[ARC] Yulai Triglav Conference

Fellow Pilots

With the appearance of the Dreadnought Zirnitra in high security space, the Triglavian invasions have recently seen another quality of aggression. CONCORD Stellar Observatories, meant to inquire into the Convocation of Triglav’s stellar manipulations, have been the primary target of these anti-structure vessels. On top of this, the GalNET communication routers were hijacked in a large scale information warfare attack again, openly calling capsuleers to join their cause. A cause still shrouded behind a rethoric of a so called ‘proving’.

The Arataka Research Consortium has addressed these issues lately, through intensified research in the Triglavian Primer as well as multilateral fleet maneauvers to protect the invaded systems of New Eden. We would like to expand the scope of discussion and cooperation further by bringing people from all corners of New Eden together.

We invite pilots of all factions and nationality to join us at the Yulai Triglav Conference, taking place at Yulai VIII on the upcoming December 22th, 2000-2300 EVE.

There will be three parallel panels, starting with a one hour offset each:

  1. Military strategies and coalitions against the Triglavian menace. Prospective moderation: DutchGunner

  2. The Convocation of Triglav as an emerging new faction - lore and politics panel. Prospective moderation: Uriel P. Anteovnuecci.

  3. Suns and Stellar Manipulation. Prospective moderation: Ilm Gaterau and Haria Haritimado.

Procedure: Every panel will be structured in the same way. After a welcome and introduction by the moderators there will be a presentation slot for short presentations or statements on the respective topic for which you can apply (see below). After that, the floor is open to a moderated discussion for all participants. The venue will include plenty of room to meet and socialize during and after the event.

Apply for Presentation Slot: You don’t have to apply in advance to just attend the conference. However, if you want to present scientific insights, proposals, or statements in the presentation slot on one of the three panels, we kindly ask you to apply with your name, the group you represent (if any), and a description of your intended topic. Those contributions are meant to inspire discussion and diversity. They have to be short and prepared in advance in order to ensure a fluid procedure. Please announce your interest here or via EVE-Mail to Haria Haritimado or Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries [IKAME]. We will get in touch with you for the details.

Channel access and the detailed location will be announced before the conference. Interbus Connection is available, as well as multi-channel holographic routers. Proceedings will be made publicly available afterwards.

Haria Haritimado
Arataka Research Consortium

Addendum: The proceedings are available with the third issue of the Triglavian Primer.



As mentioned by Haria Haritimado, I will be present during this conference. I will give a presentation on the tactics used by the Triglavian forces and how they changed over time. Naturally I will also cover the tactics of ARC fleets in dealing with the Triglavian forces.

Any questions regarding these topics can be submitted to Haria Haritimado beforehand or asked after the presentation. The questions submitted before the start of the conference will be answered before opening up the floor for further questions.

Should anyone wish to submit a contribution, please contact Haria Haritimado. We will be happy to include your contributions and I look forward to your contributions and having a respectful and productive conference.

Due to the nature of the ongoing escalations, I would also like to invite the Empires, the Navies, CONCORD and DED to this conference. This invitation is send as both Fleet Commander of ARC and on a personal level.
Sharing all of the gained insights and developed tactics will prove crucial in dealing with this ongoing and growing crisis. Especially with how the safety of the people living within the Empires is at stake and the losses being suffered by those fighting the Triglavians need to be reduced drasticly.

(ARC Fleet Commander)
(CONCORD Loyalist)


Well … I could maybe suggest an outlier hypothesis on the suns and stellar manipulation. It’s not likely to be very comforting though and might come off a little alarmist?

(I hope? I mean, if it’s taken as alarming without being alarmist that probably isn’t a good sign?)

Representing LUMEN.


I would like to present my studies and findings on the physiology and affect of mutaplasmids on human bodies, touching on the cultural significance of Triglavian suits, their purpose, and the effects of using those brought in and re-appropriated by CONCORD.

Representing Subclade Neopytnyy


Ms. Jenneth
Mr. Actusmargo

Thank you for your reply. Your contributions are welcome. We will get in touch with you with the details after the upcoming weekend.

Haria Haritimado

An ancillary statement:

This conference will be conducted with the intent of true neutrality. We emphasize that Capsuleers of any nationality or faction alleigance are welcome to attend, and all information discussed throughout will be publicly disseminated.

Additionally, ARC extends an invitation to emissaries or delegates of all factions to peacefully attend. Should any representative elect to share any information or data hitherto unknown by the public concerning Case Red Gamma-B classification-qualified subjects (or CRG-A, if relevant), they will be freely invited to do so.*

ARC additionally extends an invitation to the Detached Executive Troika Zorya Triglav - the driving entity behind the Liminal Provings defined by CONCORD as Triglavian Invasions - alongside representatives of the Clades and/or the Convocation of Triglav itself, should any group divorced from Zorya wish to attend in neutrality alongside the other attendees.**

While security will be tight, all who attend are encouraged to make proper arrangements to minimize the potential impact of any possible interruptions to the proceedings of the conference.

* While ARC is prepared for this possibility, this is not an anticipated occurrence; all information regarding precursor factions currently known to ARC and Capsuleers as a whole at this time has near-unilaterally been attained through independent Capsuleer research, exploration, and other activities.

** An attempt at expressing this invitation into Semiosis Consoles under ARC possession has been made, using a newly compiled (read: completely untouched by the prior assembly) triune-console assembly based on the one composed for Operation Kres Majak - which saw a non-zero possibility of success through the appearance of presumed Kresnik-aligned Svarog Cladeships in response to transmission of Nation-adjacent data. This new assembly comprises one of each Semiosis Console, with the spatio-temporal data collection sub-assembly - as well as ANY trace of Nation technology (hypothesized to have caused problems in Semiki) - disincluded in the setup. Invitation:

Kybernaut polity ARC «non-augmented narodnya 5-polity convocation ‘CONCORD’ alliance ident:99006168» express prayer for communion neutral with Detached Executive Troika «Zorya Triglav» and Troika «assembled Koschoi+Narodnya+Navka» of Clades Veles, Perun, and Svarog in assembly neutral in Yulai «‘CONCORD’ system ident:30005204» at advancing-time coordinates «YC121.12.22:2000h=ObservatoryTemporalRecords ://translate : 22357.12.22:2000h» as procession to Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle. Assembly-comprise : dissemination of castings of data for Liminal Provings action+consequence+development+invitation+intent+flow across Kybernaut polities.


I have a thought that the Triglavians are a civilization powered by Stellar collapse and their remnants: harvesting neutron star collisions to create heavy matter or even exotic quark-gluon plasma; and rotating black holes to provide superradiant power in their ergosphere.

There’s neutrality, and then there’s willful negligence.

Should be an interesting event. I look forward to attending.

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We forward our expressed gratitude at the assurance of safety and neutrality during this conference.

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I’d say there would be far more insidious or non-neutrally-capable groups who could be invited to such a meeting than the Triglavians themselves.

As it stands, the impact of their Liminal Provings pales in comparison to not only the Drifter raids punctuating the blackout (where their forces utterly stripped countless non-capsuleer material repositories and processing installations of not only every asset, but of every human being inhabiting them to surely be used in as materials themselves), but to the actions of CONCORD’s own signatories as well, against others present in the assembly.

The largest dangers from the Collective draw from unknowns - their motivations, their rationale for their attitudes toward certain factions and forms of life, and their mysterious plans involving apparent tinkering with spacetime and meticulously selected solar bodies. That said, thus far the only targets they’ve taken aim at have been tactical in nature, and few civilian casualties (to our knowledge) have come from their operations - according to AEGIS Provost Marshal Valkanir:

“Triglavian assaults on static targets are typically aimed at specific objectives and not at inflicting high levels of casualties.” Provost Valkanir went on to say, “The best assessment of AEGIS, and indeed the DED as a whole, is that Triglavian operations on planets, moons, stations, and other orbitals, are primarily focused on intelligence-gathering efforts. This does include some degree of seizing property and personnel, presumably for analysis and, in the latter case, interrogation.”

The combined number of dead and severely wounded due to Triglavian attacks in space is running into several millions, with CONCORD and core empire naval personnel suffering the bulk of those casualties.

- From The SCOPE

The potential dangers of what may come at their hands are the primary cause for fear of the Collective. That the four Empires are agreeably working with CONCORD at the same time - without apparent conflict with each other, when each member has already experienced all-out-war with another - is testament to that.

Given that Zorya has directly called on Capsuleers for cooperation, it seems as reasonable to predict a chance of neutral interactions with the Triglavians as it would be to consider neutral relations with certain already-known factions in New Eden.

The Collective absolutely has goals that will not align with the philosophies of the core Empires and CONCORD, and will obviously continue to generate friction. That said, the fact that they reject the Drifters and are unilaterally opposed to the very existence of Sansha’s Nation’s “corrupt” hivemind is reason enough to pause and consider what role they may play in New Eden’s future - and where the factions present in the cluster today may agree or disagree with them.


The role they will play in New Eden’s future is consuming it–as illustrated by ARC’s own documentations of the stellar accelerators.

As for their attending neutrally, it’s important to remember that these individuals do not think the same way that we do. Perhaps their goals would indeed align with ours. But how have they communicated with us thus far? By subjecting us to various “provings”.

Let’s imagine that they address the conference the exact same way.

You’re putting into danger every baseliner who would be aboard your chosen station, the crews of every ship arriving and departing, and countless other civilians who could be caught in the line of fire should your Triglavian guests opt to have you “prove” yourselves before they sit at the table.

Will the novelty of attempting to address them be worth all of those lives?

For myself, I choose not to subject my crews to unnecessary danger just to see whether we can chat with them.

Mr. Quatrevaux, I get why you’re worried. I seriously do. But it’s really hard to end a war without some kind of diplomacy, and out of maybe any entity in New Eden ARC might have the strongest chance of being able to actually talk to the Convocation and maybe really get an answer.

Invasions are ongoing. Death tolls are mounting. Explanations are thin, contacts brief and unilateral. Nobody seems to know what a Triglavian actually looks like or have an explanation of why we don’t know. (“Eraser” devices? Super-rapid, biohazardous decay? A truth so disturbing CONCORD has gone to great lengths to suppress it?)

If we invite them to meet with us under a flag of truce, will they appear? Will they respect the neutrality of the venue? Maybe; maybe not. We do know they seem to have a strong sense of fair play. Maybe they’ll deem it fair to respect our rules while visiting. If not, that, too, is data we can use.

Also, not to minimize your concern for local civilians, but we’re capsuleers. “Putting huge numbers of lives at risk” is, well, kind of where we live? … and this at least will be a pretty controlled environment. I expect an actual arrival by a Zorya delegation (I’m imagining a whole procession of identical suits) would draw intense interest from security. Actually I expect they’d probably seal off the whole station section and put us under quarantine until they could be sure we weren’t about to collapse into little piles of bioadaptive goo.

(I’ll be refreshing my backup clone before I go. Really that just seems like common sense if you’re not attending holographically.)

Anyway, for now the Triglavians seem mostly content to do weird and violent things, so it seems like a long shot that they’ll even turn up.

But wouldn’t it be interesting if they did?


No, it wouldn’t be.

But to each their own.

Absolutely. Yes. We’re already vigorously shooting back and forth at a significant cost in lives; it’s seemingly doing little to change the mode of interaction we have with them.

But hey, maybe you could try sending them some vid of troopers in the woods blasting a Trig through the head on a bright Sunday morning instead; see how that works for avoiding total inter-civilisation warfare.

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Perceiving the Triglavians as a body capable of only aggression is a saddening display of ignorance. We welcome this cultural exchange and express belief that violence will not result from communion unless mutually agreed upon.


Respected Pilots and Researchers
Dear Attendees

Below you find the final schedule for tomorrow’s Yulai Triglav Conference in the Yulai system, close to planet VIII. We have three tracks. They start with one hour delay each:

  1. Track 2000-2100 EVE time
  2. Track 2100-2200 EVE time
  3. Track 2200-2300 EVE time

Lasairiona Raske will be the venue’s host and lead moderator. She will oversee the conference channels and the time schedule. Our support staff will be around to help you with any questions you might have.


1900 - 2000 Conference Venue and Exhibition open
1955 - 2000 Welcome note and official opening (Haria Haritimado)

TRACK 1: Military strategies and coalitions against the Triglavian menace
2000 - 2020 Triglavian Invasion: mutual assured ascending (DutchGunner)
2020 - 2040 (Re)New(ed) Eden: why Poshlost when you can Sobornost? (Morgana Tsukiyo)
2040 - 2100 Open floor for discussion

TRACK 2: The Convocation of Triglav as an emerging new faction - lore and politics panel
2100 - 2115 What we know about the Triglavian Collective (Uriel P. Anteovnuecci)
2115 - 2130 The impact of Mutaplasmic integration with the human body (Thuri Actusmargo)
2130 - 2145 The manifold objectives of the Triglavian invasions (Uriel P. Anteovnuecci)
2145 - 2200 Open floor for discussion

TRACK 3: Suns and Stellar Manipulation
2200 - 2220 Sun topology and multiple worlds (Haria Haritimado)
2220 - 2040 An Alarmist Abyssal Hypothesis (AAAH!) (Aria Jenneth)
2240 - 2300 Open floor for discussion

2300 - 2305 Conference closing and open end

All times are given in EVE time. Information on the holographic router channels, docking, and security will follow soon in this thread.

We are looking forward to welcome you on Sunday!

Lasairiona Raske & Haria Haritimado


The landing channel for the conference is “Security - Yulai Triglav Con”. From there, you’ll be invited into the exhibition hall once you clear security.

Thank you


I received several questions asking for the possibility to attend by remote connection. It is possible to attend via holographic router without being physically present at the venue. You will end up in the security reception and check in like everyone else. So just join the channel:

Looking forward to meet you later.

Haria Haritimado

Thanks to the organizers, hosts and speakers for a very well put together and very smoothly ran event.

I admit given it was ARC I expected something a little more… tactical… but these insights into how people think were valuable in an unexpected way.