Incompetent Federation Navy FC?

As you might know, I’m a big supporter of EDENCOM, having supported multiple fleets in multiple systems in the Republic, Federation, Caldari and even Amarr space! But lately I see some troubles with the EDENCOM Fleet commanders. Today was the peek!

One EDENCOM Commander attacked my ship without any aggression, multiple times, preventing me from undocking.

The Incident:
I was warping to the Nurtura station in Tierijev today when I noticed an EDENCOM Fleet fighting some Triglavian forces. Of course I tried to help them by transferring some of our ships shield energy to a Navy Megathron:

However, it seemed to happen, that an suspicious capsuleer called “NeuroDeath”, a Triglavian supporter, was transferring energy to our ship without any former agreement on my side. This led to EDENCOM letting go of the Triglavians and attacking OUR ship.

Here is a picture of the incident. Fortunately we could evade into the station forcefield, but after we undocked, the capsuleer, that was himself now in a fight with EDENCOM forces, did the same again and we got attacked again straight out of the undock! Our attempts to open a voicecom to the commander were ofc blocked.

This fleet commander attacked multiple ships of our fleet, including a Basilisk and other ships. He is a total maniac! This goes on for at least an hour now!

I want him punished! He not only risked our life, but in not fighting the real danger: The Triglavians; HE is responsible for the destruction of the mentioned Navy Megathron with hundreds on souls on board!!
I want a statement by the navy now!


Sounds like you got outsmarted by the Kybernauts. Surely someone warned you of the dangers of running in Capsuleer circles? The Federal Navy was following orders. We all have a job to do and sometimes, it gets people killed. Who are you to demand anything of the Navy?


I am responsible for MY crewmembers. And if they are in danger because of someone who can’t get his act together it is my duty to fix this issue!

Most fleet commanders seem competent enough to not get distracted by this and remain calm and not take hasty decisions. For example the same thing happened at an Edencom Cyno. Probably the Kybernauts wanted to spread confusion there, too. But they did not succeed.

Our ship is especially marked as a support ship. Why would any FC target us when there are multiple Triglavian ships attacking them?
I just think this commander should resign or claim responsibility and explain himself after what happened today!

You said it yourself. You are responsible for your crew. No one else. And if this doesn’t do it for you, one day you’ll make a regrettable decision like this one and I hope that someone finally questions you. Someone finally demands you go home and stop playing at pod pilot. Note, you seem to be the only one genuinely outraged about this event. Immortal lives have already been replaced…


I have experience generating publicity and mobilization when it comes to placing bounties on others. Let me know if you wish to enlist my services.


I’ve seen this sort of IFF mishap pertaining to remote assistance occur on the other side as well. Did you know that a Zirnitra is shockingly accurate against an afterburning Deacon?

Only until it goes 1 mm too far.

Until which goes too far? The Zirnitra or the Deacon?

The observations that I am aware of indicate that the Zirnitra used by the Collective is significantly more capable than the Zirnitra available to capsuleers, almost as if the blueprints that they are giving out are a downgraded “export” version, as I noted here. The Collective’s Zirnitra seems capable of hitting an afterburning frigate at any range and tracking it extremely well according to the most recent information that I am aware of, so I’m pretty sure that its gunnery systems are much more advanced than any dreadnought in capsuleer hands.

Don’t twist this on me.
While I understand your concerns about civilians like me entering an invaded system, it doesn’t make what happened any less worse.

When others can see past it, I can’t.
An EDENCOM Commander attacking civilian-, neutral- or EDI- ships and you are ignoring him/her?

If you saw a supposed EDI pilot receiving assistance from Kybernauts, would you not have done the same? All is fair in war…

Thank you edencome for this information

I will now let other triglavian player know this

Stick to drone design Komi.

You’re good at that.

Also; was that MTU packed up properly or just left to litter space?

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I got that too…

It is good that you begin to question the organization you have pledged loyalty to. Perhaps you will soon realize that the loyalty is one-sided.

Many Edencom supporting capsuleers have been scare-mongering about Triglavian mind control - yet I have evidence that should call into question whether this is simply projection.

Yesterday I witnessed an Edencom-aligned Capsuleer fleet engage Triglavians in combat with Drifters. We know very well that Drifters are the ancient enemy of the Triglavians - and in fact likely the very threat that forced their retreat into Abyssal space. To ally with the Drifters is madness - or perhaps more than that? We know full well that Concord has long been researching Drifter technology. We know that advanced Concord ships incorporate Drifter technology into their design - technology they do not make available to the rest of Edencom or Edencom-aligned Capsuleers. What else do we know about the Drifters? We know they are literal body-snatchers - that they are commanded by an intrusive artificial intelligence that violates unwilling and even dead bodies, wipes out the personality and replaces it with its own direct will.

Is it in any way a stretch that Concord, seemingly convincing Edencom and Capsuleers to ally with the Drifters, having long performed studies on Drifter technology, with most findings kept secret - may not be as altruistic as they seem? Perhaps it is not a coincidence that Edencom supporters have in unison began accusing the Triglavians of mind control? It certainly looks suspiciously timed. Is it unreasonable to assume that a threat as sophisticated as the Drifters have more subtle versions of their technology than the brute combat-focused cybernetics? How else should we explain key Minmatar figures and Capsuleers defending Edencom’s financing massive expansion of the Amarr Navy with their own government’s funding support? Capsuleers across all the empries, including the Minmatar Republic, justifying their defence of Amarr - while claiming that it is the Triglavians who engage in slavery and genocide? Their acceptance of the naked power grab, led by one of a tribe which ordinarily they would never forgive the history of?

Do not for a second forget that the Triglavians were not the initial aggressors. An exploration ship was attacked by Concord, it’s crew taken and interrogated - and we know nothing of what happened next. They are either in a blacksite interrogation camp, or dead. Would any of you not consider that an act of war? If the situations were reversed, would the Empires not stage a retaliation?

As further proof of the madness of seeking to ally with the Drifters, the fleet I speak of was engaged by the Drifters immediately after the Triglavian fleet retreated. Between four and five ships were destroyed in seconds. It is clear that the mysterious loyalty is one sided. And yet - the non-Capsuleer Edencom fleet was unharmed.

What is next, an alliance with the Sansha, the second most hated enemy of the Triglavians?

The Drifters shattered Jovian society. They forced the Triglavians to retreat into Abyssal space. Are we supposed to believe that the same won’t happen to the rest of New Eden once the only opposition is wiped out? Are we yet again as arrogant as the Amarr, thinking that we are more powerful than the Jove, and we will be able to take on this threat adequately once all allies have been destroyed?


You’re freaking me out, man. Is this stage 4? Edencom seizing control of Imperial governments?

As one who has sought to know my enemy so that I may better understand how to defeat them, I have come to understand that the Drifters are not the Ancient Enemy of the Triglavians, but rather a group that has decided to imitate this ancient enemy. The Drifters are, after all, very new as a society. They didn’t exist when then the Triglav inhabited New Eden. The ancient enemy refers to the Second Jove Empire’s ruling class, the Tyrants. The Drifters see themselves as the inheritors of the Tyrants’ legacy and have adopted several aspects of their societal structure, leading to the Triglavians initially believing them to be the Tyrants themselves.

Friendly fire happened because the protocol for autorecognition of hostiles by reps on some concord commander’s overview is ■■■■■■. Yes, annoying, but not exactly breaking news with Ret Gloriaxx.

Komi, this is getting ridiculous. You should not have been on that field in a ship that registers as part of the battle anyway. I don’t know how you do it, but pretty sure it should not be legal for indie baseliner ships to do that or to carry weaponry to do it.

You are endangering your crew and your fleet by flying capsuleer jobs without capsuleer implants.


A purposeful emulation of - and intentional positioning oneself as - the continuation of the Ancient Enemy is sufficient to grant the label as far as I am concerned. The technology is the same, and the hostility is the same - even as purpose is arguably more sinister.

All Edencom supporters must ask themselves - what of the years of covert research done by Concord and Upwell? Why are the superior Concord ships absent from Edencom fleets? One would expect that we would face at the very least limited elite units, yet they are nowhere to be seen. Worse still, the ship designs released to Capsuleers, despite being supposedly designed specifically to counter the Triglavian forces, are woefully ineffective. And yet again, where are they? Why are they not part of Edencom units?

This is in stark contrast to the performance of adapted Triglavian vessels. In fact, each of the four Empires has contributed to the engineering of extremely effective performance upgrade packages for these ships - namely the Nergal, Zarmazd, Draugur and Ikitursa classifications. So where are they?

An obvious hypothesis comes to mind: Concord and Upwell are building up a powerful secret fleet. To be used how? Certainly not defensively, or they would have been deployed already. A counter invasion? Perhaps, although in that case you would surely want Concord fleet commanders to gain combat experience against Triglavians with the new designs, and we have seen no instance of this.

A more sinister purpose? A logical extension of the obvious powergrab that is Edencom? Draw your own conclusions wisely.


I will think about this. Originally our ship was ordered and built by the MDAA to patrol Heimatar in case of an invasion, but I personally decided it would be best to support other systems where invasions actually take place. I simply can’t sit around and do nothing!

@Elsebeth_Rhiannon We were part of the EDI-Fleet support wing. That’s how me managed to get into the system in the first place. We were loaded up with repair drones, medical equipment and other commodities to support the navy and EDI ships and crews. While it’s technically not illegal to do this, is is of course involved with very high risks I may have underestimated.
Here you can see a fleet of civilian support ships, clearly distinguishable by their prominent nanocoating and signal signature:

While I do not share the animosity of other Capsuleers - after all, I fight for freedom and integration of all forms of sentience - I cannot help but note that your stance is, well, naive.

By being part of the EDI fleet, you are by definition a combatant, not a civilian. Whether a convention changing this should exist is moot right now - none of the Empires, not Concord nor EDI consider such a distinction. Ships directly supporting fleet actions are valid targets, no matter their paint.