[Transmission] Prayer of Kybernauts to Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow

Recently, I was approached by Kybernauts in sobornost with the Triglavian Collective, with the purpose of disseminating knowledge on the language and communication methods of the Triglav civilization and attempting to transmit prayer to the Detached Executive Troika, Zorya Triglav.

This approaching coincides with the receiving of the newest Triglavian message, through the SCOPE, as well as the discovery of effective retrieval methods for specialized components of Triglavian invading cladeships. Most interesting of all has been the “Holographic Transceiver” component recovered from command-designated cladeships, which bring with them a wealth of astonishing information concerning the nature of the Triglavian “Cladeflow”.

image Triglavian Holographic Transciever
This device was recovered from the wreck of a Triglavian Collective invasion vessel and, although the means by which it operates is not fully understood, it appears designed to “transcribe” large amounts of data into spatiotemporal storage using the holographic principle. The startling possibility raised by this device is that the Triglavian Collective stores much of its information in the fabric of spacetime itself and quite possibly in dedicated singularities. This device has a large integrated data buffer.

The indication that the Triglavian Collective might utilize the very fabric of spacetime as an information medium is profoundly exciting, as are the questions this possibility raises - the first thing that comes to mind for me is Anoikis, the question of if this Cladeflow would perhaps not be accessible in the twisted spacetime fabric its stars are woven into?

Regardless of the continuing research into this, these happenings converge at a fantastic point for further gathering of knowledge.

I have directed these Kybernauts to already publicly available research on Triglavian communications, and agreed to advise a message to the Detached Executive Troika, as a Triglavian language specialist, with the caveat that all details of the proceedings of the transmission, as well as any response, must be shared publicly - and with any technical gleanings made through the operation being shared with the Arataka Research Consortium.

These developments also coincide with the apparent deployment of civilian bioadaption technology on Sakenta III - clarification on which I have requested in the message as well, in conjunction with the Kybernauts’ shared curiosity.

Parallel with the setup of the Sakenta III operations investigation, a transmission assembly has been constructed in the same system. The assembly is based on the same semiotic principles utilized in a previous project, but any trace of Sansha’s Nation-adjacent information is being explicitly redacted from involvement in this new case.

*This operation should be interpreted as a neutral, collaborative scientific pursuit; any information gleaned as a result of this operation will benefit the people, polities, and capsuleers of New Eden as a whole.

Assembly Manifest:

Component: Function:
55832_64 - Triglavian Holographic Transceiver
Input target for castings of prayer flow
(Crux of Operation)
triglaviancommunicator_perun - Semiosis Conduction Console: PERUN
triglaviancommunicator_svarog - Semiosis Conduction Console: SVAROG
triglaviancommunicator_veles - Semiosis Conduction Console: VELES
52309_64 - Triglavian Quantum Engineering DC x9
21568_64 - Sleeper Data Interface Protocol x3
48121_64 - Triglavian Survey Database x64
Cladeflow formatting module
30270_64 - Central System Controller
55831_64 - Triglavian Transconduit Datacaster x27
52313_64 - Trinary State Processor x27
21586_64 - Sleeper Virtual Energizer
34575_64 - Antikythera Element x9
33577_64 - Covert Research Tools x9
2328_64 - Water-Cooled CPU x3
Core transmission hardware
33195_64 - Spatial Attunement Unit x27
30024_64 - Cartesian Temporal Coordinator x27
Spatio-Temporal data range monitoring
and transmission assurance.

22:30 hrs, 19.07.YC122: Cladeflow Casting Assembly compiled. En route to Sakenta.
22:51 hrs, 19.07.YC122: Arrival in Sakenta. Casting assembly: OPERATIONAL
23:15 hrs, 19.07.YC122: Casting assembly actiavated :// Prayer of Kybernauts Cast into Cladeflow



Prayer flow of Kybernauts expressed forth toward Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow follows:

In reflective communion following Subposorg communion casting through entosis into Gallente polity report flow, Kybernauts processing under multitude branching orgs for glorification of Xordazh Chislov Zvemokorg noemata through advancing-time liminal provings of Dazh systems of Immanence Gold and Glory, and Fruitful and Divine, server-express prayer for Yav illumination of liminal flow procession seed catalyst toward Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow.

Liminal procession of paramount priority Dazh Immanence Glory systems alongside Immanence Fruitful would be served by liminal reconaissance of wished systems by Triglavian Collective; Kybernauts express prayer for Yav illumination of liminal proving threshold circumstances for priority systems, and for guidance toward catalyst actions for triggering desired liminal reconaissance.

Supplemental Prayer flow of Kybernauts follows:

Pattern analysis of Triglavian activity in focus of non-augmented narodnya of minor and major orbitals of Dazh systems processing to Final Liminality evokes high-likely probability of bioadaption of subject narodnya for survival of outcome consequences of Dazh Transmutation.

Profound glorification of Kybernaut numerical realization in liminal provings in alignment with flow of vyraj would be evoked through grounding of analysis outlook through prayed Yav illumination.

Supplemental Yav illumination of outcome consequence for non-augmented narodnya subjugated under dominance arrangement of Ancient Domains Amarr polity, of orbitals of Dazh system Raravoss, has high-likely probability of evoking increased flow alignment of kybernauts of Minmatar polity, in circumstance that subjugated non-augmented narodnya recieve liberty procession under guidance of advancing-time Triglavian polity. Further outcome consequence would provoke mortification of server-assent of Ancient Domains polities in rejection of Liminal Procession, under EDENCOM org, in following-time.

Additional prayer: open communion of now-time Triglavian polity with narodnya server-broad of the Ancient Domains would further evoke flow alignment of narodnya, sub-polities, and polities of the Ancient Domains.

With the aimed placing of this casting into the cladeflow, these prayers of the Kybernauts are expressed forth toward the Detached Executive Troika for Poshlost Flow.


While I admire the effort, and would like to have the answers to specifically the “supplemental prayers”, I believe that if the Collective had plans to open proper dialogue with their supporters, they would have done so already. The hijacking of the Scope’s ticker is all they will get.


Is it possible to get a version of this in standard translator-compatible language for the benefit of non-kybernauts? The trigspeech comes through as gibberish.


Dear Colleague Rhiannon,

while I personally adviced towards another, simpler, style of message (more akin to the style of the Triglavian communication then their data-streams), I do not think it is hard to understand.

I also would like to preemptively emphazise that while I do not concur with all the expressed purposes of the message, I do think it is a good deed by colleague Anteovnucci to further research into direct communications. As such I was of some assistance in this undertaking.

“The following is a message/request towards the Detached Executive Troika (‘Zorya Triglav’)”

“After thinking over the message smuggled into the SCOPE transmissions, kybernauts of different organizations for the support of Triglavian activities ask for clarifications how the collective chooses its target systems.”

“If you want us to take Immanence Glory systems, please send reconaissance forces there; Kybernauts ask for a way to better understand which systems will proceed through liminality and a way to recommend certain systems towards the Collective.”

“Also, we have the following additional (less important) subjects we would like to discuss:”

“Looking at the moons and planets of the systems that have proceeded to Final Liminality, we think it is likely that their populations will be bioadapted for the sake of surviving the consequences of the star transmutation.”

“If you answered our questions above it would be easier to mobilize pro-Triglavian numbers towards the capture of the important systems.”

“If you treat the people on the worlds of the systems under your control well (and talk about it), it would presumably lead to higher approval numbers for your approach and reduce motivation of those fighting against you.”

“We would really like to have a comms channel with the collective.”

“We will try to use your technologies to send you this message, please do not take this for a hostile action.”

Signed digitally,
Scius Falkenhaupt
Kybernaut Researcher


I thank you for your helpful ‘translation’ and apologize for any inconvenience my lack of cleverness in this matter has caused.

That is extremely exciting!
For your question on Anoikis, If your worry is about a drifter interception then it’s probably already the case :

  • either the Collective store those informations in a “communication cluster” and therefor can be remotely accessed and so, distance is not relevant of the possible interception of said message.
  • or the Collective store it’s informations locally and that would mean that any potential “listing post” is already in place.
    If your question is about the "readability " of the message, the same logic apply, except that if stored locally, a singularity is probably dense enough to compensate any spacetime modification.

Thanks (again) for your effort toward a neutral and scientific approach.

If you need an operation base in Raravoss, our forward base for gravitational survey should soon be in place.

We could make a joint effort on this project : if the Collective indeed use gravitation for communications, we should be able to detect it with the spectral analyser.
While doing so, it can help confirm that your prototype do work, and maybe even detect on of these anomalies. Which could prove invaluable in understanding the Collective further.

my only “demand” concern the part of your post:

I kindly ask that ALL data is shared publicly, not just the response.
During this crisis, it is of my belief that all scientific data should be freely shared and available to all.
Politics and beliefs are already enough of a problem in this crisis to not see it spread to scientific research…

Again, thanks for your time and efforts. I know I can sometimes sound criticizing, but it’s always to challenge things and not just accept it as is, probably a work’s deformation.


A more accurate translation would be, “If you free the slaves on Amarr worlds, more Minmatar pilots will join the Kybernauts.”

ARC is now aiding the Kybernauts in a program of Amarr slave liberation. All Amarrian loyalists must immediately set ARC red and destroy ARC assets wherever they can be found, starting with whence this “prayer” with its appeal to slave liberation is being broadcast.

A member of

It does not appear that this is an institutional effort, but an individual one. (At least in this case)

Naturally, potential technical information will be shared with the public - I only mean to say that, while any response should be cast broadly at any the very time of reception, technical information may be a bit more situationally sensitive, and may evoke a need to investigate certain things before throwing it openly to the wind.

The helpful translation provided by @Scius_Falkenhaupt is indeed a good thing to have - thank you for your interpretation, Kybernaut.

The syntax and language of the Triglav is of great interest to me and many others; its strictly defined yet ritualistic-toned terms create a speech field that is immensely satisfying to begin understanding, in spite of some of its peculiarities.

Should anyone have any questions about their language structure, feel free to ask - I’ll happy prattle on for hours about this manner of thing.

The Triglavians didn’t ask the people living on those planets for permission before altering the star.

They have occupied several planets, and are not letting the population leave.

I really do not believe that the interests of the inhabitants of New Eden are of any concern to the Collective.


They certainly did not ask - however, I’d imagine that in their philosophy, the successful liminal proving of these systems in their fight toward final liminality qualifies as a “victory” condition for them in terms of whatever claim they now lay to the stars, planets, and anything and anyone on them.

The evidence that they do not intend to let evacuations take place is as interesting as it is troubling; to force the populations to remain, to only take action against them in re-action, and to establish bioadaption infrastructure of some nature may perhaps provide some tentative insight.

I do not get the impression that the Collective sees these civilians as a material resource, as the Drifters would. In place, a sort of annexation might be their goal.

We have knowledge of testing-phase bioadaption facilities from before the Invasion’s third chapter, so to speak, understanding that the Triglav intended to modify baseliners with the purpose of hardening them against harsh environments. I have no delusions that the Triglav offer salvation to the conquered systems’ people, but if I had to take an educated guess, I might imagine that they wish to add these people to their own faction.

Allowing these people to continue their lives, even going so far as to develop a bioadaptive pathway for them to be able to do so in systems with such changed stars, under the condition that they become “willing” citizens of their collective (I say so as “unwilling” and rebellious reaction triggers countervailing measures), feels to me a sufficiently Triglavian path for these developments - where “proving” and the upholding of human will are intertwined so tightly in their society.

I attentively await further information on whether this, or something else, is truly the case.

The collective will stop at nothing until we are all dead. FIGHT AGAISNT THEM OR DIE.

So, irrevocably “bioadapting” to whatever the Triglavian whims are, or death.

Be a willing convert to Triglavian society and be bioadapted into an inhuman triplex entity.
Or face death passively through the collapse of the normal ecosystems.
Or face death actively through resistance.

Explain how that upholds the importance of human will.


I don’t mean it in the general sense, just in the Triglavian “proving” sense.

If these people are forcibly made a part of their society, decided by the liminal proving outcome, that’s the first thing. Then, with the people “decided” to be a part of the collective now, they might take part in it as the Narodnya of the Trilav might - able to participate in “proving” for any factors beyond that which has already been decided.

I also don’t think they’re going to be incorporated into any Troika, not universally - there are already known detached Narodnya, Navka, and Koschoi.

Again, these are just thoughts on possibilities - the Triglav view of human will is that humans can prove, with the victor being the “right” one - that is to say, the “rightful” one, now proven as the one who is “correct”.

I’m very curious to see how Triglav civilization actually operates at some point - we know nothing of the baser functions of their society, and of the lives of those who compose their population.

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“We” capsuleers. Concond as always playing with their hand close to their chest.

Concord directive intelligence agency reports progress on “cultural intelligence and analysis” of triglavians -The Scope, Total War Rages in New Eden


Oh yes indeed - and one can only hope that this information will actually be shared with us. As is, it’s very apparent that CONCORD, the DED, EDENCOM, and any other core bodies of power only give Capsuleers what is needed for them to be able to further the outcomes these powers desire.

Frankly, given how Capsuleers tend to act, there’s some legitimacy to that - though knowing there’s precious knowledge being hidden always eats away at me.

A concern of mine is that, if the different factions - DED, Upwell, the SoCT, SoE, the Empires, all of them - focus too strongly on holding all their cards as close to their chest as possible, they’re liable to not notice the table they play around being pulled out from under them. If the Triglav, and the Drifters, are such a threat as they’re made out to be, then such stratified knowledge sharing will certainly make things more dire for them all in the end.


We, as capsuleers aren’t that far from this mind set either.
We tend to work each in our little corners and without sharing much.
This crisis is the first I witness to see such “global” effort. It’s heartwarming.


But in the end
It doesn’t even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

Your message to the triangles is extremely closely bordering on high treason, comrade Anteovnuecchi. Be wary who you motivate and demotivate before intentions are fully bared. Speaking in general, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.