Pochven Must Burn!

Actually, it was the instruction from Subcommander Seriatim Foucault who declared unambigulously that “[i]nterference in the Weaving and the Struggle is poshlost activity” and exhorted Proven Kybernauts to take steps to curb such activity.

We heard the will of the Collective and obeyed.

Electus Matari is poshlost. Purging their citadel in Skarkon was not just our choice, but our obligation.

The fact that doing so also helped MMH was serendipitous.

And I’m sure we all believe you, too. Heh.

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Notice the feeling of obligation in regards to destroying our structures but the faux outrage that we would do the same to them.

I didn’t think the Pochven entry wormholes could support enough mass to let that much hypocrisy through…


How is that different? I expect that if the shoe had been on the other foot, you would have been more than happy to execute all of the staff who dared work with the Kybernauts and their Triglavian allies. You can’t go a single day without referring to us as traitors and betrayers of the Four Empires.

That’s the basis of your argument? That capital punishment sounding in the law against treason is sacrosanct whilst capital punishment sounding in the laws against terrorism is invalid? Sit down, little girl. You are far, far out of your element.

And it’s especially hilarious coming from you.

What law? The Triglavians you claim are the sole authority in Pochven haven’t communicated any body of legal statutes. They just give you dire-sounding declarations through a Gallente intermediary who’s as clueless as you are about what they actually want and the actual intricacies of their society.

Enough with your lies.


You’ll have to decide which ■■■■■■■■ narrative to spin, Arrendis darling. Either we acted because of MMH, like you say now, or else we acted because we are the lapdog pets of our Triglavian Collective masters, like you say most other days of the week.

I’m fairly well-known as the “affinity for authority figures” type, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I’m unapologetically in the latter category.

Oh, you’re definitely lapjackals, puppy. But let’s go ahead and unravel your latest stream of lies, shall we?

There it is. There’s the post you’re saying prompted the attack on the Astra. The post that was made on May 14. Which apparently prompted an attack, a second attack for the armor timer, and a final assault on the hull timer…

All on the same day.

Yeah, you totally went after the Astrahus because of that post. Sure. You just, y’know, managed to force the Astrahus to travel back in time after each timer so you could do it all the very same day the post was made.

Gosh, it’s almost like you’re not just a liar, but an incompetent one.


I would not and have never executed detained prisoners of war that came into my care. As much disdain as I do have for lapdogs of the Triglavians, I would not murder for murder’s sake. When it’s necessary, sure. Not shooting down your ships causes more damage than shooting them down and potentially killing some of your lackies. I acknowledge that pacifism is a form of violence against oneself and that tough choices need to be made sometimes.

You take joy in killing your enemies, even when they’re not a threat anymore. You aren’t introspective. You never think about the things you’re doing. Your hard choices are always easy because of your lack of self-awareness.

Some of my choices are easy too. Like the decision to attack that Azbel. But they’re always easy for you.

So spare me with your so-called concern for laws against ‘terrorism.’ You’re the occupying force in these systems.

You know I won’t. I’m famously bad at sitting down and shutting up. There’s nothing more my element than speaking my mind.


You’re reaching. You may want to scroll up some and note that members of Stribog Clade were warning against planned interference in Pochven a week earlier. And there was dear Electus Matari, clearly on the side of ARC.

I warned all of you on May 10th that:

I didn’t mean only ARC, but in fact ALL of you. ALL of you and your EDENCOM allies.

And as our Paramount Executive said recently in another context, I didn’t bluff.

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Yes he did. And now, just like you, he’s scrambling to try to make it look like he’s got the first friggin’ clue WTF he’s doing.

And yes, you blahblahblah’d on May 10. But that isn’t:

So now who can’t keep their narrative straight? Hmm? Did you manage some magical time travel because you ‘heard the will of the Collective’ in ‘the instruction from Subcommander Seriatim Foucault’, or were you already planning to do your thing on May 10, 4 days earlier, and conveniently


Why, the very day after EM declared war on MMH!

What a freakin’ coincidence!!

Seriously. You are bad at this.

Honestly, at this point, you’re just embarrassing yourself. It almost feels like I’m kicking a puppy while it soils itself.

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You have the weirdest hangups, Arrendis.

What is the meaning of such blatant and idiotic attempt at slandering me in public comms?
I am not sure I do remember you, but since you’ve committed such an atrocious act, I’ll try it anyway with you.

For your public lie about Caldari Officer, I challenge you to answer for your crime to fight in a Duel of Honor (provided you have it, of course). You can pick any weapon you want, would it be a baseline weapon or a capsuleer ship.

I don’t remember anyone was giving a word to a shameful traitor, thus do us all a favor and keep your aggressive mouth shut. You have no merit to address me whatsoever.

For if I’d commit any crime in eyes of our Glorious State, according to My Honor I’d face a tribunal as expected from an Officer. Unlike cowardly traitors like you.

Shame on you.

It’s funny1, that despite millennia of warfare showing that prisoners are better sources of useful intel and worth more in achieving a political solution when treated humanely, that people still insist on these kinds of displays.

What did you hope to achieve by this kind of thing ? Instead of relatives of the prisoners pressuring the NADSC leadership to withdraw from hostilities, you’ve given them reason to demand vengeance and increase operations. Was that really what you intended to do ?

I was amused by the notion of “legitimate governments of Pochven”, that one cracked me up though2.

Especially in conjunction with the above. “Negotiate with us, or we’ll demonstrate our inability to be reasonable again !”.

My sides.

  1. Funny peculiar, not funny ha-ha.
  2. Now this one was funny ha-ha.

Just for the record I don’t have any quarrel with crew. Too many questions: did they know just who, with specificity, they were hiring on with? Was the hire ideological, financial … contextual? Did they particularly have a choice about it? Who do I hurt if I kill this person, aside from their relatives and loved ones? Is killing this person actually going to slow my opposition down even a little?

There’s normally no real reason to hurt them other than incidentally, like if they happen to be standing near the reactor I just ruptured. Oops. Sorry. Better luck in your next life.


Otherwise … yeah. Why stain my hands further? I’ll save my malice for someone else.

Like, maybe, someone who actually asked for it.

A shot to the head is a spectacle? It was a quick and painless series of executions.

I did not. The footage was only passed along to the superior that ordered the recording in the first place.

Consider the possibility that not everyone operates according to what you consider appropriate. You certainly do not according to what I and many others do.

It was the prosecution of convicted terrorists. I am neither judge nor jury in this case. Only the executioner.


My condolences to the families and friends of the NADSC crew members. That said, I query the wisdom of posting this footage in so public a space.


It’s not the shot in the head that’s considered the spectacle… It’s your own behavior and symbolism of the footage.

Let’s break it down

So first off its you, not walking into this job with regret in having to carry out this simple and straightforward execution, but you skipping along in joy that you get to execute a bunch of people one after the other.

And before you get uppity that I’m nitpicking at things… That’s kinda the point. Your own behavior betrays you and for sure makes just seem less of a sterile process of eliminating these “terrorists” but more of a fun filled moment for you… That you’re here and you’re enjoying what’s this is all about.

Instead of cutting right to the the executions you take a second to show a pile of dog-tags of presumably the people you’ve killed thus far as an appretizier to the viewer about what’s to come, and the pile serves a purpose further in when…

So these weren’t just confiscated dog-tags ahead of time… This is showing that you’ve most likely already executed prisoners prior to this. You’ve actively showing the count thus far and then proceeding to add to that count one after the other.

This whole bulk of the footage alone… Why the hell even record it?

No seriously, why.

If you were serious about these just being painless straightfoward exeuctions and no way a spectacle… You would just ■■■■■■■ do it then release a report out saying what you did.

But no, you had to record it.

Why? So you can send it to NADSAC and so they can watch their employees get whacked one after the other…And they have to watch it. You couldn’t just release the names of those dead, they got watch the ■■■■■■■ thing so they can I.D those originally M.I.A and now report them dead to their next of kin.

You wanted them to watch them get shot…

Which brings me to the final part.

The bow you give as if you just got done with a play

And then topping it off by wishing the viewers a happy Federation Day after just blowing off a two hundred Federal citizens on their national holiday… This was clearly aimed to stab at their ego, at their pride and sour their high from a day of festivity

You’re making a show out of this, and that’s precisely what is a spectacle, a performance on your behalf to taunt and demoralize your enemies. All of it engineered intentional to provoke and terrorize.


For the record, these things are true:

Our Skarkon Astrahus was already on a timer when the Triglavian representative’s exhortation to destroy all things ohnesh and sabotage the refugee work was posted.

The ultimatum we were given when the structure was reinforced was “stop interfering with MMH or we will kick you out of Pochven”. This happened on May 11th.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Head Diplomat
Electus Matari


Why would I regret carrying out justice? I did what was asked of me.

The tags were those of Federal terrorists that had died during the battle in space. The uploaded recording shows the sum of all executions.

Because I was ordered to record it.

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