[ARC] Joined operation request to the Empires, EDENCOM and loyal capsuleers

And if I may ask… as a representative of Intriguerre, do you claim fealty to any of the Clades in particular? Or are you instead directed by the combined decisions of the Clades Assembled - or the Detached Executive Troika themself?

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When men makes plans, the gods laughs

Paramount @Maldavius, i appreciate the disposition to be a host for your antagonist and negociating personally to make it happen, before this turn of events.

Esteemed @DutchGunner i appreciate the disposition to negotiate with your antagonist and seek an optimal way to solve the issue, before this turn of events.

To all parties involved in the process, my thanks for giving room for a small change in reality.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing. and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass. the world is too full to talk about.”


Well stated, and despite the abrupt termination, the process was not fruitless.

Identifying the right party to open discussions with is a necessary first step in any conflict resolution, and it is rarely as straightforward as might be expected. Now there is a party to talk to.

The first word in any conflict resolution is always “no,” or there wouldn’t be a conflict to resolve. Getting the “no” stated is also never as straightforward as might be expected, but now we’ve got it. This “no” even included the qualifier “at this time.”

Two necessary steps toward conflict resolution have been taken. Although taking them does not guarantee the conflict can be resolved by any means, not taking them guarantees it can’t.


Some time ago, a member of ARC publicized an experiment on these forums that included one of those Sansha parallel processing units that is actually a human head. That may be what is meant by “experimentation with forbidden hive-linking”.

Also, has ARC currently or ever had a Sansha’s Nation loyalist in its membership? Or even been blue to Sansha’s Nation loyalists? If so, that would count as “associations with capsuleers in favour of forbidden hive-linking”.

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(mistake post, please delete)


You’re entirely right. Indeed, an effort was made in Semiki to transmit Sansha’s Nation activity to Clade Svarog, intended to see if Special Operation Troika Kresnik Svarog would take interest in the investigation and extirpation of Nation forces sieging the system.

The inclusion of a True Slave Decryption Node for the purpose of decrypting Sansha-sourced data for dissemination appeared to have been in grave error, however, as when the forces of Clade Svarog arrived in system, they instead joined in attacking alongside the Sansha for a time - a presumed consequence of “corruption” - and ended up self-immolating their fleet to stop its spread.

The knowledge that Nation’s slavemind hivelink was able to corrupt Narodnya of Clade Svarog was extremely surprising - and the consequent changing of Semiosis Console interfaces to an encrypted form/format may indeed have been related, especially given that the only encrypted one we’ve encountered has been from Svarog. Despite the error of this undertaking, I’m happy to see such a vulnerability was ensured to not be likely to be intentionally exploited in the future.


Are you telling us that ARC may have started the Triglavian war, by unintentionally causing some Clade Svarog forces to become corrupted by Sansha’s Nation ?

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Alexandre Arthie,
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It certainly wasn’t a thing to start a war, haha - the intentions of the Triglavian Collective under the furthering guidance of Zorya Triglav were whispered since long before this point - the allocation of materials, personnel, and resources for the coming campaign to reclaim a foothold in New Eden (after who-knows-how-long the Triglav were hidden away in their hadal domain) was the paramount priority. All that said, it was certainly in error to fail to consider the possible consequences of sansha data - but it was indeed baffling that such a glaring vulnerability existed in the Semiosis Consoles, and that the corruption of Narodnya (that is, the ability of Sansha to infect the heavily-augmented minds of the most human aspect of the Triglav race) was so potent.

@Alexandre_Arthie can you explain the CRC manipulation of my post ?

Mister Seriatim Foucault,

Your allegiance is confusing - do you not side more with one Clade than another? Proving of noemata, of technology, and of behavior are constant in the struggle, as you certainly know.

The removal of aspirant Narodnya from the worlds of Pochven by those opposing the Flow of Vyraj is sensibly a thing to repel - however, what of Kybernauts? Relocation of baseliners from Krai Svarog to Krai Veles or even Perun should be a satisfactory outcome in the procession of Cladistic Proving. The peoples of Pochven seek glorification in the furtherance and acceptance of the Flow - but it is my firm belief that the operational noemata of Clade Svarog in regards to these baseliners should be winnowed against those of Clades Perun and Veles.

I seek to further the goals of the Triglavian Collective and believe in the possibilities offered through this philosophy of proving. That does not make necessary the wholesale acceptance of all Clades’ doings. That said… it is the responsibility of Kybernauts to repel those in opposition to the Flow. I predict profound necessary interruption of the operations of ARC.

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Well, it probably didn’t help, even if it wasn’t the direct cause of the war.

So, ARC were poking around in wormspace, and in conflict with the Drifters, and at some point the Triglavians noticed this resurgence in Drifter activity, and began their preparations to resume their war against their ancient enemy, as well as the new threat from Sansha’s Nation.

And then that happens, and some Triglavian forces end up corrupted by Nation as a result. Something that would be at best a significant friendly fire incident.

No bloody wonder the Triglavians refuse to communicate clearly with New Eden. They must think we’re as mercurial and erratic and irrational as we think they are.



I reported an erroneous post. I assume the moderator accidentally modified yours when they wisely deleted it.


Extirpation awaits all those who wish to corrupt the proven.

The so called Evacuation is but a lie… we have extirpated your kin, and we have found the truth to your op. This will not be forgotten, and we shall not be fooled.

Kybernauts Clade has revealed the invasion and you shall face extirpation

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Humanitarian Operation was it?


Once more ARC prove that they are just a bunch of liars
You will never take pochven from us

This was what has been provided by ARC:

The industrial and it’s contect are exactly what was announced.

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Not after they were more or less told they would be shot on sight? You’d not expect anyone to go into such a situation unarmed.

EDIT: except, apparently, they did. I am not sure I even want to know why.

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We have prisoners and they shall reveal the truth upon interogation and proving.

This is no evacuation.

You will reap what you sow…

Desktop Screenshot 2021.05.14 -

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It is being said that the forces discovered aboard these industrials are a plant by those not even involved with Kybernaut forces, as sabotage for chaos’s sake; truth be told, I am not certain that this could not be the truth. Investigations will soon be underway.

All that said, these warriors will be given the chance to assent to the Flow in enjoinment with Clade Perun. All are welcome in the Flow.