be a brief update. As you all know, the Semiki crisis has largely been resolved. Once remote reservoirs of malicious code were neutralized, quarantine efforts proved effective. All that remains is continuing medical treatment and rehabilitation for the unfortunate victims of the crisis. There are some on-going matters involving the Federal Intelligence Office’s black site in the system, but I think we’d all agree that games of state such as that aren’t necessarily a matter for researchers or combat pilots, and I very much doubt any of us are surprised that the FIO engages in espionage work in the State.

Unfortunately, however, it appears that Semiki has drawn attention from Sansha’s Nation, as Sansha forces assaulted much of the capsuleer infrastructure present in the system in the late hours of 2nd July. An additional attack followed at 0800hrs today against our Aliastra liaison platform. This attack appears more thorough than the earlier attacks against capsuleer infrastructure by Vigilant Tyrannos forces

Given the isolated location, lack of warning, and operational draw-down in the region given a prioritization of operations against Triglavian and Drifter forces elsewhere, the attack was not repelled. We’re currently staging forces in preparation for later defense, and will coordinate with appropriate parties in the coming days.

In expectation of Sansha presence today, however, we have found the opportunity to test certain theories about the transmission capabilities of semiosis consoles and the role of Kresnik Svarog. More information will be disclosed on this experiment shortly.


In the early hours of 04.07.YC121, Sansha’s Nation forces entered the Semiki system in sufficient numbers to successfully reinforce each capsuleer structure present in the area - residual infrastructure from the incident earlier this year, involving compromised station systems, evidence of Rogue Drone and Triglavian data parallels within the affecting malware, and both CONCORD and Drifter intervention following the collection of Triglavian Trinary Datastreams en masse in the system.

Nation is now the second faction to take apparent issue with the structures, following the Drifters’ assaults of each present facility during the turbid days of the events that catalyzed their installation. However, while the Vigilant Tyrannos were seemingly dissuaded from continuing their operations through CONCORD’s deployment of reported “Drifter Countermeasures”, Nation is anticipated to not slow its stride.

Varied ranges of conflict patterns are undergoing analysis, and defense preparations are underway among the independent operating groups for the present structures. However, additional experimental measures are in the process of enactment in the system, given the past-relevant presence of high concentrations of Triglavian Trinary Datastreams in Semiki and Nation’s apparent hostile standings with the Collective:


Following the deployment of Triglavian Invasion infrastructure across high-security space, Nation Incursion operations have scaled back drastically. Pattern analysis and hypotheses place the involvement of Trigavian forces in high probability regard for this reduction in activity, specifically referencing the formation of a novel Special Operational Troika emanating from Svarog Clade: Kresnik Svarog.

According to Triglavian Semiosis intercepts, this newly formed Troika has been granted mandate for the unilateral extirpation of all signs of “corruption of hivelinking” detected by the Collective. There is to be no mortification or glorification of the target corruption: only total extirpation.

Various parties suggest the possibility of Kresnik interference in inaccessible Sansha core systems in Anoikis; others suggest that the Nation pullback has been enacted in defensive anticipation of such a possibility, and that the Collective currently lacks proper access to Anoikis systems.

In response to abnormal Nation activity in Semiki, with specific concern for previously situation-central Triglavian Trinary Datastream concentrations in the system, forward praxis of Semiosis Console operational hypotheses are to be invoked.

Operation Kres-Maják encompasses an active attempt to disseminate data and observations of Nation Semiki activity through Svarog Clade Semiosis Consoles, calling for detection, attention, and possible action by Special Operational Troika Kresnik Svarog.

Equipment for the attempted transmission of castings of relevant dataflow, including capsuleer neural input-output data and system+infrastructure observations and records, into the cladeflow(?)network providing service to the Consoles has been transported to Semiki and assembled.



  • Transportation of assembly materials to target system
  • Assembly of project focus hardware and data infrastructure
  • Connection of cobbled input to Svarog Clade Semiosis Consoles
  • Transmission of tri-tone test data
  • Transmission of shield timer events combat records + recoverable Nation data
  • Transmission of second shield timer events, subtracting Nation data


  • Maximum multi-node capsuleer observation of timer events
  • Collection of local router records, spatio-temporal measurements
  • Feeding of now-winnowed converted dataflow into Semiosis Consoles


  • Transmission of data collected during armor timer events


  • Transmission of aggressing Nation forces data

Assembly Manifest:

Components: Function:
50163_64 - Semiosis Conduction Console: Svarog Input target for castings of all dataflows
(Crux focus of Operation Kres-Maják)
34593_64 - Entosis Link
30251_64 - Neurovisual Input Matrix x33
30470_64 - Neurovisual Output Analyzer x3
Multi-Capsuleer Neurovisual and
Infomorph-level data collection
33195_64 - Spatial Attunement Unit x12
30024_64 - Cartesian Temporal Coordinator x18
Spatio-Temporal data collection
2867_64 - Broadcast Node
17898_64 - High-Tech Transmitters x3
30251_64 - Modified Fluid Router x72
Local Router data collection
3584_64 - True Slave Decryption Node Nation-sourced data decryption
(Head appears indifferent)

52309_64 - Triglavian Quantum Engineering DC x9
21568_64 - Sleeper Data Interface Protocol x3
Triglavian data conversion module
48121_64 - Triglavian Survey Database x33
48764_64 - Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN1
48764_64 - Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN2
48764_64 - Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN3
48764_64 - Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN4
48764_64 - Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN5
48764_64 - Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN6
Triglavian data conversion source data
(HFN4 and 6 detail Kresnik Svarog)
30270_64 - Central System Controller
52313_64 - Trinary State Processor x33
21586_64 - Sleeper Virtual Energizer
34575_64 - Antikythera Element x9
33577_64 - Covert Research Tools x9
2328_64 - Water-Cooled CPU x3
Core Transmission Interface hardware

Just to get it clear: are these the initial RF cycle, or will the next strike be hull timers? With the Tyrannos forces largely amounting to a persistent, if grating, annoyance, if the Sansha attack overwhelms the armor defense, I may be able to talk some people into going after some Sansha loot.

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Initial RF cycle for the Zainou liaison center, which is the test-bed for this experiment. A number of the other facilities in system were low power, as we’d been in the process of drawing down our presence in the region.


Confirming that a Sansha fleet is currently active in the Semiki system. However, it certainly seems skittish. The Zainou Investigation Liaison Center has restored its shields, and we’re currently observing the Sansha fleet, which consists of approximately sixty vessels.

Edit; it would appear the Triglavians are also, uh, interested in goings on. A mixed Svarog Clade fleet is now on grid.

Edit of edit: for whatever reason, it would appear the Triglavians also preferred to engage the Astrahus, instead of the Sansha fleet on grid. The structure’s again reinforced. More as it develops.




Reports have come in of some Triglavian ships self-destructing.

There is a non-zero chance that the reason why the Svarog Clade ships and the Sansha’s Nation ships did not engage one another was indeed due to corruption, and that the vessels ‘self-immolated’ as was mentioned in HFN1 due to that corruption.

Mr. Anteovnuecci, I must ask that you submit your experimental plans for a more thorough peer review before initiating next time…?


Always possibilities for future improvements. I can’t help but feel partially responsible, as perhaps some of this plan played a part in the observed actions of the Svarog Cladeships; I feel as if I should I should issue an apology somehow.

On the lighter side, the Zainou Investigation Liaison Center is now the only known structure in New Eden to have been targeted by the Drifters, Triglavians, AND Nation.



  • Additional Drifter Battleships and Cruisers have joined the fray
  • Drifter Forces are now in the process of dispatching present Nation forces
  • Nation Vessels have been dispatched
  • I myself have now lost two ships to the Drifters today
  • Ishukone Watch vessels have arrived and dispatched one remaining Drifter group
  • Remaining Drifters have moved to Zainou station and are engaging CONCORD

I’m not sure what I expected today, but this was not it.


Does Ishukone even have a facility in-system?

Um, is that head in the True Slave Decryption Node alive?

Present Drifter Cruisers have been dispatched by ARC forces.

(and yeah Naupilus, they’re strange devices)

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While Ishukone doesn’t itself have a facility, Zainou Biotech is part of the Ishukone family of corporations, and so has its security handled by the Watch.


You people can’t even observe basic precautionary principles amongst yourselves, let alone with respect to the rest of the cluster. Are you quite done endangering the security and safety of the people of New Eden?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the core regions are under constant attack from Triglavians, the outer regions are being raided by Drifters, and you are playing games with Sansha’s Nation technology of the more horrible kind.

Have you no decency? None?

Perhaps you’ll think twice, three times, and even a fourth, before your next idiotic escapade. I would hope, though I expect to be disappointed, that after such consideration you would desist from this reckless meddling.

As for Sansha’s Nation, they and their disgusting capsuleer supporters remain on the list of threats to deal with. I haven’t forgotten the deaths of three EOD specialists under my command while they worked to defuse an improvised explosive device in Mastakomon. The investigation continues and certain leads are being pursued vigorously.

Once more, cease the asinine and dangerous “experiments”. They are tantamount to criminal meddling and impedance of the defense of New Eden from deadly emergent threats.

Captain Oveg Drust
SARO Command Liaison,
Case Red Gamma Taskforce


My arm is not long enough for the jerk off motion that is in my soul.


You’re welcome to provide instructions at any time, Captain, but if you insist on further criticism of capsuleers doing anything at all while CONCORD ships still refuse to even fire their weapons…

Well, glass houses and all.

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I, Nauplius, do hereby promise to cease Triglavian research if I were supplied any and all information in CONCORD’s possession concerning:

  1. Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma Incidents of Class A, Class B, and Class AB, especially the specific combinations of Triglavian Trinary Datastreams required to produce such Incidents.

  2. True Sansha Decryption Nodes, especially the particular transmissions required to summon Triglavian spaceships to a desired location.

Should I be considered unworthy of such information, I would accept that the data be turned over to the person in New Eden most worthy of it: Sa-Baron Chakaid. I will cease experimentation upon Triglavian Trinary Datastreams upon confirmation that the data is in his possession.


You watched idly by as Khanid slaughtered millions. Get ■■■■■■.


I’m not exactly one who could be considered a friend to ARC. And I’m pretty sure I’m allowed an “I told you so” or three.

But it’s easy to hurl around threats and insults after you’ve been proven right.

And I’m pretty sure that if you had said like three months ago “hey guys, that Class AB threat I mentioned, that means that bogeys will start collaborating in hitherto unseen and mildly terrifying ways that will put millions of lives and untold amounts of ISK at risk,” ARC would have said, “Oh ■■■■ man, that sounds terrible, let’s see what we can do to avoid that.”

Transparency’s a cool thing. Ever thought about trying it?