Pochven Must Burn!

There are no words to the describe the anger I am feeling right now! Of all days, Federation Day is meant to be a day to celebrate but it has been sullied and soiled by the despicable creatures that call themselves Kybernauts. They pretend to be cordial, they pretend to extend a so-called hand of diplomacy, they pretend to still be human. Lies!!

They cry foul that we now invade their space but walk freely in ours. They cry foul that they no longer want to be shackled down by citadel timers, so they burn it down. They cry foul that we paint them evil, that there is more to proving than war and tyranny. Lies!

If anyone is in doubt about who these capsuleers are, that so nonchalantly betrayed humanity, I present to you this footage;


[The feed switches to a much higher definition, unlabeled one, showing the interior of a vacant warehouse. Remilia Malitia can be seen striding into frame with an almost childlike jump in her step, turning around and facing the camera before beckoning someone off-frame over. A dropsuit-clad soldier bearing the livery of Stribog Clade joins in, pushing along a large metallic chest suspended over a hovering platform. At Remilia’s gesture, he tips it over, dumping a pile of federal dogtags onto the floor. The camera abruptly turns to the left to showcase a brightly lit area where a large translucent plastic tarp has been laid out, a single blindfolded woman kneeling down handcuffed, wearing the typical uniform of a NADSC crew member. A few more of the dropsuit wearing guards can be seen in the background, as well as the edge of the tag pile, still persisting at the edge of the feed. The woman identified herself by name, rank, commanding capsuleer and vessel before Remilia steps forwards and executes her with an ion pistol shot to the head. A guard then rips her dogtags off, tosses them into the pile and drags the body off-frame before another captive is brought forth.

The procedure is repeated again and again for about two hours, during which 217 people are executed. After the last corpse is dragged away, Remilia hands her pistol over to a guard and stands at the center of the feed and taking a theatrical bow, “Happy Federation Day!”

The video ends.]

They want to burn their home down, well get in line because I will give no quarter to these villains.

@Remilia_Malitia I am coming for you.

Without Mercy,

Clementine Lafleur


…What the ■■■■

What the actual ■■■■■■■ ■■■■

…I need to go yell at some people.

Well, how very surprised I am that someone who swears allegiance to the Triglavian State- oh, sorry, Caldari Colle- no, wait, that one’s not right either. Or is it? Forgive me, I may have had a little too many spirits from the festivities today.

Anyways, imagine my shock that someone that swears allegiance to both would behave in a manner that brutal and petty. All the more a necessity that Federal citizens stolen away by the triangular barbarians be returned to proper civilization.

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All of those people were invading enemy combatants guilty of terrorism. Federal invaders will not be tolerated in State systems, whether they are woven into Pochven or not.


■■■■ you Rem.

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Justice found NADSC.

Good riddance.


Ah, miss Kim. Formally annoucin’ your allegiance to the Collective then? Sad how many of you folks have had your minds twisted by 'em, so much so that it seems like Miss Tereven’s the only Caldari with her head done screwed on right.


Interesting display, terribly inefficient however.

If you’re gonna do something like this get it done cleanly and quickly.

Also, you cannot burn what is already ash.


Barbarism and radicalization is a consequence of total war, not a justification for it. When you conduct widescale war with the aims of bombing a people to the stoneage, you shouldn’t be surprised when you’re left with disorganized radical groups that go absolutely medieval on those that put them in that position. If you think this is indicative of all Triglavian sympathizers and justification for more savage aggression I know of some former Federal representatives in Vale that might want to speak with you.

The truth is if you’re so angry at these images then EDENCOM should be doing everything they can to normalize relations with the legitimate governments of Pochven rather that continuing to undermine any attempts to achieve some sort of stabilization or normalcy in the region under the new regime. Continued meddling will always lead to continued barbarism so long as EDENCOM undermines consolidation and attempts at stability here.


Don’t bring the State’s name into the pathetic action you’ve broadcasted to NADSC on Federation Day. Poor taste. But not surprising considering who perpetrated these actions.

Now if only justice can find the likes of you and the rest of your Provist and Dragonaur ilk.

My condolences to the families of the slain NADSC crewmen.


Again noting that apparently it takes less than a year now to go from “nice system, we’ll take it” to “legitimate government”.

News to all the people still talking about “rebel provinces” or sad about Caldari Prime.

PS. Normalizing relationships works best if you don’t broadcast acts of terror. Take my word for it; the Minmatar have done extensive testing on the topic.


While I am sure the barbarism on display by kybernauts is shocking to some, I consider it shows weakness for attacking the defenceless in acts of terror are conducted and condoned by those who lack the ability to defeat their enemy through conventional military means.

The rhetoric that kybernauts are seeking some “higher purpose” in allying with the Triglavians is laid bare for the lie that it is when they indulge in violence towards those who cannot defend themselves. They are cowards who prey on the weak and engage in egregious displays of inhumanity and cruelty towards those who have the courage to confront them.

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The extreme irony of this is that this atrocity is, by Malitia’s own words, retribution for encroaching on the Caldari systems occupied by the Triglavians.

This is despite the fact that Malitia herself supports the Collective that actually successfully invaded and occupies the many Caldari systems stuck in abyssal hell at the moment.

Malitia turned her back on the State when it needed help the most and now retaliates on an organization that actually has enough of a backbone to stand up to the invaders that disproportionately harmed the State for actually doing so.

It’s really something.


Let’s be absolutely clear here, shall we?

These people were nothing more than terrorists who invaded the sovereign territory of the Triglavian Collective. Moreover, they were doing so as partisans associated with Electus Matari and its coalition of independent capsuleer alliances. Surprise, surprise–the coalition led by the infamous Minmatar terrorist group makes terrorists out of its friends! NADSC’s greatest mistake was polluting itself with Electus Matari’s tainted methods.

Let us not forget the context here, nor the reason why these people were here. They invaded alongside a huge nullsec-based piracy organization for the express purpose of destroying the kybernauts’ irreplaceable citadels and murdering our people without remorse. And do not forget, they succeeded in destroying Pochven’s only Azbel-class citadels and killing more than a dozen brave men and women who remained on station for the defense. These brave souls gave the last full measure of human devotion in the service of their friends, families, and allies, assisting our station gunner right to the bitter end.

The blood of the innocent cries out for justice, and by God, we heard their cries.

We conducted military tribunal trials and sentenced these terrorists to death. In so doing, we are no different than the Gallente Federation itself, which has yet to abandon capital punishment as a lawful consequence of criminal behavior. How dare you cry foul now when the justice meted out to your citizens matches that you mete out yourselves?

Oh, the outrage. Oh, the horror! If it seems like this was a private video evidence archive, taken out of context, and delivered in edited form for maximum propagandic effect, that is only because it absolutely is. I ordered a video capture of the proceedings to document the outcome of the system of justice operating in its proper function. Ms. Malitia fulfilled the solemn task of performing capital punishment, which she did appropriately and humanely. Death was instantaneous and relatively painless. A far better death, I might add, than these terrorists gave to their victims–who died burned up in the Azbel explosion, or crushed by debris, or gasping for air in the silent, frozen vacuum of space.

Do not criticize Ms. Malitia for her emotional response in performing the task. She, like the rest of us in Stribog Clade, just witnessed the deaths of brave men and women on our ships and stations, who gave their lives to defend us. She was understandably upset. I have ordered her to take leave to recuperate and seek counseling to work through her grief. But I will not reprimand her merely because she has authentic emotions.

I stand by our decision in this matter, as does the Paramount Executive of Stribog Clade. Justice was served in Pochven today.


You mean the poor, innocent kybers who destroyed an irreplaceable EM structure in Skarkon first?

Stars below, you kybers are pathetic. You start a war, then whine when you realize you don’t have the stones to actually defend your structures, and now you retaliate against baseliners because you’re too frikkin’ impotent to actually fight your enemies.

Funny, she don’t seem at all solemn during any of that. In fact, she seemed downright gleeful. What, couldn’t find a less subtle way to announce ‘no, really, we’re just doing this because these masks don’t let us fellate one another properly’?

Just more proof that you can’t even tell when you’re shining a giant spotlight on your own pathetic weakness.


I might give credence to respecting the territorial sovereignty of the Triglavian Collective if the Triglavian Collective respected the sovereignty of other societies.

Neither kybernauts nor the Triglavian Collective are the aggreived party when Pochven consists of sovereign territories seized through violence and force by the Triglavian Collective through their invasion of EDENCOM signatories.

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Electus Matari is a hostile force that is itself a terrorist organization. Purging that structure was not only appropriate, but necessary to support the continued success of our Triglavian allies.

Full stop.

Everyone deals with their emotions in their own way. You don’t have to like that, but it is true. Her method of working through her emotions does not lessen the guilt of the convicted, nor the appropriateness of the outcome.

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An old PR maxim says “Only provoke the enemy when you are prepared for the wardec”.


Trololololol. Sure. That’s why it’d been there for months, unmolested, until MMH came begging for help, and you tried to act all badass, right?

You don’t have a single solitary scrap of credibility left, Jackal, and you know it.


she made a spectacle of what should have been a straightforward record of executions, and made a point to pass it to others who she knew would spread it. Working through emotions is shooting ships in space, pounding on a punching bag or sparring partner, meditating, or, in less healthy ways, drinking, or recreational narcotics. ‘working through emotions’ this was not. It was an active attempt to burn bridges and enrage. And, unfortunately for her, its worked a bit too well for her. She’s lost someone who very well considered her a friend, if tenuous one, with this.

I do not begrudge the executions in and of themselves, most crew know the risks when they enter hostile space, and execution is among them. What I do begrudge is this method of conduct by Ms. Malitia. And I applaud you trying to defend her, as she is one of your own, but please, from one capsuleer and a leader to another, do not pretend this is anything other than what it is.