Capsule Subsystem Holostorage EH-CN-J44-003

Capsule Subsystem Holostorage EH-CN-J44-003
Although battered and scorched by the destruction of the capsule it was installed in, this subsystem holostorage device seems to retain some recoverable and relatively easily decrypted data:

“–eard from one of the cell members based in the Amarr Trade Registry offices. Passed on some information about EDENCOM spending priorities during the invasion he’d dug up while sifting some secure archives. Crazy those Amarr. They document everything. Three times over. And then another agency does it all over again. I mean the information doesn’t really surprise me. We all knew that EDENCOM is an Amarr pl–”

What the ■■■■ is this?! How has it been two years for us to find this ■■■■ out?! How many freed brothers and sisters have died under this false Amarr banner? Any Matari with an ounce of self respect still flying alongside these ■■■■stains should drop their association as soon as possible. If you don’t, then you’re not one of us and the blood of Skarkon and Krirald is on your hands.

Screw your EDENCOM and Screw your Empress.

Three hours into your capsuleer career and you’ve already exposed our Great Conspiracy! Curse you Erikk Albosa!

In all seriousness, we do document these sort of things and I’m sure the governments of all EDENCOM
partners have more reliable information to base their commitment to EDENCOM on than a fragment of a conversation between two pilots.

Welcome to space. Try not to believe everything you read. You might find a bit of Scripture and then you’ll have to find out how deep the Amarrian Great Conspiracy really goes!


While I do not trust a hnolku guri ty on principle, this intelligence lends credence to several private suspicions.

I do not offer any firm conclusions, but I will point out three facts for consideration:

  1. This log appears formatted as diary rather than a memorandum. It is, so to to speak, “raw intelligence” not intended for wide dissemination. This makes it less likely to be purposeful misinformation.

  2. The source appears to be low ranking, but the suspicion is not private, and is presented as common knowledge.

  3. The intelligence aligns with private statements from other, independent sources before the time of this collection, but to my knowledge this theory has not been widely disseminated in public.

Remember, only the paranoid survive.


It really does disturb me just how quickly some in New Eden will jump on the anti-Amarr bandwagon given even the slightest excuse to do so, no matter how dubious the evidence or incomprehensible the reasoning.

No, we did not stage the invasion and annexation of several of our own systems by an external existential threat just so that we could use it as an excuse to create a joint-defense organisation within an already-existing international organisation as a way to project a tiny little bit more influence over the cluster that we are already the most powerful entity in. To even consider the possibility of that being the case is a gross insult to every single person that has died, Amarrian or otherwise, fighting against the Collective in defense of all of our systems and worlds.

I know that Golden Scare hysteria is a comforting sensation for those of weak heart and mind, but don’t let that blind you to its absurdity. The people contributing the most to the defense of our systems and operations to undermine our shared enemies are not the people you should be concerned about right about now.


I first read that as Capsule Subsystem Holostage and for some reason pictured a pole and, well, none of that matters.

An Amarrian “pl…”











Oooh! I’m fond of “We all knew that EDENCOM is an Amarrian plesiosaur.” This is exactly why I was telling that bleached drug mule that cultists play a vital role in the food chain. We know how to decipher conspiratorial plots…

Great SOCT, darlings!

That’s it! Notice the awkward use of tense. “We all knew that EDENCOM is.” Grammatician! Grammatician to the bridge! One of those sentence diagram things ought to clear this up right quick.

Edencom is an Amarr plot?!

Who would’ve thought?

Oh no.



Please don’t. People will think you’re serious.


I am entirely serious. Both on the the subject matter and on the tone that this “revelation” needs. Anyone with eyes has already seen it.

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Oh come on, Rhiannon. I know you’re as bought in to the Golden Scare as anyone, but really? A hostile outside force invades our cluster, committing horrific crimes against our peoples and undermining the institutions of international order that both of our nations worked tirelessly to build. An entity that presents a grave existential threat to all of our ways of life, and you’re seriously of the belief that our joint-defense institution is an underhanded plot by one party to undermine the others? You of all people, whose organisation and mine flew together countless times in defense of that institution?

I truly find it hard to believe that you could be the same Elsebeth Rhiannon that supposedly once stood by Karin Midular even as the rest of her people betrayed her for daring to advocate for peaceful cooperation.

This alleged leak speaks of EDENCOM’s spending priorities though, not the Triglavians.
Not to lend any legitimacy to a pirate’s intercepted comms, but it is rather strange how much more successful the Empire was in their defense, and how they were the only ones to be reinforced by Gunstar installations for the majority of the conflict.

Claiming that the Empire orchestrated the invasions is lunacy. Claiming that Kasiha Valkanir has a specific bias on the other hand?


Oh, did we not sacrifice to a level that you deem adequate? Are the hardships of the Republic, Federal, or State forces who put their lives on the line less meaningful than those of the Empire? Don’t you dare try and suggest that your navies are the single most important pillar in the Triglavian defense. Every single soldier under every banner contributed more than enough. Suggesting otherwise backhands every other nation who spilt blood to protect your systems and your people. That is unfair and entirely undeserved.

The Empire did not cause the invasions, nor is Catiz the secret long-lost sister of Zorya or any other grade F holovid nonsense like that.

But when the invasions happened, the Empire used every bit of the joint defense it could for its own benefit and to further its own agenda.

Amarr fortresses and victories were fortified before anyone else’s. Amarr systems were defended first. Valkanir is an Amarr faithful - and not by birth but also by choice.

There are now three Fortresses under joint control on the easiest way from the Great Wildlands to Domain, conveniently situated in the Sasta border pipe and in Teonusude, the border system from low to highsec.

The Empire is old, Amicia Cora. This is the kind of game it plays. Take a situation and manipulate it to offer the choice of bad or worse.

Not that others don’t play the same kind of games. That’s how the Long Night ended; we saw a chance and took it and offered a bad peace that was still better than what fighting would have cost you. In EDENCOM, the Empire played them better than others.

As to me as a Midularite… the Chaptermaster of PIE Inc likes to say Midular would have been a bigger threat to the Empire in the long run than Shakor’s government can be. They are not wrong.


Save it, Dallocort. I know you hate my guts, as you’ve told me on multiple occasions now, but this is neither place nor the time to twist words or try to misrepresent people. Nowhere have I suggested that the commitments of the other CONCORD states have been inadequate. Were I to consider them as such, I probably would not be so angry at seeing their efforts publicly undermined by people seriously suggesting that the organisation they fought for is actually a nefarious plot. Save your hatred for me for the times we encounter each other in the CEMWPA warzone.

I don’t disagree with them. Save for a dramatic change of approach, Shakor and his war-mongering ilk will only lead the Republic to its hastened demise - that much is plainly obvious. Nevertheless, I highly doubt Midular would have spoken ill of EDENCOM in the way you do, regardless of whether it was a genuine attempt at peaceful cooperation or a nefarious long-con designed to lead Amarr into a false sense of security. My remark stands.

She is, sadly, as dead as Heideran.

Then maybe you should be more careful with how you word things, because reading that was extremely off-putting and makes it seem as if the Amarrian Empire was more valuable an entity in the defense than any other. It was not and is not, but a mindset that believes otherwise would certainly track with you.

It was ambiguously worded due to the muddled use of us/we/our, but I interpreted Amicia’s statement as referring to the previously mentioned joint-defense organization, not solely to the Amarrian contribution to EDENCOM.

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Even if Amarr was the leading proponent of EDENCOM, what is the accusation? Encouraging the Cluster to collectively defend itself seems reasonable. Is the premise that Amarr is now somehow able to take sole control of EDENCOM’s resources?

And that’s it? Somebody dies and the ideals or beliefs they held die with them? That’s a very miserable form of defeatism if I ever saw one. I expected more from you, Elsebeth Rhiannon, I really did.

Heideran VII, Doriam II, and Jamyl I are all dead, yes. Blessed be their names and memory. One day, though I hope I don’t live to see it, Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I will be too. None of that will invalidate any of their Scriptural works, their ideals will live within the cultural fabric of Amarr for so long as they are understood to remain in line with God’s intentions and for so long as their are brave, faithful servants that will fight to uphold them. Last I checked, with the exception of the Heideran decree’s revocation during Her Imperial Majesties reorganisation of the Military Circuits, no other of Heideran’s works have been revoked or superceded.

Thank you for pointing out where I may have been ambiguous, Lady Kor-Anashtih. I will endeavour to ensure I don’t make similar mistakes moving forward. That said, I do believe that there is something to be said for the notion that how one interprets ambiguities speaks quite heavily as to their underlying mentalities. I’m beginning to fear that the Empire could do literally anything and some would always choose to see it in the worst possible light. Alas, I know that is no reason for us to stop trying.

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Funny you say this.

Because that is clearly not what Else meant.

Unless of course it confirms your biases. Obviously.