[ARC] Joined operation request to the Empires, EDENCOM and loyal capsuleers

The direction of ARC’s flow is known: it tends toward degeneracy, liberalism, and abolitionism. Any Minmatar “rescued” from former Amarr Empire worlds (or elsewhere) during this operation will likely be given freedom and permitted to go to the Republic, there to strengthen the enemies of the Chosen People of God.

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist is thus suspicious of this operation as it stands. We recommend that the Triglavian loyalists filter out Minmatar civilians and prevent them from leaving.

Considering what we’ve laid out here there will be no need for a defense against Triglavians or other Kybernauts. Deviation from this plan will stop us from controlling the situation and stop us from ensuring ARCs safety. I do not wish for that to happen.

That being said, if something did go wrong in this situation we would defend ARC within Wirashoda and only within Wirashoda. Each clade within Pochven has very clearly defined borders. We don’t allow our guests to come under attack within our home but outside of these borders we have no imposed control. This is normal behavior in our culture and would not be seen as breaking any agreements.

Effectively the only moment of danger will be upon entrance of the wormhole prior to warp. If something does go wrong here the convoy can immediately return to High Security space through that wormhole until the situation is handled.

I can agree to this. As long as they do not enter our space then everything should be fine.

Logistics and transportation is all we will allow. This reduces the risk of an engagement and also prevents an issue should the convoy come under attack in the minimal time it is vulnerable.


Thank you for clearing that up.

My point of view has been on the evacuation efforts for the entirety of Pochven while yours was on a very specific part of Pochven. This misconception, combined with the overal messaging from your Director of Diplomacy, has resulted in a miscommunication where I misinterpreted the offer.

ARC has voiced it’s concerns with regard to not having observers for the evacuation of Senda, Wirashoda, Ala, Vale, and Archee and you agreed that those make sense. The above would result in a situation where this would be a reality.
It is complicated to organise things on this scale and it at a certain moment, it becomes impossible to make big changes in timetables or find free personnel for immediate reasignment.

There was no attempt at seeking or causing intentional friction. The previously mentioned miscommunication and misinterpretation resulted in taking the immediate start of evacuations as a similar act from Stribog instead.


(ARC Fleet Commander)
(CONCORD Loyalist)

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We’re still waiting on ARC to agree to these terms.
They haven’t agreed to anything and the refugees are still in limbo as a result.

  • Stribog will collect refugees from planets in Senda, Ala, Wirashoda, Vale, and Archee.
  • Stribog will then place them in the Triangular Trading Tower in Wirashoda.
  • ARC will stage in High Security space in a system Stribog will give them privately.
  • Only ARC Industrial and Logistics ships will be allowed into Wirashoda.
  • A military force of ARC ships will be allowed to stage in High Security space outside of Pochven.
  • Stribog Clade will manipulate the wormhole to allow access to these ARC ships.
  • ARC will collect the refugees in a good faith trade at the Triglavian Trading Tower.
  • Stribog Clade will defend the ARC fleet during their time in Wirashoda.

Right now ARC is demanding that this process be delayed to a later date so they can oversee that Stribog is processing refugees without bias. Our compromise is that we can leave choices up to the people on the planets and direct them to the Planetary Customs Office extraction points. This prevents interference and bias from either Stribog or ARC to allow for a truly neutral choice for those living on the planets.

I say that waiting would be a disservice to those who want to leave. Let’s not wrap this up in politics and posturing. Move forward and help these people.

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I speak for the Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization with the consent of the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle.

The Weaving of Pochven continues and Cladistic Proving through the Dialectics of the Concrete is in effect. Conditions within Pochven are evolving towards the optimal for continued development of human potential within the Struggle.

There is no requirement for “mass evacuations” at this time. Organizations with a history of experimentation with forbidden hive-linking, and associations with capsuleers in favour of forbidden hive-linking and domination arrangements, are not welcome in Pochven. Attempts to seize Aspirant Narodnya and remove them from the Proving will not be tolerated by the Clades.

Interference in the Weaving and the Struggle is poshlost activity, and Proven Kybernauts are exhorted to defend Pochven from infection by forbidden hive-linking and dominance ideologies.

Subcommander Seriatim Foucault


Taking the message from Seriatim Foucault into account, does the offer still stand?

This certainly has proven an unexpected turn of events.


(ARC Fleet Commander)
(CONCORD Loyalist)

Our negotiations end here.
ARC will not be permitted to enter Pochven under any circumstances.


Had the terms been accepted before that message from Seriatim Foucault, what would you have done?

Well, no one could have seen that coming.

We don’t break agreements.
Unfortunately that time has passed.

You’re all free to do as you will, I suppose.

I’m obligated to go along with the Convocations wishes however, and as stated by Seriatim and Maldavius, this is no longer tolerable activity.

If you’re inclined to try it still, I don’t mind, it’ll be fun atleast.

I’m finding the identity of the speaker extraordinarily interesting.

So, basically, a Gallentean Trig fan, if I understand correctly. Now somewhat militarized?

More than somewhat?

Emphasis mine.

That’s mighty interesting. Assuming it’s accurate. Is the Convocation outsourcing its diplomatic contacts? Policy-making? To what extent can we assume Intriguerre is actually tied in with and receiving marching orders from the Convocation?

Go take a short walk off a long pier.

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Maybe they are, delegating it to these ITRO people, because they can still speak in sentences that New Eden people can understand, instead of impenetrable Triglavian grammar.

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Maybe, if they find communicating with us troublesome. I notice Mr. Foucault’s still using Triglavian terminology, though.

Also …

Which arrangements are those exactly? The Collective’s brought up egger tolerance of some form of unacceptable ideology as part of their casus belli before, but they’ve never explained what they actually have the problem with or why.

The framing seems like it could reference slaving practices, though it seems like isolating and forcibly converting entire populations could be hard to defend at that point unless it’s under the ever-popular “it’s okay when we do it” standard.

(What does “playful communion” actually involve, anyway?)

Communication is paramount to conflict resolution. I believe there is an adage regarding this, which capsuleers are quite fond of.

Alas, though it may bring conflict to the individual: not only the Subclade, but the Collective have spoken.

My condolences, Dutch. Perhaps we will find more coherent opportunities of further mutual benefit in time.


Proven Kybernaut Sahara Jackal receives the exhortation of the Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization. Proven Kybernauts of Stribog Clade shall defend Pochven by communion militant.

All hivelinking-adjacent elements shall be extirpated.

The Flow of Vyraj cannot be stopped.

The “forbidden dominance arrangement”, I thought that was human elements under the control of machine intelligences. i.e. the Drifters.
Or other people under the control of rogue drones or similar.

But… none of that applies to ARC or other capsuleer groups, does it ?

Care to elaborate?