[ARC] Semiki operational update

But we are getting better at idiotic escapades, in the name of science of course.


Good afternoon, Mr. Drust;

Thank you for taking the time to dispense your wisdom. I’m sure you have plenty of time on your hands, after all. Thank you, what’s more, for blithely assuming that ARC has done nothing these past months, and that one capsuleer’s experiment outweighs thousands of Triglavian vessels downed, dozens of fleet operations, and doctrinal development and dissemination.

What’s more, I can’t help but wonder how a single experiment in a relatively isolated pocket constitutes a material impedance of the defense of New Eden. Perhaps you’d care to actually elaborate for once, instead of casting aspersions and seeming to not do much at all.

In service,
Makoto Priano
Arataka Research Consortium Coordination Group


Kim, just go away.


Captain Drust, with all due respect, I don’t think there’s merit in your words. You could ask with the same efficiency Blood Raiders to stop bleeding their victims or Minmatar freedom fighter to stop attacking peaceful Imperial citizens.

We can describe in details how dangerous it is, we can argue with them - but it will lead nowhere. Some people just don’t get words. If you want to change that you have to use power.

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This is very, very interesting.

The Triglavians appear to be intensely connected to “information”, be it the trinary data, the semiotic conductors, the Boards hijacking, the invasion of the Galnet Worm and the “Corruption”.

What if instead of a biological wetware (we), a conscious hardware (rogue drones), hybrid wet/hardware single sandboxed instances of mass produced default infomorph patterns (drifters) they work more as an Always Online Service, and the interference on their communication network is able to interfere on localized cluster of Avatars that required a forced disconnect, or Immolation before the rest of the network is affected?

It is possible that some sort of Mind Meld occurs between them, and the feedback from the Avatar function as some sort of Optogenetics, interfering with the actual wetware / informorph wheterver it is present?

That sounds like an area of expertise that Sansha would be quite proficient, and would explain why the Triglavians are so pissed at him.

And yeah, if we are in the realm of not only physical combat but also informational warfare… final death may be in the horizon, specially with all this Quantum Helium shortage…

Offgrid clones are not as neat as instant backups

Such interesting times! :heart_eyes:


You people can’t even respond to a single damnable thing unless a capsuleer shoots someone first. Are you quite done being incompetent and ignoring threats all over New Eden?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the core regions are under constant attack from Triglavians, the outer regions are slapping the Drifters around like 0.02ISK Gallente 'hos, and you cowardly little pieces of crap are hiding from it all.

You want to talk decency? How about you grow a pair and do something for once.


The Zainou investigation liaison center once again repaired, though this time with several defensive fleets on grid to ensure that the opfor didn’t just reinforce it again.

The structure has been refit, and we will be relocating essential research materials to a more defensible position in the coming days.


Captain Drust;

I appreciate it that you are just trying to do your job, put this is uncalled-for.

ARC is the one entity that has most co-ordinated the response against Triglavians. They have managed to bring together pilots from all nations to repel these attacks. ARC-coordinated fleets respond to Triglavian invasions pretty much every day, and we have seen things like a logiwing commanded by an Amarrian loyalist in a fleet commanded by a Minmatar one flying against Triglavians in the Federation.

CONCORD is the one who should be able to boast with such things. ARC is the one that actually can.

Now put up or shut up.

Elsebeth Shaninn


Thank you for the kind words, Captain Rhiannon.



Ishukone Corporation is grateful for the continuing efforts of capsuleers loyal to the mission and ethos of the Ishukone family of businesses, cultural organizations and science groups. It is heartening to see that capsuleers can come together in the defense of New Eden and we have had consistently good reports from our Watch commanders in regards to Semiki.

Regardless, we at Ishukone Corporation do feel that some caution should be exercised when carrying out experimental work related to emergent threats such as the Drifters, Triglavians and Sansha’s Nation. We trust that capsuleers sharing our ethos will continue to learn and participate constructively in the ongoing defense of New Eden.

Finally, I urge you not to think too badly of Captain Drust and the efforts of his colleagues in CONCORD. Ishukone Corporation has witnessed their vital efforts make a difference many times in the last few weeks. The present emergency is stretching the resources of all. Let us not make the mistake, as we say on New Caldari Prime, of thinking that one cold day makes a winter.

My best regards,

Majima Umokka

Special Corporate Counsel
Directorate of Arbitration and Adjustment,
Ishukone Corporation


Heard, understood, and indeed agreed on many things, Umokka-haan. You have my thanks for your thoughts.

You and I would surely likewise agree, insofar as the last matter is concerned, that Provost Marshal Valkanir’s stance on relations with independent Capsuleers better husbands social capital for its future employment.

In any case, moving forward, I can safely say that the Arataka Research Consortium will continue its efforts to aid in the collective defense and to push the bounds of knowledge in a way that will further our shared goal of a more peaceful, prosperous cluster.

In service.


I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt when he extends it to anyone else.

Or, you know, if he goes back to being grr at Valerie.


I appreciate the pressure CONCORD is under in these trying times and I can see that the organization has plenty of reason to see capsuleers as unreliable, but I think there is an issue of lack of leadership from CONCORD.

At the moment our instructions seem to be to simply fight them where they appear, which capsuleers are doing a great job of, but our enemies are relentless and appear to have near infinite resources to throw at us. We also have the crew under our command to think about, something I think we have in common with Captain Drust. So when an opportunity presents itself to fight unconventionally, or maybe even gather data that may be helpful in the future understandable, and in fact completely sensible, though it seems at times we will get it wrong.

Perhaps rather than chastising capsuleers, CONCORD should be working along side us. This may aid to improve our combined effectiveness and avoiding missteps. I have in the past suggested capturing intact those triglavian monitors CONCORD scientists seem interested in but really I have no idea if that is a sound idea or not… I’l be honest I am a bit of an armchair capsuleer. Regardless I am sure the greatest military, scientific and political minds in known space can come up with something together. However the ball is really in CONCORD’s court here.

I think you’re right about this. Right now, we’re on the defensive, just answering fights where they show up. This can only become a war of attrition, which we would almost certainly lose.

If CONCORD has information about the Triglavians that they haven’t shared, then maybe they should. Given the brain trust we have here, even a small detail that they might think is worthless could be the difference in developing an offensive campaign and repelling them (and the Drifters, and everyone else being opportunistic) from our space.

Capsuleers are currently the primary fighting force defending the cluster from this mayhem. It’s no different from sharing information to help the navies.


We aren’t just ‘on the defensive’. Capsuleers have been raiding triglavian outposts for months now. If anything, we started the war. And, no, we wouldn’t lose a war of attrition. We’re literally a social class whose primary benefit is our “immortality”. In any war of attrition, the capsuleer wins. Besides, we seem to be doing just fine; these invasions have all been getting repelled at speeds far faster than our work against Sansha – mainly because, unlike with that, capsuleers seem to have decided to actually go for the throat this time. So why do we need help? Really, the only thing you actually need to do with capsuleers is ensure that whatever you want them to do is rewarding enough and we’ll excel at it.

It’s quite different. Capsuleers have proven to be utter monsters who care about nothing but our own selfish gain. For all CONCORD’s and the empires’ problems I’d still trust sensitive, important information to them far more than any capsuleer. And they’re not exactly ‘doing nothing’. There’s planetary invasions going on, too, you know. As long as CONCORD is sharing needed information with the empires, then they’re doing their job.

Is all of this pretty terrifying? Yeah. But may hell open up and swallow us before we start entrusting capsuleers with even more than we have already.

And yet none of that has provided us with a way to end the invasion. Say we all dive into the Abyss. What would that do? Push them further out into New Eden, most likely.

This is true in any battle against other humans. When we look at the Triglavians and Drifters, and even Sansha, they seem to have a bottomless supply of troops to throw at us, ships and ammunition to support them, and free time. There are a finite number of capsuleers. Even if we keep being reborn into clones—and it does take time to create fresh clones to quality control specifications—we will run out of ships and ammo. We’ll grow tired and discontent, or maybe go mad from the pressure. We would lose, absolutely.

This claim is so subjective that the only response I’m willing to provide is to point out that you’re addressing a logical argument on an emotional basis.

The planetary invasions have been reported as limited in scope. And the empires have been doing fuckall in space, where the source of the battles are. They are patently not doing their jobs, regardless of what information CONCORD has given them. That’s why we’re stuck pulling their weight. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I have plenty of other pressing things to do beyond worrying about defending Forts and flying through triangles on my shipping lanes.

Except we know that’s not true, Samira. The structure of the A-space pockets we’ve gone into is definitely set up as a Skinner Box. If I invite you in, and there’s a buffet table set out with a big sign saying ‘Eat Me’… you’re not raiding when you have something to eat.

That’s what they’re doing. Those caches they set up have no purpose for them. They don’t need to leave skillbooks formatted for our implants in there for one another to use. They don’t need to leave BPCs in our data formats and languages for their internal use. That stuff’s being put there for us.

If I go to a target range and shoot the targets the owner set up for me to shoot, that’s hardly a hostile act.


What’s more, Ms. Culome, is that it’s now perfectly clear that the blueprints we receive from the Triglavians aren’t fully functional; otherwise, we wouldn’t be using salvage from Triglavian ships to improve on Triglavian designs. Some of this may be our manufacturing approximations of the equipment, or using standardized substitutions that are easier to manufacture, but-- I simply can’t get past that making advanced versions of Triglavian hulls requires… Triglavian hulls.


Gaaaaaah. Please don’t call me that.

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Director Culome.