[news] Semiki Zainou Biohazard Containment Compromised; Lai Dai Under Suspicion

News from the State yesterday. I must applaud the quick response of the Wiyrkomi Peace Corps in apprehending the suspect, and can only hope that the investigation by the Watch proves swift and effective.

We should be wary of the immediate effort to lay blame on Lai Dai, however. An aggrieved spouse is easily turned, and it may be that Vailakkel was recruited for direct operations due to the ease with which another party may deny involvement.

Needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see what follows, and hopefully the disruption was short-lived.


Wait, malware sophisticated enough to attack cyberimplants ?

Well, that’s worrying.

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Obviously, the purpose of this attack is to reduce confidence in TCMCs, indirectly. I suspect Minmatar terrorists.

Do not be fooled, though, for if slave TCMCs could be hacked directly, it would have been done; instead, the terrorists needed to find a softer target.

It’s not unheard of, and it merits attention.

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If he wasn’t working for some larger group (and even if he was, this might still be true of his participation), this action might have been an attempt to release a virus that would require significant research and investment in counteraction. The version his wife was hit with was apparently tailored to only attack her specific implant configuration. By releasing a version that endangered a wider array of megacorporate employees, Vailakkei may have been attempting to force research and progress that could benefit his wife’s case.


It looks like Mr. Vailakkel went vigilante. Unprofessional.

But he might have found who was responsible for the attack on Lai Dai and his wife in YC111. It clearly looks like Ishukone trail, and I won’t be surprised, that if the thread will be pulled, it will lead through Zainou to Ishukone and then to Federation.

Ah, doing the wrong thing for the right reasons then ?

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potentially… at least in his mind.

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I am not sure your suspicions could be realistic. If that would be Minmatar, instead of writing something as sophisticated, they would beat said chip with a stick, chanting, “Stop working, bad thing!”

No, really. Have you ever seen Minmatar “engineers” fixing some panels on their ships? Hit it, until it works. And if it falls off - then you didn’t need it anyway.

As it’s traditional to break out the red conspiracy string and speculate over events like this:

Vailakkel was just the fall guy and distraction. He was compromised, probably with threats against his wife. The Aliastra angle is a dead end and was just a distraction created by tipping off WPC. The real assault/extraction team already got what it wanted while everyone was focused on Vailakkel.

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